House Oversight Committee will subpoena Daniel Snyder for deposition next week

House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Football Head Injuries
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The NFL’s slow time isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon.

During Wednesday’s hearing of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform, Committee chairperson Carolyn Maloney announced that she will subpoena Commanders owner Daniel Snyder for a deposition next week.

During the initial round of questions posed to Commissioner Roger Goodell, he was pressed on whether Snyder will be held accountable for not voluntarily appearing before the Committee.

“I do not have any responsibility for whether he appears before Congress,” Goodell said.

Congress clearly has the power to mandate Snyder’s appearance. And it apparently will.

29 responses to “House Oversight Committee will subpoena Daniel Snyder for deposition next week

  1. Good. He can’t beg for our tax money and then hide from the public. Let’s get everything out in the open. You are not in control Danny boy. It’s long last due for him to pay the piper.

  2. So nice to see our duly elected public representatives working so hard on this country’s tough problems.

  3. Is there anyone left in the NFL that can justify Little Danny’s ownership at this point? He must have quite a pile of dirt.

  4. If he knows what’s good for him he’ll be there. A subpoena is not a party invitation.

  5. It’s not a criminal trial but can he still plead the fifth? I’m not sure if he can refuse to answer the questions.

  6. If you’re a wealthy white man, you can ignore or decline a Congressional subpoena.

  7. What a friggin waste of taxpayer dollars. Subpoena him so he can say “Thanks but no thanks–I exercise my 5th amendment rights”.

  8. I can’t stand the guy. But congress needs to focus on more important stuff! I know someone that wants to buy the commanders is behind all of this

  9. This country is headed towards (and already in) real crisis. Can we stop with the dog and pony show(s) and work towards making this country(world) a better place?

  10. “I do not recall’ should be ALL of Mr. Snyder’s responses. That or ‘I didn’t vote for you’.

  11. Snyder should not be an NFL owner, but that was the case before any allegations came out. That being said, this congressional investigation is theatrical nonsense. If the subpoena is challenged in court, I’m not sure that they can show the “valid legislative purpose” required by law.

  12. I hope Lil Napoleon remembers to bring his gold plated highchair so he can see over the invited witness table. It would be a shame to see him standing on the floor with his head still under the table.

  13. What a clown show it must have been with Snyder and Bruce Allen. I wouldn’t put it past Allen to throw his buddy Gruden under the bus just to get back at Snyder for firing him.

  14. It takes 75% of the teams ownership to remove Snyder. Goodell says he cannot remove Snyder but he can at least start the process to remove him by recommending it. He wont even do that. What do do with this guy Snyder?

  15. Did Rog get asked about Danny stealing money from his partners? You’d think that nonsense would get him shown the door…

  16. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more disappointed in congress, I find out that I was wrong.

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