Former NFL defensive lineman, Fox sideline analyst Tony Siragusa dies at 55

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Former NFL defensive lineman Tony Siragusa has died, Colts owner Jim Irsay announced. Siragusa was 55.

“The Goose, Tony Siragusa has passed away at 55. I’m heart broken as is all of Colts Nation,” Irsay wrote on Twitter.

Siragusa entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 1990, signing with the Colts. By his third season, Siragusa was a full-time starter.

He played seven years with the Colts before joining the Ravens, where he finished his career. His final season was 2001.

Siragusa, nicknamed Goose, was a key member of the 2000 team that won Super Bowl XXXV and allowed the fewest points in NFL history in a 16-game regular season.

In his 12 seasons, Siragusa totaled 564 tackles, 22 sacks and five forced fumbles.

He became a NFL sideline reporter for Fox after his playing career ended.

49 responses to “Former NFL defensive lineman, Fox sideline analyst Tony Siragusa dies at 55

  1. Everyone knew the Goose. He was a trip. Loved watching him on the sidelines, and for a big fat guy, he had a good career. I may be wrong, but I think the NFL changed the roughing the passer penalty to include a 15 yarder if you tackled the QB and applied all your weight on top of him. Way too soon Goose. RIP Brother

  2. Undrafted and had nothing handed to him. Worked his butt off to move up on depth chart. A real blue collar, old school kind of guy with an attitude to match. The game salutes you sir. R I P

  3. R.I.P. GOOSE !!!! Enjoyed him as a player and even more as a sideline Analyst!

  4. I’ll never forget his time on hard knocks with the ravens. Guy was classic

  5. Very sorry to hear of the passing of Tony Siragusa. My deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends, and fans. Hope the Colts and Ravens honor him at one of their home games. Rest In Peace John!!

  6. That’s too young. I loved when my team was covered by Kenny, Moose and Goose.


  7. Somewhat infamous story relating back to Mike Brown and the Bengals being especially thrifty, or extreme cheapskates is that they furnished Siragusa with a coach plane ticket on FA visit. Big man in a little seat.

  8. Hard knocks Season 1. Far and away the best season and The Goose was one of the reasons why it was so great.

  9. Kenny, Moose and Goose was an enjoyable crew. I hated his tip toe comments knowing Jacobs was playing hurt all year but I always respected his knowledge and love for the game.

  10. Loved the Siragusa/Shannon Sharpe “restitution” Hard Knocks episode. He’ll be missed. RIP

  11. Tony Siragusa was one of the most enjoyable players on and off the field. I used to watch his Man Cave show on HGTV just for him. You never knew what Goose was going to say but there were always gems. This was a true Jersey guy. He was an awesome undrafted d-lineman who played 12 years in the NFL. Siragusa will be missed

  12. Kenny, Moose and Goose were the best broadcasting team on Fox. Bar none! I loved when they covered Eagles games and dreaded when Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were providing coverage.

    RIP to a good man who died too young. May his family find peace in this time of need.

  13. Siragusa and Sam Adams were underrated on that defense. They kept lineman off of Ray Lewis who got way more attention.

  14. Wow! Just wow. First Jaylon Ferguson, now the Goose. What an awful day for the Ravens. Actually, it’s been a horrible few months all round. RIEP to Goose and peace to your family and friends.

  15. When he would throw it back to the guys in the booth Darryl Johnston and Dick Stockton. Ok back to you Moose Dick. Legendary stuff.


  16. RIP Goose. I grew up with Tony in NJ. I’m shocked and saddened by this news. Grammar school and high school teammate.

  17. Watched him play at Pitt. He was dominant, I was shocked he
    wasn’t drafted. He fit in perfectly with the blue collar fans of
    Pittsburgh. RIP he still brings a smile!

  18. This one really hurts. Heck of a player. Great personality. Really loved this guy. RIP Tony.

  19. I will never understand the thumbs down someone gives for a deceased person. Don’t care who you root for. RIP Goose!

  20. Brutal. He made football fun for fans.

    Seemed like the every man kind of guy who just happened to have enough talent to make in the NFL.

    RIP goose.

  21. Some guys just have a genuine easy going way about them where everyone just kinda gets it that “that guy” is a really good dude. Doesn’t matter whether you knew them personally or at a distance.

    Goose was one of those guys.

  22. To his family, may the Lord help you find some piece.

    As for the man, the NFL “Goose”, may you rest in peace. You brought laughs to millions.

  23. I’ll never forget a play I saw in 1999 when my Ravens were playing in Cincinnati. I was 5 rows up on the 20 yard line. Bengals were trying to throw the ball, and the play broke down. Jeff Blake started scrambling, coming right towards to me. Then I noticed Goose hauling ass down the line of scrimmage. Goose caught up with him at the same time Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Peter Boulware were arriving on the scene. The collision sounded like a bomb going off. Blake was destroyed but jumped right back up. I remember thinking two things: how in the world did Blake get up from that? And how in the world is Goose that fast? It was a sight to see. RIP Goose.

  24. I’ll miss that guy. I hope his death was painless.

    He called the Saints win over the Cardinals on route to their Super Bowl 44 win. He’ll forever remain in my memory as I re-watch that game every morning as I get ready for breakfast and the nap I take afterwards.

  25. Very sad to hear this. I get the feeling those close to him had some awareness of a health issue and then rapid decline. That or an unexpected heart issue like Tony Saprano. Either way RIP, Goose.

  26. The Goose was a class act R.I.P. and for all of you that have been putting dislike on all the posts about the Goose, stay off social media you’re all the opposite of the Goose!!!

  27. Also had has own brand of Ribs for sale. Seemed like a really good dude. RIP

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