Alvin Kamara braces for suspension of at least six weeks, eventually

NFL: FEB 06 2022 Pro Bowl
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With so much focus on the status of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, another high-profile NFL player also is poised to be suspended under the Personal Conduct Policy.

Per a league source, Saints running back Alvin Kamara is bracing for a suspension of at least six weeks. The only question is when the suspension will be imposed.

The league typically prefers to wait until the criminal legal process has ended before taking action. Kamara faces felony battery charges, with the next hearing set for August.

The incident happened in Las Vegas, on Pro Bowl weekend. Kamara was questioned and arrested at Allegiant Stadium, after the Pro Bowl ended.

The Personal Conduct Policy provides for a baseline six-game suspension in the event of felony battery. Aggravating factors include repeated striking. Kamara reportedly told police that he threw a “couple punches.”

Kamara possibly could be placed on paid leave pending resolution of the criminal case, given that he faces a felony charge. He would still be subject to a potential unpaid suspension after the case is resolved.

29 responses to “Alvin Kamara braces for suspension of at least six weeks, eventually

  1. Good thing we got Ingram 🙄
    Love the guy but he ain’t gonna get it done for 6 weeks plus.

  2. 6 games would be a joke.

    This undoubtedly the wrong time in human history to be caught on film savaging beating someone, especially as a group, for no good reason.

    Are we gonna pretend like Watson is a worse guy than Kamara?

  3. If he gets 6 games what does Watson get for Massage therapist. Should get a minimum of 2 years

  4. 6 games for a couple punches? Now multiply that by 26 times and we’ll be in the ballpark of what Watson deserves.

  5. Surely saints have a contingency plan. I feel strongly they will add a decent quality rb soon. Latavious Murray would be ideal if they could buy him back.

  6. Love AK but he put himself in a really dumb situation. Just immature. Having said that, if his suspension is even close to what Watson receives from the League that will be…sad.

  7. A gang beatdown to a guy that didn’t say a word to Kamara needs to be a 1yr minimum suspension, if I were the Commish it’d be 2yrs!

  8. Imagine how hard it must be to be a young 20-something year old man, making millions of dollars a year, and you can’t get into ANY kind of trouble without it costing you big money and a bigger loss to your job and your co-workers. One stupid youthful mistake can impact so many people around you. That’s a pretty big responsibility for a young man to carry.

    Yes we can talk about all the money they make, but it doesn’t change the fact that these young men must bear a huge responsibility for their age. Before you critisize ask yourself if you were good enough at their age to carry that burden.

  9. 1 battery charge against a man = 6 weeks
    24 sexual assault lawsuits from 24 women = 17 weeks
    Um ok.

  10. Can’t even get in a good old fashioned scrum anymore…is this even America?!

  11. Sorry, but any suspension for this guy after what he and his entourage did should be at LEAST half a season, if not more.
    This kind of “I’ll commit and kind of violent act what I want because I’m an NFL player” behavior has to stop.
    The only reason it came to light is because he was stupid enough to do it in a casino where there are cameras everywhere.
    No respect for this dude anymore. Kick, punch and pummel a guy because he dared to TOUCH you.
    I will always root for him to lose now.

  12. 6 weeks for fighting. 17 weeks for a guy who sexually assaults 24 women. Something seems a bit out of whack here.

  13. mookie34 says:

    Vegas will be the downfall of he NFL and soon to be NBA.
    There have been scuffles and shenanigans in every nfl city since the inception of the league. Miami, NYC, and LA alone have bigger nightlife risks than LV.

  14. The nfl is going backwards, they gotta get their sh*! Together. The penalties like paid leave has to go, where is the deterrent there? If your an nfl player here us the basic scenario: do something stupid, get arrested or get sued, and you will get highly paid vacation till its over, then we may punish you for a few weeks. While we are waiting we will pay you an ungodly amount of money that you can use to make what you did go away. Also, I am tired of it is a violent game or the player comes from a violent background being used as an excuse. The league is a joke

  15. Kamara seemed to have his head on straight. Huge disappointment and don’t really care if he ever plays again. Almost all players that are out for this length of time don’t do much that season so he likely doesn’t either. Guy was a role model and lost it permanently in one night.

  16. riggo08 says:
    June 24, 2022 at 6:14 am
    If Kamara gets 6 games Watson should get 2 seasons.


    So you thing hinting at something extra during a massage is More serious than physical assault?

    If Kamara get 6 games then Watson should be benched the 1st series of the 1st game

  17. When will the owners step up and say enough already . Make the league office clean up this league.

  18. Should be rather easy- If he is convicted of felony assault, he should be done with the NFL.

  19. melikefootball says:
    June 24, 2022 at 11:39 am
    When will the owners step up and say enough already . Make the league office clean up this league.


    Great idea, but the problem is that some of the owners have more to hide than the players. The owners will never step up, unless they want their own dirty laundry exposed.

  20. Correction: Alvin was questioned before the game. Played in said game. Then was arrested once he completed his game.

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