Taking a closer look at Wednesday’s Congressional testimony

Tackling Toxic Workplaces: Examining the NFLs Handling of Workplace Misconduct at the Washington Commanders
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On Wednesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell earned a big chunk of his $64 million per year by answering three hours of questions from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform.

How did it go? I could write up my various impressions, or I could paste the code for the 20 minutes or so that I talked about them. Given that I’ve already spent the 20 minutes making the video, that’s the direction I’ll go.

Check it out. It’s the daily replacement for PFT Live during our hiatus. We’ll be back on July 25. We’ll continue to post regular updates every day (#nodaysoff), especially since the slow time really hasn’t gotten slow yet.

I’ve got a weird feeling it never will.

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  1. The NFL is fortunate that this is NOT the congressional hearing everyone is watching and talking about.

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