Will the Texans still face litigation over Deshaun Watson?

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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It was either a hollow threat or a solemn promise. For now, it’s looking as if it were the former.

On June 8, attorney Tony Buzbee said he “will be joining” the Texans as defendants to the pending lawsuits against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. Not “might be” or “could be” or “should be,” but “will be.”

Earlier this week, Buzbee told Jenny Vrentas of the New York Times that the Texans are not a party to the settlements in 20 of the 24 cases pending against Watson.

This means that they could still be sued by the 20 plaintiffs who have settled, by the four who haven’t, by the two who supposedly were suing Watson but haven’t yet, and whoever else may come forward eventually.

There’s also a chance, theoretically, that the Texans kicked in some cash to settle the cases with the express understanding that their involvement would be kept completely and totally confidential, with that confidentiality including (for example) Buzbee saying that the Texans were not parties to the settlements.

For the 20 plaintiffs who have settled with Watson, suing the Texans becomes tricky. The Texans would defend themselves by blaming Watson for the misbehavior, arguing that all responsibility belongs to him and him alone. With Watson not a party to the cases, it becomes easier for the Texans to dump on the so-called “empty chair” at trial.

That doesn’t stop Buzbee from trying. And in the four cases that haven’t settled yet, all bets are off. The cases continue. The Texans could be joined.

Again, Buzbee said “will be.” It was either bluster aimed at pressuring Watson to settle (if so, mission accomplished) or it was a genuine guarantee that, 16 days later, Buzbee still intends to honor.

17 responses to “Will the Texans still face litigation over Deshaun Watson?

  1. Would producing NDAs and arranging for massage venue at The Houstonian qualify the Texans as accessory?

  2. We all know that anytime there is the slightest chance of money being made one will see litigation, so the answer is yes.

  3. Buzbee may or may not be a shyster, but Watson and Watson alone put himself in this situation. If you give a “shyster’ a sword, you best believe he’s going to drive it home!!

  4. If they help facilitate this happening, they better be held accountable for it.

  5. I am not a Browns fan, but I think the bigger question is, if Watson is suspended indefinitely, do the Browns sue the NFL for allowing a trade to take place? You can say the Browns should have known what they were getting themselves into, but in all honesty the NFL did nothing to stop a trade.

  6. If the allegations the Texans were “Aiding and abetting” Watson can be proved, I wonder if Goodell can step in return one or more of the future draft choices back to the Browns?
    I’ve read opinions that stated that can’t and won’t happen, but if the Texans truly helped him, then there needs to be some NFL-related consequences. Unless, of course, the Texans disclosed all this to the Browns prior to the trade.

  7. The Texans gave Watson the means to do the things he is being accused of. They aided and abetted, so they should not get away unscathed.

  8. NinersFan1973 says:
    June 24, 2022 at 9:34 am
    If they help facilitate this happening, they better be held accountable for it.
    I totally agree. If they knew, they had the moral obligation as an organization, to cease any material involvement in the process.
    I don’t think they can put the blame on Watson for that. Two separate cases, two defendants.

  9. Punish the Texans severely. Strip them of some or all of the picks acquired in the Watson deal and force them to pay the equivalent of what Watson paid to organizations supporting survivors of sexual assault.

  10. The NFL should just cancel all remaining picks in this trade, no one gets them. Also, Watson should get a 1 game suspension for each victim. Texans and Browns were stupid.

  11. You’re horrible mistaken if you think Watson is getting a year or an indefinite suspension. The NFLPA will make sure to air a TON of dirty laundry on the owners if thats the case.

    Watson’s settlement is part of a deal with the NFL. It’s pretty obvious at this point, especially when the NFLPA leaked its plans.

  12. With Watson not a party to the cases, it becomes easier for the Texans to dump on the so-called “empty chair” at trial.

    Can’t the Texans bring Watson in as third party defendant for the purposes of contribution, indemnity, or apportionment?

  13. The Texans played a huge role in this and basically enabled Watson to do have a high level of confidence that he could get away with all of this. Does anyone really believe that a 23 year old knows about non-disclosure agreements and how to use them to prevent charges being filed? Highly unlikely.

  14. Kind of makes me wonder if the threat of inclusing the Texans didn’t nake the NFL yell “No Mas” and step in and somehow get this settlement to occur. Last thing the NFL wants is more dirt regarding their owners and teams being shared with the fans.

  15. In every law suit that was filed in the very last paragraph it states the the NFL was partly to blame for various reasons. Would not be surprised to see him try to go after the Texans and the NFL next

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