Jaire Alexander: I’m going to make it hard for young WRs in practice, it will pay off on Sundays

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Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander landed a big contract extension this offseason because of how well he’s played during his first four NFL seasons.

One of the reasons for his quick progression to the top of the ranks of the league’s cornerbacks was how much he was pushed during practices. Alexander would line up opposite Davante Adams during those sessions and facing Adams helped Alexander hone his game before he took on opposing players.

Adams is in Las Vegas now and the plan to fill his spot in the offense includes second-round pick Christian Watson and fourth-rounder Romeo Doubs. Alexander said that he’s going to do his best to simulate the same kind of practice conditions that helped him thrive when the team gets to training camp this summer.

“I played against the best receiver in the league, Davante Adams, all four years I’ve been here,” Alexander said, via the team’s website. “I’m going to make it as hard as I can for those guys because I know on Sunday it’s going to pay off. Iron sharpens iron. However I can help to make them better, I’m going to do that.”

Alexander got his new contract because of what he means to the defense. It will look like a bit of a bargain if he can also help the offense spring forward without missing a beat.

10 responses to “Jaire Alexander: I’m going to make it hard for young WRs in practice, it will pay off on Sundays

  1. Go get’em Jaire! Help Watson and Doubs become nightmares for the rest of the NFL, just like you are!

  2. I prefer Jaire Alexander focuses on rehabbing that shoulder and being fully healthy for the upcoming season. I appreciate what he says though. Playing in the NFL isn’t like college ball. The defensive players are bigger, stronger, faster, and hit harder.

  3. He can make it hard for them just expecting them to not drop passes or run a correct route. He doesn’t even need to line up against them

  4. This guy is an absolute home run draft pick. Well done, Gutekunst. 👍

  5. This is exactly how you go about dominating your division year after year after year.

  6. Bears fan here. I’ve thought this dude was a star-in-the-making from the very first time I saw him cover. It would have been nice to have him take his cover-skills to like Jacksonville or something.

  7. Nice player, but I think he gets traded after this season. We will need more cap space for rogers

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