Jimmy Garoppolo will be cleared to throw soon

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The 49ers were poised to trade quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo until he surprised them with a decision to have surgery on his throwing shoulder. Soon, he’ll be cleared to throw again, following the March procedure.

That’s the report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com. Garoppolo will be cleared within the next few weeks, and he’ll commence throwing.

It’s an important, albeit expected, development in the awkward dance between the 49ers and the quarterback they don’t want to keep on the team. Once he’s cleared, he can be traded to a new team.

That said, there’s no guarantee a new team will trade for him, especially with a $25 million non-guaranteed compensation package. Whoever wants him will want to pay less. Unless the 49ers will be paying some of the salary, Garoppolo will be expected to cut his salary.

Why should he? All he has to do is refuse to do anything with his contract, and he gets to go wherever he wants as a free agent.

The key factor becomes time. The 49ers can squat on him throughout training camp and the preseason, cutting him just before Week One and wiping out his salary. (He has a $7.5 million injury guarantee that will evaporate for 2022 once he’s cleared.) He’d then be forced to try to find a new team at a time when the various depth charts are set.

In the interim, things could get even more awkward. The 49ers won’t want their injury-prone quarterback to end up on IR and, in turn, on the books for his full salary. But they can’t lock him out of training camp. If push comes to shove, they can’t keep him from getting practice reps and, in turn, risking a season-ending injury.

For Garoppolo, the sooner he’s traded or released, the better. For the 49ers, time could create an opportunity to get a significant return, if a starting quarterback elsewhere suffers a season-ending injury before Week One, like Teddy Bridgewater did in 2016.

The team’s talking points heap praise on Jimmy’s willingness to submit to the team’s plans. Jimmy’s a nice guy. Jimmy will go along. Jimmy won’t cause any trouble.

Well, the time is coming for Jimmy to get upset. To force the issue. To make sure he brings the situation to a head ASAFP, in order to have the best chance to make a team elsewhere — and possibly to compete for the starting job in 2022.

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  1. Jimmy doesn’t have to do anything. If the Niners do nothing, he gets paid. IF the Niners trade him, he gets paid. If the Niners cut him, the Niners gets nothing and some team gets a bargain backup QB.

  2. >>The key factor becomes time. The 49ers can squat on him throughout training camp and the preseason, cutting him just before Week One and wiping out his salary.

    This is why players should push to have some kind of Roster bonus paid early in the off season.
    If a team doesn’t want to pay that, then cut the player and owe nothing.
    But it gives the player time to find a new spot.

    As for the 49rs – Garoppolo has never bene a jerk. He did ok, there is no reason to screw him. It would reflect badly on the club.
    When he’s cleared, cut him, its not like anyone is going to trade for him, or if they do, it will be little.
    he is worth a lot less to a team if cut the week before the season because he won’t know the playbook.

  3. Doesn’t Jimmy’s $25M guarantee disappear in September?
    If so, could a team trade for him now, and then cut him for free in September if he’s not working out?

  4. Jimmy is just biding his time till Tom Brady retires and he can claim the title of “Handsomest Quarterback In The League”.
    That’s the real reason Jimmy was forced out of New England.

  5. radar773 says:
    June 25, 2022 at 3:01 pm
    Jimmy doesn’t have to do anything. If the Niners do nothing, he gets paid. IF the Niners trade him, he gets paid. If the Niners cut him, the Niners gets nothing and some team gets a bargain backup QB.
    Makes zero sense. Do you think Jimmy wants to make some team happy by getting a bargain for a back up QB? If Jimmy thinks he will only get $10-15 million from a new team that wants to see how he is post surgery, then he might be willing to drop his salary if there is some guaranteed money to remain with the 49ers another season.

  6. Hello Cleveland, I hear you have a great running game and a good defense. Boy do I have a quarterback for you while Deshaun is suspended.

  7. Doesnt a lot of this stuff apply to Mayfield as well? His staying home only benefits the Browns, and not him.

  8. Jimmy will be able to throw soon. Odds are good that first pass will be an interception!

  9. Trey Lance is still too raw to start for the 49ers. The smart move for them would be to start Jimmy G again. After all, he got them to the NFC Championship Game last year.

  10. I wish him the best where ever he goes. If Detroit was smart they would go after him if he is cut. He owns Green Bay.

  11. Garoppolo will have a better career than Trey Lance when all is said and done. 24-8, 4-2 as a postseason starter and 1 SBowl appearance. If the 49ers fans and their staff want to throw him in the trash, go right ahead. It will go down as a huge gaffe.

  12. If the Niners are smart, they’ll be classy and cut him with time to find another opportunity. Screwing him won’t sit right with current and prospective players, hurting the Niners in free agency going forward.

  13. Question (that I don’t believe has been broached here): did JG hurt, hinder or help himself by surprising everyone with the shoulder surgery?

  14. Jimmy surprised them with his decision to have shoulder surgery?? You mean, the teams medical staff wasn’t aware his shoulder was severely hurt? My guess is they knew. How inconsiderate of Jimmy to have his shoulder repaired right when the 49ers were trying to unload him.

  15. That’s good news for the niners. He’s still the best QB on that team.

  16. The 49ers are too good a team to put it all on a young- and quite raw- QB, as talented as he may be. If they can handle the awkwardness, clearly the best thing for the Niners is to keep Jimmy G and let it play out. I think there’s a good chance he starts significant games for them this year.

  17. The NFL handling of the Rice business has them boxed in to the extent that they will HAVE to come down on Watson to the tune of not being allowed to play this season. Off goes Jimmy G (at a new rate) to Cleveland. Nothing else makes a lot of sense – all things considered. The Niners have to get something in return for him, if for no other reason but to save face – theirs and his.

    Personally, I do believe Trey Lance is going to shock an awful lot of people. Just a hunch.

  18. nyfootballgiants says:

    June 25, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    Doesnt a lot of this stuff apply to Mayfield as well? His staying home only benefits the Browns, and not him
    No because Bakers contract us fully guaranteed unlike Jimmy G. If they cut Baker the day before the season he still collects the full 18 million, Jimmy G (going off memory) collects 2.5 of his 25

  19. Lord I hope the 49ers trade Jimmy G as Trey Lance is just that bad but I could see them deciding to keep Jimmy because as I said above Lance is just that bad. Jimmy G in all likelihood hood will be traded soon though for a Day 3 later round pick to a team like the Panthers possibly and I couldn’t be HAPPIER as the 49ers offense is going to seriously struggle with Trey Lance at the helm esp with a terrible OL in front of him front LG to RT. Williams is an elite LT but the rest of the line is bad, esp since Mack retired.
    I expect Trey Lance to be under a ton of interior pressure this next season and young QBs tend to throw INTs once they start getting hit/rushed etc esp young QBs who cannot read defenses. Shanahan runs a complicated offense and Trey Lance can’t read defenses which is why 99.9% of his passes are short sideline passes to the outside. Lances ball placement is horrible, he’s not accurate at all, he has to see it before he throws it which leads to INTs n the NFL as he cannot throw with anticipation & he has zero touch, everything comes at 100% MPH. Dudes a 50% passes, he’s bad. Lance is basically an even rawer version of Colin Kaepernick. His running style leads to injuries to as he’s not elusive n not quick laterally, he’s not going to make u miss he’s fast in a straight line and looks to run guys over. That works at North Dakota State but it gets you hurt in the NFL. In his First Start he tried the running through MLB Isaiah Simmons n it didn’t end well Simmons LIT HIM UP and Lance suffered a Knee/Neck injury which shelved him for WEEKS after that game.
    The 49ers already know they made a mistake drafting Lance and after this year they’ll know just how massive of a mistake they made. Now we know why Shanahan wanted to draft QB Mac Jones so bad but was over ruled by the owner n GM who fell in love with Lances athleticism n potential. SF could of saved 3 1ST RD picks n a 3rd RD and landed a better QB had they of just stayed at 12th overall n took Jones instead they mortgaged their future and drafted A BUST!!!! Shanahan definitely won’t be fired over this but someone will, likely GM John Lynch as he is supposed to know better. This move is really going to hold SF back. I expect them to have a good very solid defense but they’re going to seriously struggle offensively with Lance at QB & will have a very bad offense this year especially their passing offense. SF will be looking for yet another QB this next offseason.

  20. The 9ers have nothing to gain by cutting him now because time is on their side. The stand off is between SF and Seattle, the minute Seattle commits to someone (Baker) SF will release him but Pete rather have Jimmy. I think the Watson situation might give SF some options between them and Carolina but feels like some deal might already be in place and just waiting to see him throw.

  21. More five yard air passing and missing open receivers down deep. I can see why the 49ers love this guy so much.

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