Oversight Committee claims Daniel Snyder used “shadow investigation” to discredit, blame others

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The U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform currently is conducting a hearing on workplace issues within the Washington Commanders organization, the league’s investigation of the situation, and the failure to make any facts, findings, or recommendations public. In a 29-page memo released on Wednesday morning, the Committee accused Commanders owner Daniel Snyder of conducting a “shadow investigation” aimed at discrediting accusers and pushing blame for the situation toward former team president Bruce Allen.

The “shadow investigation” resulted in, per the Committee, a “100-slide dossier with emails, text messages, telephone records, and social media posts from journalists, victims, and witnesses who had made credible public accusations of harassment against the Commanders.”

The Committee contends that Snyder’s “shadow investigation” resulted in private investigators being sent to the homes of team cheerleaders. The Committee also claims that Snyder gathered “thousands” of emails aimed at proving that Allen, not Snyder, had created the toxic culture within the organization.

Those emails included the documents eventually leaked to the media, sent and received by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden and by NFL general counsel Jeff Pash.

The Committee also accuses Snyder of using the court system, under the guise of pursuing evidence for a defamation case filed in India, in order to harvest evidence aimed at assisting this “shadow investigation.”

More accusations undoubtedly will be made during Wednesday’s hearing. It’s just gotten started, and the accusations are already flying.

15 responses to “Oversight Committee claims Daniel Snyder used “shadow investigation” to discredit, blame others

  1. NFL is trying to wash their hands of this and it might work in court but there is too much going on around the league to not think they weren’t at least knowledgeable on all this.

  2. There’s no question that the NFL will be multiple times better when Daniel Snyder & Roger Goodell are gone from the scene.

  3. Here come the “Congress should be worrying about this, this and this instead of Snyder” comments. It’s almost as if Congress isn’t a governing body that is charged with addressing multiple issues throughout the country.

  4. Enough! End this already and cut this cancer out of the NFL. Let me be a fan of my home town team again.

  5. Wow, sounds like 1930’s Germany tactics. Point the finger at others and admit your crimes by blaming others for them.

  6. Gee, and up to this point he always seemed like such a great guy. Who could have possibly seen this coming??????

  7. If the Oversight Committee starts looking into “shadow investigations” done in/by the NFL… then the NFL is in trouble.

  8. a shadow investigation…as opposed to congress’ set ups and fake investigations…
    maybe snyder should run for office

  9. I see the owner of 76ers selling rest of his stock in 76ers wonder if something going on behind the scenes of nfl

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