Justin Herbert on possible contract extension after 2022: I’ll just keep playing and hope for the best

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen received an extension after his third season, the offseason he became eligible for one. Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray wants the same to happen for him before he enters his fourth season this fall. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is heading into his fifth season without an extension.

After the contract Deshaun Watson received from the Browns after the trade from the Texans, the price for a franchise quarterback is going to continue to rise.

One player who becomes eligible for an extension after this season is Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, who should be one of those players to benefit from the rise in quarterback salaries. He was the AFC starter for the Pro Bowl in his second season and has passed for 9,350 yards and 69 touchdowns in two seasons.

“We haven’t discussed anything, but I’ve been so fortunate to play for the Chargers,” Herbert told CBS Sports. “Whatever happens, happens. I’m just so excited to be here and play football. This has been a great opportunity, and I don’t wish it went any other way.

“I love that I was drafted here and that I have been able to play here. I think we’re doing all the right things. I believe in the staff, all the teammates, the front office. So all I can do is hope for the best. It’s out of my control, but I’ll keep playing football.”

He is scheduled to make $7.248 million in salary this season and $8.457 million in 2023. The Chargers also have the fifth-year option available for 2024.

15 responses to “Justin Herbert on possible contract extension after 2022: I’ll just keep playing and hope for the best

  1. As a chargers fan I am confident that Spanos is going to make an absolute mess out of this.

  2. I think he will set the record, something in the neighborhood of 10 years 600m.

  3. He’s got The Chargers by the balls, where would they be without him, people are buying tickets to the game because of him. If I’m Herbert, after this season I would hold out until the Chargers make me the highest paid player in the NFL. I know some will put thumbs down on this post, but the NFL has proved one thing over the last 6 years is, it’s a business, there is no loyalty to the fans, 3 teams moved in 4 years. He gets hurt, they won’t give him a dime.

  4. I would have win a playoff game before handing him franchise money. This guy falls apart when it matters. Watch the game vs Houston, they couldn’t beat that sorry team to make the playoffs.

  5. It’s only a matter of time before the press finds a way to talk
    contract extension while the player is still in college.Let it
    go,let Justin play.The money will be there if & when he deserves it.

  6. Spanos can’t afford him and he knows it. Rising interest rates are going to hurt this broke as a joke owner.

  7. No doubt he gets paid. He’s already being spoken of as an emerging superstar QB.

    He’s fun to watch even when he is playing against your team.

  8. This guy will break the record before LJ. Simply because the Ravens are too smart to pay Watson money -guaranteed – to anyone

  9. The problem is that the Chargers don’t have a good defense, even with the big names, they just aren’t good.

  10. He is right… he got lucky by going to the 8th ranked Offense when drafted. However, with all this he still has no Playoff win. In the meantime, the Chargers have no choice but to place the franchise in Cap Hell with his upcoming contract.

  11. aussiecharger says:
    June 23, 2022 at 6:40 pm
    As a chargers fan I am confident that Spanos is going to make an absolute mess out of this.


    As a Chiefs fan with a healthy respect for the Chargers, this made me LOL. I’m sorry for your pain man.

  12. If he wants Watson mine, I’m pretty sure the Spanos’ don’t have that much to put in arbitration.

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