Brandon Graham hopes to play 15 seasons with the Eagles

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Defensive end Brandon Graham is heading into his 13th season with the Eagles and he’d like to see his run in Philadelphia last for a couple more years.

Graham is in the final year of his current contract and the topic of his future came up during an appearance on The Sports Take. Graham said that he’s “here right now” and that he will enjoy “whatever role” the team has in mind for him this season. He also said he’d like to play three more seasons in the league, although he suggested he might fall short of that total if he he winds up moving on from the Eagles after this season.

“You know what? I would [play elsewhere]. But it would only be probably for a year,” Graham said, via “The kids are together right now and they’re settled, so that always – I know they wouldn’t up and leave right away – so being away from them and the family, that would only probably last a year. We’d see how it works out, but I’d probably end up playing 14 [years] instead of 15. My goal is to finish on 15 if I could, as an Eagle.”

Graham only played two games last season because of a torn Achilles, but said in May that he’s working without any physical restrictions. He’ll work with Derek Barnett and Josh Sweat at defensive end in Philly this season.

4 responses to “Brandon Graham hopes to play 15 seasons with the Eagles

  1. Don’t forget, they brought in Reddick, too.

    Reddick, Graham, Sweaty, and Barnett.

    That’s a nice foursome.

  2. That’s entirely possible if his skills don’t fall off too steeply and his financial needs align with the team’s.

  3. If his skills stay at a decent level, that shouldn’t be a problem. He was one of the key pieces in the Super Bowl win.

  4. Strip sack!!! Great player and career eagle. This is his way of politely asking Howie for a 2 year extension. Hope he gets it and hangs em up in Philly

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