Ndamukong Suh: Raiders could be fun

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Ndamukong Suh has acknowledged that the door is likely closed on a potential return to the Buccaneers.

But there are several other destinations where the veteran defensive tackle could continue his career — including at least one team in the AFC West.

During his appearance on ESPN’s NFL Live on Monday, Suh was asked what he thought about joining the Raiders, given that the team could likely use some help along the interior of their defensive line. Suh revealed that he’s had some talks with current Las Vegas players about that.

Chandler Jones and Maxx Crosby, I was exchanging messages with them the other day,” Suh said, via Cassie Soto of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It’s an interesting opportunity for sure. We’ll see where it kind of ends up. But that AFC West is very, very tough — which would be fun. You get out of that, you’re almost destined to get to the Super Bowl.”

Suh then added in a Tuesday morning tweet, “Raiders could be fun.”

There’s been an arms race within the AFC West this offseason, with — among other moves — Russell Wilson joining the Broncos, Khalil Mack joining the Chargers, along with Jones and Davante Adams joining the Raiders. Suh could be another notch in Las Vegas’ belt as the club tries to dethrone Kansas City in the division.

30 responses to “Ndamukong Suh: Raiders could be fun

  1. If there was another team perfect for Suh, it’s definitely the Raiders!

  2. It actually makes a lot of sense for both sides.

    All 4 teams in the division have a legit shot at winning the AFCW if things break right for them.

    Gun to my head I’d rank them: Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders….

    1. Chargers just seem primed to make a run.
    2. Chiefs, you’d expect to take a step back. Tyreek is generational impact.
    3. Broncos, I am not the biggest Russ guy but he moves the needle.
    4. I’ll always pull for the Raiders in this division. Adams and Waller are a terrifying combination.

    Can’t wait to watch those divisional games at the end of the year.

  3. If the Raiders acquire Suh the might not finish 4-13, but 6-11. Not worth the money, too much wasted on Devante Adams! Desert Dumpster Fire!!!

  4. This guy makes me laugh. One of the most overrated and overpaid players of the last decade. He just ruined Miami for example. They paid him the moon and he was middling.

    Had all the talent in the world, but was never quite the player his reputation said he was.

    And, now he’s 35, thinking he can just sell himself to a different team every other year, living off said reputation.

    I remember when NE used to play Miami and you’d never hear Suh’s name called once during the game.


  5. Well, it is Las Vegas. You are going to play in the best stadium in the league. It is Las Vegas. No state taxes. The team itself trending way up. The coach is brilliant. The GM by all Iv heard the players unanimously like. It is Las Vegas. The owner, ok is goofy looking, but he is very beloved by past and current players, not so much the commish and owners. (That’s a good thing) And, it is Las Vegas.

  6. Genius selling himself into another contract. He has only played hard when he wants to play hard his entire career. Never been a team player. A beast if he wants to be, problem is he only wants to be when it’s time to get a new contract. The rest he is just average and avoiding any major injuries. Pass!!

  7. I understand why fans don’t like Suh. But if there’s one position group on the field where I want a whole lotta “mean,” it’s the DL. So I like him.

  8. Only a desperate team would want a penalty magnet like Suh, he’s old and past his prime.

    The Raiders are bad shape with their roster, but this isn’t the answer.

    Also, it’s common knowledge that the move to Vegas isn’t working out as planned for the Raiders. Worst decision by an NFL team in the history of the league – by far!

  9. What he said was “Being in Vegas would be a lot of fun.” He never mentioned the Raiders.

  10. all these fans saying Suh should end up with the Raiders since he’s dirty.

    The Raiders reputation apparently lasts forever.. haven’t been a dirty team in several decades at this point, and were never as dirty as other teams claimed

  11. Suh. Used to be an impactful player, but hasn’t been for 2-3 yrs. He’s been on a team with a lot of other defensive weaponry, meaning he’s left to a lot of 1 on 1 stuff and he’s still taking a lot of plays off and doesn’t have beyond baseline production. There’s a reason he’s still a free agent right now. Best to get rid of a guy a year early than late.

  12. This would be a very good fit for both Suh and the Raiders.
    Would solidify the interior of their D-line, making them tougher to run against and help both Crosby and Jones at the edges.
    Raiders have been awful for a long time but they’ve made steady improvement over the past three years, and if Adams has even an average year for him that should continue.
    A one or two win improvement over 2021 likely makes them a playoff team. The AFC West is stacked, but Vegas has just as much chance as the other teams in the division to get a wildcard spot if that small bump up in wins happens.

  13. With him would be great!!!
    Defence would be a wall to get thru…
    Raiders will win

  14. Just because Raider players want Suh doesn’t mean the Raiders front office wants Suh.

  15. Raiders are building a beast!!! Better on paper than KC and Denver. Neck and neck with SD talent wise. Gonna be fun to watch.

  16. Suh reminds me of the guy with the big stick at the start of Gangs of New York, who sells his services to the highest bidder, right before the big fight, which is exactly what the battle for the AFC West division will be this year.

  17. “billh1947 says:
    June 21, 2022 at 9:56 am
    He would fit right there as the dirtiest player in the NFL.”

    I’m pretty sure Lyle Alzado would disagree. RIP.

  18. The Raiders will be competing for LAST place in this division, they’re doomed.

  19. Why?
    Raiders haven’t been relevant in 40 years.


    It’s actually 44 years.

  20. Suh to the Raiders makes sense if you’re the goofy Raiders management only!

    5-12 2022 season

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