What happens with the four remaining cases against Deshaun Watson?

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Last October, then-Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could have settled all but four of the civil lawsuits pending against him. He wanted to resolve all of them or none of them.

This week, Watson reached a tentative settlement with all but four of the individuals who have sued him for sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. So what happens to the other four?

Attorney Tony Buzbee disclosed that the claims made by Ashley Solis, the first person to sue, will proceed. Once 20 of the 24 cases are dismissed, the identity of the other three remaining plaintiffs will be known.

There are two explanations for the failure to settle four of the cases. The plaintiffs either want more than Watson offered, or at this point they just want to go to trial, have their voices heard, and allow a jury to decide if Watson violated their rights.

As recently explained by Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, Solis may have the strongest case against Watson. Houston police detective Kamesha Baker recently testified to that effect, and Watson has admitted under oath that Solis had “watery eyes” at the end of the session.

“Ashley Solis actually had a text message after the massage that indicated there was some questionable activity there in which we thought, ‘OK, well, why would you text this if everything was fine?’ ” Baker testified, via Schrotenboer. “If everything was fine in the massage, why would you send her essentially an apology for the massage?”

Solis initiated the process, with Buzbee making a pre-lawsuit settlement demand on her behalf of $100,000. With that amount serving as an opening position, Buzbee undoubtedly was prepared to take less. But Watson’s camp (Rusty Hardin wasn’t involved at the time) refused to engage Buzbee and wanted him to make a new offer. As litigation goes, that’s a breach of etiquette even bigger than going straight from a double-dog dare to a triple-dog dare.

Lawyers resent being asked to bid against themselves. The process entails a rhythm, a back-and-forth. Watson’s representatives should have offered $20,000 or so, in order to flesh out Buzbee’s bottom line based on his next move.

And for those out there who insist this is “extortion,” it’s not. Pre-litigation settlement efforts happen all the time. There’s value in resolving claims before they become civil actions, for everyone. In this case, both sides would have benefited from a quiet, discreet effort to dispense justice.

Now that Solis has been forced to put her name, face, and voice on TV and elsewhere, maybe she’s ready to let the chips fall where they may at trial. That said, there’s quite possibly a number between $100,000 and, say, $1 million that would get her to end it now. She’s fully within her rights to make that decision — and it all could have been short-circuited if Watson’s representatives hadn’t been so short-sighted when the claim first came to their attention.

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  1. If he could have settled this early quietly and put her through this then it may not be about money anymore and simply extracting as much pain as she can for him. She effectively controls his life while this goes on. The mistake he made was thinking she didn’t.

  2. This guy should be banned outright. 20 settlements are basically an admission of guilt, and let’s face it with 24 accusers it’s highly unlikely they’re all just crazy women looking for a pay day.

  3. It is unfortunate for Deshaun that he didn’t settle. However, based on what has subsequently come out, it seems like he thought his behavior was normal and there was nothing to “settle”. One can only guess that he has been coddled and enabled his entire life to lead him to believe that. Sad what star athletes, famous people, rich people and politicians are able to get away with.

  4. Whether he is innocent or not of any wrongdoing, the staggering number of cases against Watson is going to make his life – and the life of the Browns and the NFL – difficult for some time. This is not going away. And if, as Florio has noted, this is all about PR and money. With women’s right being a focal point in our society, the abuse of power by any man will be magnified. If these four cases come to light reveal behavior being used to take advantage of the female massage therapists, the worst may be yet to come for Watson.

  5. my guess is the price is significantly higher than one million given the fact dude just got 250 million guaranteed and now should be extremely motivated to clean up the mess he made for himself.

  6. The NFL needs to suspend him for a minimum 26 games(1 game per accuser). I do have a feeling this will be about the amount he receives…it maybe even a complete 2 season ban of 34 games with a chance of knocking it down to a season and half. The NFL wants this guy to disappear for awhile i have a feeling.

  7. $100,000 would have been a bargain compared to whatever Watson ends up paying for all of this. Watson will get absolutely destroyed in a civil trial with Solis. She will take him for millions.

  8. Watson … “I’m guilty your Honor, but I have a lot of money”.
    Judge … “I see an innocent man standing before me.”

  9. Solis won’t back down and I admire her courage and the others as well.

    Imagine this being your wife, gf, sister, daughter?

    I’d be at Watson’s front door myself. Goodell is gutless for not banning him after the settlements.

    I hope all 4 go to court to tell the same story of Watson’s disgusting predatory abuses.

  10. Four remaining cases so far. By Watson’s own account, there were over sixty massage therapists hired. Who knows how many new cases might come to light?

  11. all this for a B- QB, Cleveland? He’s a Blake Bortles at best…actually Bortles has more post-season wins.

  12. Watson knew he was in a position to abuse his power and took full advantage of that. If he ever met with any resistance from any of these women all he had to do was threaten them to keep quiet because it would simply be his word against hers. To be honest, he held a significant advantage in that aspect due to his public persona and reputation as a good guy. Where Watson messed up is that he pushed it and pushed it and kept doing it to the point where there were so many cases against him that his word against 24 others and counting doesn’t hold weight anymore. The fact he was and continues to be so arrogant and emotionally bankrupt by all of this not only warrants a huge and unprecedented suspension, but also mandatory psychological counseling and community service while he is away.

  13. cincy85 says:
    June 25, 2022 at 7:59 am
    This guy should be banned outright. 20 settlements are basically an admission of guilt, and let’s face it with 24 accusers it’s highly unlikely they’re all just crazy women looking for a pay day.
    Speaking of a payday… please tell us all how many of the women took a payday. Next, tell us all how many of them were so disgusted by his sexual conduct that they came back for not only a second, but a third time. Ashley Solis, one of the remaining accusers 4 accusers, demanded $100,000 early on. You can look this up yourself. Any website of your choosing.

  14. Watson is a friggin idiot. There are probably 100,000 or more independent high end escorts in the US alone (and plenty of high end escort agencies that specifically d-I-s-c-r-e-t-e-l-y cater to celebrities and professional athletes— and employ women who keep their mouth shut “after the fact”) that would have been happy to service his freaky desires for money and then leave and never complain or talk about it or try to sue him and he could have done this all the time (like many other celebs/athletes do —-like it or not it’s the truth)

    Instead he wanted to force regular massage therapists to cross over into escorting and servicing him.

  15. I have no clue how he has not yet been banned from the NFL,this is way beyond Personal Conduct issue.Other players have been suspended for far less things very quick.It is not just 1 woman 2 or even 3 woman 26 woman, with how many more that we don’t know about. He is a Danger and should be locked up. if it was any of us they would have thrown us in jail and ben fired from are job the min the news broke of even one woman..

  16. “One can only guess that he has been coddled and enabled his entire life…”

    Hardly. Growing up poor is not being coddled.

  17. If the public is waiting for the hammer to come down and a long drawn out suspension is handed down – get comfortable, you’re in for a very long wait.

  18. 1 year for every case settled sounds fair to me. Goodell please do the right thing and put him on the list for life. Enough already

  19. I pray that Ashley Solis has the strength and support system in place to take this to trial and get a better form of justice.

  20. “kcoun says:
    June 25, 2022 at 7:36 am

    As a Clevelander I’m worn out by all this … UNCLE !”
    Here..here! My protest, small as it is, I won’t buy a ticket, I won’t listen to a broadcast or watch a single Cleveland game in which Watson is the qb. He is a bully who used his physical presence and celebrity to intimidate and manipulate. Whatever wins he has, are shallow victories for Cleveland fans.

  21. Whatever happens, cases settled or dismissed. Suspended or banned. Everyone knows he’s pathetic. That’s not going away.

  22. radar773 says:
    June 25, 2022 at 1:24 pm
    “One can only guess that he has been coddled and enabled his entire life…”

    Hardly. Growing up poor is not being coddled.
    Lot’s of people grow up poor but can’t run a 4.5 forty or throw a ball 75 yards. Once Watson showed those skills (probably at 14/15 yrs old-ish), he’s been coddled.

  23. All that money he gets from the Browns just give them all a Million each to go away. 20 of them wanted money for silence, everyone has a price. The only thing is he probably used so many therapist that he will have to write checks forever.

  24. He will get suspended, there’s no doubt about that. The question is for how long. As for being banned for life. As far as I know no player has been banned for life for personal conduct. They’ve been banned for gambling, repeatedly failing drug tests but not for personal conduct. If the NFL tries that the NFLPA if they can will fight them to the death.

  25. This is what happens when you become as brazen as Watson did in his pursuit of “massages”. He messed with the wrong people, and they in turn are likely going all the way to trial to make make him pay.

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