Patriots sign Tyquan Thornton, Bailey Zappe

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Add the Patriots to the list of teams that have signed all of their 2022 draft picks.

New England wrapped up that process on Thursday. The team announced the signing of second-round wide receiver Tyquan Thornton and fourth-round quarterback Bailey Zappe. First-round guard Cole Strange signed earlier this week and the other seven picks got their deals done earlier in the offseason.

Thornton had 62 catches for 948 yards and 10 touchdowns at Baylor last season. He’ll vie for work in a receiver group that also includes Jakobi Meyers, Kendrick Bourne, DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor, Tre Nixon, N'Keal Harry, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, and Ty Montgomery.

Zappe transferred from Houston Baptist to Western Kentucky last year and threw for an NCAA single-season record 5,967 yards and 62 passing touchdowns in his lone season at the school. Brian Hoyer is the only other backup to Mac Jones on the New England roster.

16 responses to “Patriots sign Tyquan Thornton, Bailey Zappe

  1. Look forward to this year’s class of rookies and the red shirts from the prior year.

  2. Zappe, a running QB, has no chance succeeding in Brady’s system, which overwhelmingly depends on TIMING, a 2/10th of a second later means whole lot of difference.

    Drafting Zappe indicates that Belichick is a 3rd grade on offense, and still has absolutely no clue at all what made Brady’s system work.

  3. Speaking of no clue, Zappe the ‘running QB’ threw about 50 passes/g for almost 6000 yrds in a 14 game season. He rushed less than 4x/g. Mostly sneaks and kneeldowns.

  4. When throwing to receivers IN FRONT OF defenders, the window closes quickly because defenders watch QB in the eyes.

    Superior stats comes from throws to WR BEHIND defenders, the window for throwing lasts longer because defenders can’t see QB’s eyes.

    Bringing up 6000 yards shows that you have no idea at all what made Brady’s system work, like Belichick.

  5. Before a QB throws balls, he has to adjust his body position, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to put balls at the spots he wants, but opportunities may have gone, or no YAC because DEFENDERS HAVE PLAYS IN FRONT OF THEM. Also, misthrowing 2 or 3 yards may lead to costly interceptions, like Cam Newton did.

    Therefore a QB must first have superior pocket presence, 2nd, good anticipation so he can adjust his body position a little earlier. Get it?

    That is why running QB like Rodgers have no chance playing in Brady’s system. Big arm and 6000 yards? Meaningless stats in Brady’s system.

  6. Brady’s system ended with a pick 6 to Logan Ryan in the playoffs. Defenses have figured it out.

  7. Right. Brady’s system ended in a playoff game, trailing, when he threw a pass that tipped off the useless Sanu’s hands for a pick 6 from his own 3 yard line with 15 seconds left. What an excellent point. Then, halfway thru the season in Tampa, told Arians to shut up, brought in the plays he liked from Belichick’s system, as well as Gronk and won another Super Bowl.How astute

  8. Lol, will you call the system in Packers Rodgers system? You will, because it works because of Rodgers’s talents l.

    The same for the system in Pats: it worked because of Brady’s talents from neck up, therefore it was Brady’s system.

    What? It is not because you could’t get high?

  9. Brady’s system ended with a pick 6


    Only Belidiot believers would blame it on QB when his #1 receiver was a 32 year old injured slot receiver.

  10. Not a system. An offense. Designed by the coaches. From the start of the NFL. Rodgers and Brady are completely different QBs. They ran completely different offenses. Some people insist on proving they have no idea what they’re talking about on a daily basis. Today it’s been twice. How’s the running QB from WKentucky doing in practice?

  11. Watch Brady’s first ever throw in SB 42, from own 3 yard line. Do you know why the defender didn’t step up earlier? Do you know why Troy Brown was able to get first down? You think it worked because of design? How naive.

    I bet that after watching Brady played 20 years, it still never occurred to you that the reason Patriots receivers were often wide open was because of the TIME Brady threw the ball.

  12. Did I tell you all Belidiot believers last year that without Brady, those ‘easy’throws and ‘easy’plays would be gone?

    If it was design and schemes that had made those plays easy, you should have seen lot of ‘easy’ plays in last two seasons, but you didn’t. What does it tell you?

    This should be very easy to see. Unbelievably, Belidiot believers fail to see it, no wonder they still believe in Belidiot.

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