Pacman Jones accompanies Chris Henry’s son on college recruiting visits


In 2005, Pacman Jones and Chris Henry (pictured) left West Virginia University and entered the draft. Both arrived in the NFL with real questions about their off-field behavior, Jones in Tennessee and Henry in Cincinnati.

The fears came to fruition. Two years after they were drafted, Jones and Henry emerged as the faces of a beefed-up Personal Conduct Policy, with Jones banished for a year and Henry suspended for half of a season as then-new Commissioner Roger Goodell established himself as The Enforcer by rolling out a new policy — and rolling over both players.

Jones and Henry are now bound together again. Henry died in 2009. Jones, as noted by Kevin Clark of The Ringer, has adopted Henry’s sons. And Jones is now accompanying Chris Henry Jr. on his own college recruiting visits.

Chris Jr. is only 14, but he’s already in high demand. He’ll be a freshman in high school this year, not eligible to enter college until 2026. But he has offers from Ohio State, West Virginia, Marshall, Grambling State, Jackson State, Connecticut, Akron, Penn State, and South Florida. His most recent offer came Wednesday, from the University of Miami.

Watch this video of what he can do. It’s no surprise that college programs want him.

Dee Alston, who played with Jones and Henry in Morgantown, has coached Chris Jr. in junior high school.

“Sometimes I have to double glance,” Alston recent told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I see his father. I was around his father all the time. Sometimes out of the side of my eye he looks exactly like his father and it trips me out sometimes.”

I like to watch his West Virginia [games],” Chris Jr. recently told WCPO. “Those are my favorite. When I watch him it’s like we run the same, catch the same — it’s crazy.”

Chris Jr. finds motivation in honoring his father, who died when Chris Jr. was still in diapers.

“It’s really important to live up to my dad’s legacy,” Chris Jr. told WCPO. “I think about it a lot when I’m on the field. I think he would be pretty proud of me right now, to see where I am.”

And Chris Jr. isn’t the only son of Chris Henry in the football pipeline. DeMarcus Henry is entering the eighth grade this year, and he’ll apparently soon become a prominent college prospect, too, guided by his adoptive father and emerging as a living legacy to his biological one.

17 responses to “Pacman Jones accompanies Chris Henry’s son on college recruiting visits

  1. Pacman as a mentor seems concerning. Hopefully he can teach young Chris Henry Jr. on what NOT to do.

  2. Very good of Pacman to take on those responsibilities for his friend. Not to be taken lightly.

  3. I would like to hope Pacman has matured and turned his life around. Sounds like he is doing Chris Henry a solid only time will tell.

  4. It’s a beautiful story, birthed in tragedy. I had no idea Pacman Jones had adopted his sons. Glad to see this young man is doing well and chasing something. Props to Pacman for stepping up to the plate and taking on this role. Hopefully we see great things from this young man in the future.

  5. Who needs an agent if ya got pacman? If you wish to be another failure, that is.

  6. TL cleanser. Good to see a feel-good story. I’m glad Pacman is helping and wish all involved the very best.

  7. Based on the comments, you can tell who never had to deal with struggle as adolescents, much less not having a Father.

  8. “It’s really important to live up to my dad’s legacy,” Chris Jr. told WCPO
    This is a nice story, and Pacman taking on that father role is really big of him, I feel like that should have bene public knowledge before now, some good publicity for a change for Pacman. All that said, and not trying to be the turd in the punchbowl, but his fathers legacy wont be a challenge to live up to. He was troubled, to put it lightly. Hopeful it works out better for Jr.

  9. Pretty amazing of Pacman to do all of that – first and foremost, to adopt his late friend’s kids. Pacman’s behavior record in the past isn’t fantastic, but I don’t see how anyone can sit here and trash him today.

  10. Funny times we are living in. pacMan was suspended a year for throwing a bag of money but the league is hesitant to suspend Watson more than a year for his unwanted advances towards dozens of women.

  11. It’s great to see that Pacman has turned his life around and that he’s putting Chris Henry’s sons on the right path. I hope to see both boys in NFL uniforms in the future.

  12. I am glad to see Pacman helping like this, shows the good side of him we don’t hear about

  13. don’t see a lot of positive press for Pacman, I had no idea he had adopted Henry’s kids. Nice to see

  14. Pac Man is the NFL’s funniest and most volatile alumni. It’s not even close. I would love to hear audio of these visits

  15. Wish I had a PacMan Jones for an adoptive father. All I got was a jerk who beat me for a living. Nice Job Pac Man. Alot of us would be so lucky to have had such a mentor

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