NFLPA hires search firm to help find new executive director

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Last year, the NFL Players Association and executive director DeMaurice Smith decided that Smith would remain in place for one more term, and that the union and Smith would work together to identify the next leader of the NFLPA.

Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal recently reported that the union has hired a search firm to assist in the process of finding the next NFLPA executive director.

The firm, Russell Reynolds Associates, will help the union develop a list of candidates.

The move comes at a time when Smith and the NFLPA Executive Committee are still hammering out Smith’s new contract. Last October, the two sides agreed that his final term would be in the range of one to five years. As Fischer notes, the hiring of a search firm suggests that Smith’s new contract will be on the shorter side of that window.

Smith got the job in 2009, guiding the union through the 2011 lockout and the 2020 CBA extension. The challenge that he has faced, and that his successor will confront, is that most members of the NFLPA aren’t fully engaged (or engaged at all) in union matters, and that hardly any would agree to miss games and game checks in the short term in order to achieve longer-term benefits for future players.

The last point won’t matter until the current CBA expires in nearly a decade. At that time (if not sooner), look for the league to push to expand the length of the season from 17 to 18 games.

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  1. Condeleezza Rice. She always wanted to be Commissioner, but Goodell isnt going anywhere anytime soon, so hire her.

  2. Jon Gruden or anybody Goodell has treated unfairly. They would be extra motivated

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