Cole Strange signing rookie deal on Wednesday


One more 2022 first-round pick is getting under contract.

Patriots offensive lineman Cole Strange will sign his four-year rookie deal on Wednesday, according to Adam Caplan of SiriusXM.

Strange was the 29th overall selection of this year’s draft out of Chattanooga. While there, he was a first-team All-Southern Conference selection for his play at left guard in 2021. He made 11 starts at the position during his final collegiate season.

With Strange signing his contract, Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett is the lone remaining first-round selection to not agree to his rookie deal. But there’s plenty of time before training camp begins at the end of July for the Steelers to get that done.

12 responses to “Cole Strange signing rookie deal on Wednesday

  1. Another reach by the most overrated coach of all time.

    29-58 against teams with a .500 winning percentage or better.

  2. Is he going to wear a single digit jersey in camp so people will have a difficult time figuring out who he is?

  3. What does Sean McVay and Les Snead know about football?

    BB going to prove them wrong with this pick.

  4. It’s always funny to me when people call Belichick a man with eight Super Bowl rings, a defensive game plan in the Hall of Fame and the third most wins as a coach overrated.

  5. If find it funny these folks saying it is all Brady and not the coach. Did they watch the first couple Super Bowls Brady won before he was Brady the goat. Give the guy his due. Look back at the greatest coaches- none of them had sustained success without a HOF type QB. Walsh, Johnson, Knoll….Lombardi…. And so on. Both contributed. Get over it please. It will never be like this again.

  6. Walsh, Johnson, Knoll….Lombardi….
    Gibbs was the only coach that won with multiple QBs. Also none of them were superstars. Most underrated coach in history. He’s in my top 5 for sure.

  7. Don’t know who said it was all Brady, it is that Belichick never built a team that could win even 2 playoff games with any other QB, let alone winning SB .

  8. Belichick haters will eat their words this year. The team is loaded and Mac Jones is about to take that next step.

  9. Mac Jones is about to take that next step.


    He did already, in last 4 regular season games, with less than 60% completion rate, even with 22/30 completion rate against Jags.

    BTW, see McDaniel giving Davante Adams the fat contract? Why? Because he has realized that the system wouldn’t work without Brady.

  10. @Belichick hater

    Mac Jones was a rookie who struggled to win some games like most rookies would. He has had an off season to study more film and work on himself so I expect an improvement this year.

  11. He had an off season to study more film


    You can expect all you want, but there is a limit of intelligence, otherwise there would be millions of Mozart and Einstein.

    I told you all Belichick believers : even Peyton couldn’t command the system after 10 years (you think he didn’t study Brady’s plays?), and you expect Mac Jones to command it?

    BTW, opponent teams have videos to study him. Unless Belichick gives a WR like Davante Adams, Mac Jones has no chance.

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