C.J. Mosley: Playoffs are a “realistic goal” this season

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets
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The Jets have not been to the playoffs since the 2010 season and linebacker C.J. Mosley thinks that drought is one of the stumbling blocks that keeps the team from making it back to the postseason.

Mosley said this week that “guys that have been in the system that are used to hearing that” the Jets are going to fall short of reaching their goals and that’s something the team has to wrestle with as they head into this season. He thinks that tackling the obstacle is within reach this year because continuity on the coaching staff can lead to “everybody having that confidence in what we’re doing and being able to execute the plays” on the field this season.

That confidence has Mosley feeling like the team has a real chance to break through for the first time in more than a decade.

“I’m really expecting playoffs or bust,” Mosley said, via Mark Inabinett of AL.com. “Obviously, that’s my goal every year, but I think it’s something that’s a realistic goal for our entire team and our coaches.”

The fight for AFC playoff spots is expected to be a fierce one after an offseason that saw several of the conference’s teams upgrade their talent. That may leave the Jets short of reaching Mosley’s goal, but steps toward making it a reality can still be taken even if the final destination remains out of reach.

14 responses to “C.J. Mosley: Playoffs are a “realistic goal” this season

  1. Yeah they won 4 games last year. Maybe a more realistic goal would be to try and finish above 500

  2. Probably a better chance they will secure another top 3 pick in the draft that they can again waste. One thing they need to start doing is grossly overpaying free agents like Mosely who has basically done nothing since he got paid.

  3. CJ, if you wanted to go to the playoffs you should have stayed with the Ravens. Good luck opening day.

  4. Delusional? Maybe, but it’s no more so than Pats fans thinking they will be playing after their 17th game.

  5. Still in the league? Ranked #15 overall LB by PFF last season, 5 spots ahead of NE’s best LB. BB knows he’s still in the league.

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