Todd Bowles: Blaine Gabbert is Buccaneers’ “security blanket” at quarterback

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Last month, mixed signals emerged from Tampa Bay regarding whether quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Kyle Trask will compete for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart behind Tom Brady. Position coach Clyde Christensen said no. Head coach Todd Bowles disagreed, saying Trask would have a chance.

Bowles recently provided more clarity. Basically, competition is possible, but Gabbert has the edge.

I’m comfortable with Blaine,” Bowles told Ira Kaufman of “We talk a lot. You know, we’ve gotten to know each other over the past couple of years. He knows this offense very well. He understands the offense very well. He knows where to go with the football because he’s been in it. You know, that gives him the edge over Trask. That’s not to say Trask cannot catch him, OK? He gets the nod because of experience. Kyle’s going to get plenty of practice to get better. It’s how much better Kyle can get while Blaine is still the backup and how much can he close the gap if not take it over. But, I like Blaine. Tom’s our starter. Don’t get me wrong. Tom’s our starter. Blaine’s seen a lot and he’s been in about 10 years. He’s seen a lot and he should. . . . He probably has been in some tough situations. You just never know until a guy is in there full-time. . . . He knows what to do and he’s not going to panic when he gets in a game. So he’s like a security blanket right now. But anybody that’s a backup will have competition, and even certain starters.”

So, yes, there can be a competition. But Gabbert’s experience gives him an edge over Trask.

Ultimately, does it matter? If Brady gets injured, the 2022 Buccaneers will be hard pressed to win without him.

13 responses to “Todd Bowles: Blaine Gabbert is Buccaneers’ “security blanket” at quarterback

  1. Smart – 42 Wonderlich, fast – 4.62 40. Heck, he’s the brightest, fastest, most athletic guy in Tampa Bay’s QB room.

  2. Blake just babysits the ducks. When he gets on the field, the ducks start flying.

  3. He’s not a security blanket, he’s bad.
    If you have to play him an entire game you have problems.
    He’s a backup for a reason.

  4. He wasnt a security blanket for the QBs he replaced … Kaep, Palmer and Mariota’s Titans career all ended with him on the roster. He is lucky he got a ring with Brady …

  5. courbettheman says:
    June 25, 2022 at 3:38 pm
    Smart – 42 Wonderlich, fast – 4.62 40. Heck, he’s the brightest, fastest, most athletic guy in Tampa Bay’s QB room.
    So he should be able to beat out Brady then, right? He’s so smart he should have no problem reading defenses and making adjustments. Gabbert could take Mahommes job as well. Right? Mahommes only scored a 24 and Gabbert is faster. Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48. Clearly he will go down as the GOAT! He must be a field general with that incredible intelligence level. Right?

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