Mickey Loomis: Saints “prepared for anything” with Alvin Kamara discipline

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara‘s arrest on felony battery charges in Las Vegas in February is expected to result in a suspension under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

PFT reported this week that Kamara is bracing for a six-game suspension and the prospect of a ban came up during General Manager Mickey Loomis’ appearance on the Dattitude podcast this week. With the case still making its way through the legal process, it’s unclear when a suspension would be handed down and Loomis said that means the team is going to have to prepare for all possible outcomes as they look ahead to the 2022 seaon.

“We really just have to wait and see what happens,” Loomis said, via Jeff Duncan of NOLA.com. “For me, I always try to [determine] what’s the worst-case scenario and what’s the best-case scenario. We have to be prepared for anything. That’s really the way we approach anything and everything, is be prepared for anything that can happen.”

A hearing in Kamara’s case is set for August 1 and any league discipline for Kamara could be pushed into 2023 if the league waits for the legal process to conclude before beginning their own disciplinary process.

16 responses to “Mickey Loomis: Saints “prepared for anything” with Alvin Kamara discipline

  1. New Orleans Saints went all in on 2022… despite Tom Brady staying in the division and having no HC, QB or RB for at least 1/2 the season.

  2. you have to figure that the fact there is video/witnesses adds to the suspension.

  3. He can’t be allowed to play while this remains unresolved, ie, until he’s convicted.

    video is undefeated.

  4. Why would he be allowed to play when there is a video of his assault. Any other hardworking low paying job we would have been fired the day of the pro bowl. Because he is rich and famous he gets to let the court play out what we all saw he did. The raiders wide receiver was drunk and did not have intent. Kamara k ew what he was doing and had intent to hurt this guy. Which he did with multiple punches. He should be suspended the whole year and it count towards his contract with no pay and not toward his retirement time.

  5. Good to see all the Bucs fans on here with their fingers crossed that AK’s suspension includes at least one of their games! Brady’s got his fingers crossed too. Saints D even stronger than last year. Hope Tom Terrific is ready!

  6. Hope the fans enjoyed the last decade of the Saints winning cause it might not happen again for some years!

  7. The person Kamara assaulted was banned from the casino and was not allowed to be on the premises. That doesn’t excuse Kamara’s behavior.

    I can guarantee you his lawyers will argue that if the victim had not violated the “no trespass” order the entire thing never would have occurred.

    He obviously assaulted this guy, but with a quality defense attorney and this being his first offense his best bet is to try for deferred adjudication or plea to a lesser offense.

    The whole thing is on video. So his defense teams only option is to make the victim look like a terrible person. Perhaps even claiming the victim was intentionally goading Kamara into assaulting him.

    Yes, it’s absurd. His defense team has to come up with something despite the clear video evidence. So the only option it would seem is to attack the victim.

  8. He punched a guy 8 times and broke his orbital socket because he tried to enter the elevator.

    This Kamara is one sick dude who should be in jail.

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