Jon Gruden’s lawyer: Roger Goodell’s testimony shows NFL is still resisting actual accountability

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Many are watching carefully Commissioner Roger Goodell’s testimony before Congress. The lawyers who represent former Raiders coach Jon Gruden are watching and listening.

“It was apparent from Commissioner Goodell’s testimony today that the NFL is still resisting actual accountability and is only willing to be selectively transparent,” attorney Adam Hosmer-Henner said in a statement issued Wednesday. “In the Jon Gruden lawsuit, the Nevada court comprehensively rejected the NFL and Commissioner Goodell’s attempt to compel arbitration and conceal their conduct from the public. If they do appeal, we welcome the opportunity for the Nevada Supreme Court to issue a published opinion confirming the ruling and invalidating the NFL Constitution and the unfair arbitration provisions that the NFL has hidden behind for so long. Jon Gruden’s fight matters to many more people than just himself and real accountability won’t exist until the NFL’s misconduct stops being addressed behind closed doors.”

The clock for an appeal has not yet begun to tick, because a final order has not yet been entered denying the NFL’s attempt to force Gruden’s lawsuit into the NFL’s secret, rigged kangaroo court.

Gruden’s lawsuit arose directly from the Commanders situation, since the emails that were leaked to the media came from a collection of emails that were gathered as part of the investigation. If the league successfully moves the case to arbitration, it will be in a much better position to keep details as to who leaked the materials from coming to public light.

10 responses to “Jon Gruden’s lawyer: Roger Goodell’s testimony shows NFL is still resisting actual accountability

  1. Roger doesn’t like it when the people who pay his salary call him out. You know he resents having to answer to people who make less money than most of the players he lords over.

  2. I wonder if Jon Grudens lawyer actually had a name or does he just refer to himself as Jon Grudens Lawyer.

  3. You don’t have to wonder; you just have to read. “attorney Adam Hosmer-Henner said in a statement issued Wednesday.”

  4. It’s time to fall on the sword Roger. The crap show that has transpired under his watch is enough for him to be removed.

  5. Here’s the facts. He said stupid stuff and got fired. The rest is lawyer garbage.

  6. Employers have a qualified privilege under the law to divulge even defamatory information found in emails during an investigation to persons who have a demonstrated “need to know” of the information such as other individuals on the investigation team or those who implement the company’s disciplinary policies. However, the privilege can be lost if the information is disseminated or communicated to individuals who are not on a “need to know” basis or who are not employees of the company. The NFL appears to have violated its qualified priviledge under the law.

  7. Chucky got set up by the godfather Goodell , did he say stupid stuff yes—do we all say stupid stupid yes… No one man the rules the league should have this much power and also play the court system like fools…ruined his character and job for reason besides HATE for the Raiders.

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