Colin Kaepernick’s agent responds to Warren Sapp’s claim that Raiders workout was a “disaster”

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp, whose once-promising media career flamed out due to his own misconduct, is back in the news, thanks to some inflammatory things he has said. Sapp, in an apparent effort to resurrect his relevance, recently took shots at quarterback Colin Kaepernick, based on his workout with the Raiders.

Said Sapp of the Kaepernick workout, “I heard it was a disaster. I heard one of the worst workouts ever.”

Sapp provided no details or specifics or anything to support his contention.

Kaepernick’s agent, Jeff Nalley, has nevertheless responded to Sapp’s claim.

“I guess Warren didn’t talk to the General Manager or the head coach,” Nalley told PFT via text message. “I spoke to the G.M. [Dave Zieger] several times and he said they all thought Kap was in great shape and threw the ball really well and encouraged any team to call him about the workout and he would tell them the same. I’m surprised Warren would say that, because it’s not true and you would think he would want Kap on a team.”

Sapp also said that he’s “wondering how the hell this happened and a tape didn’t get out.” Maybe that’s because it didn’t happen the way he said it did. Maybe that’s ultimately because Sapp is trying to carve out a new niche for himself in sports media, given that he pissed away the last one that he had.

99 responses to “Colin Kaepernick’s agent responds to Warren Sapp’s claim that Raiders workout was a “disaster”

  1. If it wasnt true he would be signed by now. And doubt sapp cares if kapp is an nfl qb or not unless he plans to give sapp some of his money

  2. Maybe Kap pointed the pooch and the team, media are fronting for him. We know he’s a left wing darling. Sapp may have talked to someone who actually told the truth. Why would you trust the Raiders one past after announcing their foibles?

  3. Raiders can’t put the tape out there if it is bad. They would risk being cancelled for showing the reality that the dude can’t play.

  4. Good ol’ “attack the messenger” approach…

    Let’s ignore the fact that after such a “great” workout, he wasn’t even offered a camp tryout or practice squad contract. Hmmm.

  5. Not a Kaepernick fan by any means, but Sapp is a big mouth that is no longer relevant. He’s a total ass to the fans that were loyal to him here in Tampa and an even bigger dick if you happen to work in the Hospitality industry.
    Maybe he should work on himself and his off field behavior, while keeping that big mouth shut!

  6. How can anyone possibly be surprised by this, the goofy deranged KRAPPER nick was never any good. He would be a great fit for the Raiders though.

  7. I mean, this is the same guy that benched over Gabbert like 7 years ago, I’m sure his workout didn’t go well.

  8. Bad things to say about Sapp because he disagrees with the agenda you’re pushing? You lose credibility by the day.

    If Sapp had said that his workout was great, you’d be quoting him left and right!

  9. Well lets see who do we believe… Guy with no irons in the fire, or guy set to earn commission on a kaepernick contract?

    Hmmm, that’s a puzzler.

  10. why would sapp want kapp on a team?
    is it because their names rhyme?

  11. Weirdly defensive of Kap to call out Sapp and take a personal shot at his situation, dismissing it based on that. Especially when Sapp saying it originally was not deemed newsworthy enough for a post. Yet Kap’s agent’s response is worthy of a post? Tells us all we need to know (or know already) about the editorial discernment on this story. Why have more people not reported in the outcome of that workout? PFT reporting on that is more interesting.

  12. buclive45 says:
    June 26, 2022 at 8:13 pm
    Not a Kaepernick fan by any means, but Sapp is a big mouth that is no longer relevant.


    Sapp is far more relevant than Kaep

  13. Wait, so the agent is who we are going to believe? Agents would never spin anything to their clients advantage, that’s just cooky talk.

  14. I get 50 hours viewing of NFL pre-draft combine workouts BUT we can’t get a view of Caps workout? Very odd.

  15. Why isn’t there a lick of tape from the workout? If it was good you know good and well Florio would have done 20 stories on it. The fact that everything was so quiet and there is no tape probably means Sapp is dead on.

  16. Or maybe it happened precisely the way Warren described. Let’s
    Not forget that Colin was a well below average QB, statistically speaking.

    Maybe Colin pissed his chance away?

  17. Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp, is in the hall of fame, he doesn’t need to sweat Colin for relevance. It makes no sense to just blast him randomly…. which COULD mean it may be true.

    Secondly, Sapp shouldn’t be forced to care about Colin being on a team just because they share skin color. Making the case otherwise, is insanity. Should evaluate that statement

  18. buclive45 says:
    June 26, 2022 at 8:13 pm
    Not a Kaepernick fan by any means, but Sapp is a big mouth that is no longer relevant. He’s a total ass to the fans that were loyal to him here in Tampa and an even bigger dick if you happen to work in the Hospitality industry.
    Maybe he should work on himself and his off field behavior, while keeping that big mouth shut!

    Plenty of people have big mouths, and plenty of people are rude, and ought to be nicer. Lucky for him he’s not in the hospitality industry, and instead he put his brash and aggression into something more suited for him. Like it or not.

  19. Sapp needs to learn to shut his yap. Also–pay his child support arrears, be a mature person, take responsibility for his actions, pay nearly 7 million to creditors, quit acting like he’s 5, and step away from the buffet, for starters.

  20. The video wasn’t leaked because Kap looked horrible and no one wants to be called a racist for putting it out there.

  21. The Raiders’ GM thinks that Kaepernick was so good that he’s encouraging another team to sign him? haha

  22. Sure does seem odd that the workout was described as great and yet the team showed no interest in signing him.

  23. Raoders thought he was so good that they’re willing to recommend him to other teams….but not their own team. Well that settles it. He must have been terrific. /S

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong. But doesn’t Kapernickle Bread have a team of camera men who basically records his every workout? If his workout was so great, wouldn’t they release it to the public like they have his other workouts???

  25. Telling anyone in Kaepernick’s camp any negative news would be a bad PR move. He doesn’t come across as someone who rolls with the punches. It might give him ammunition for another lawsuit.

  26. Dude, the tape didn’t get out because the Raiders and NFL are using it as leverage. Use your head.

    My guess is that this will be the last you hear of Kaep as it relates to the NFL.

  27. Is it that surprising? He’s been away for some time. Working out on his own isn’t the same as having access to team facilities, etc.

    Tim Tebow’s return to football was painful to watch, too.

  28. Couple of things here:
    First, I don’t know how many NFL teams release private workout tapes of players that they bring in.
    The clamor for a workout tape is odd, at best.

    I can imagine many heads are exploding, considering the fact that Kaepernick & Sapp are both two of the most polarizing & controversial figures to ever have played in the NFL.

    The people who don’t care for either of them probably are paralyzed about who to aim their vitriol at.

    One also wonders why Sapp waited all this time to weigh in with his second-hand, hearsay opinion.
    At least Kaepernick has kept a low profile, regardless of how he feels the workout went.

  29. CK himself is a disaster. What a sad legacy. He’s underperformed even as an “activist.”

  30. It is too funny that the agent thinks Sapp cares whether Kap is on a team. Sapp has a point though, if the workout was so great a tape would be all over the place. The only way no tape is circulating is that he likely sucked. All these folks looking to get Kap on a team just to placate an activist fan base are just delusional. If Kap could play he would be playing….people act like his last 2 season in the NFL don’t exist. That, combined with his activism alienates people, it just does.

  31. As sick as I am of hearing about Kaepernick, who will never again play in the NFL due to his own conduct, I have this question. Why would anyone ever believe what comes from Warren Sapp’s mouth??

  32. He’s 4-20 his last 24 games for the past 7 1/2 years. I don’t see how he has improved since then.

  33. Keapnerick is still to good for the CFL, XFL, USFL…. if he wants to play THAT BAD then prove it like Warren Moon and Doug Flutie did, but we all know he’s washed and none of this will happen

  34. Agree on the Raiders not releasing the tape if it was bad, not in todays climate. Smart thing is to just say it went well and move on which they did. And yes even IF the Raiders didnt record the workout you know Kaps team did.

  35. If his workout went well, wouldnt word spread and other teams would bring him in

  36. Let’s say you do take on Kaepernick as your backup. This is what you’ll get: He doesn’t play. Maybe never a snap. Your starting quarterback just drove your team with the winning touchdown to come from behind to win the big game against your most bitter rival. After the game about 95% of the press race to Kaepernick to talk to him. That’s what you’ll get. You really want that?

  37. I doubt the workout was terrible and I think the raiders went with political correctness road and somebody let the cat out of the bag to Sapp that the workout wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

  38. Warren Sapp is a Hall of Fame player and is to be respected whether you like him or not!

  39. I think of Kap everytime I see players in the USFL, CFL and trying out for any possible opportunity to play football. Kap doesn’t love the game. If he did, he would have taken every available opportunity to play in any league. He just waits for these phto ops!

  40. There are a lot of bad qbs in the league. You cannot convince me that Kap’s skills deteriorated to the point to where he could not beat out half of the 2nd string qbs in the league if given an honest chance. Fact is I couldn’t even tell you who my favorite teams backup is. The league will tolerate men who have raped, assaulted, and abused drugs. They will not tolerate a man who who sheds light on racism and the killing of black men by police. You can protest just as long as your protest is “acceptable”. I have no issue with Warren Sapp however Kap being kept out of the league proves that racism is stronger than organization’s will to win. Seriously, would Jerry Jones ever bring Kap in as a backup even if he was 10x’s better than the Cowboys’ backup qb? We know the answer to that question. Jerruh would say Kap doesn’t represent his values. My retort would be did Randy Gregory represent his values.

  41. Shout out to Florio for calling both Kap and Sapp like you see them despite the uninformed opinions of 80% of the know-nothing commenters on this web site

  42. I’m inclined to believe Sapp (who played for the Raiders and may know some folks there) since no other team (Raiders included) has shown any interest in signing Kaepernick.

    It appears he may be correct.

  43. “His workout was great! We whole-heartedly encourage some other team to sign him.”

  44. Show me. Even if the tape is edited at least it would be a video of him throwing well. Unlike the tape you could show of his last couple of seasons. Truth

  45. Well plenty of tape has been put out on some of Kap’s public workouts and he looked great. That’s also what the receivers said who were catching his balls. Haters gonna hate.

  46. So Sapp is “desperate for attention” for simply opining something negative about Kaepernick? Is that the way it is now?

    If Sapp was wrong, Kaepernick would probably have signed with someone by now. If the Raiders were so impressed by his workout that they are willing to recommend him to other teams, it’s strange they haven’t signed him themselves.


  47. Passing and footwork drills are one thing. Trying to read a defensive scheme and accurately throw the ball while under pressure is something else.

  48. Is it really that shocking that a QB that hasn’t played since Jeff Fisher was coaching in the NFL may not have looked all too polished? And of course the Raiders couldn’t come out and openly attest to that if true, they would have been eaten alive on social media.

    So they say “oh yeah he had a great workout” and then move on, with zero intention of ever signing him.

  49. I think if there was a tape of him looking good working out with an actual NFL team his folks would have that out everywhere. It would be featured here on PFT for sure. I think if the workout was a genuinely good one not one of Keep’s fans would care what Warren Sapp said about it. I also know that I myself have many times said how lucky someone will be to land a person after I had already quietly decided not to employ them. (As has pretty much everyone else even if they say the same things I do) So I think I have my guess at how that workout was. Whether Sapp embellished or not, it clearly was not up to NFL standards. If I am wrong then show me the tape.

  50. His work out went soo well that the Raiders GM wants the Chiefs, Chargers or Broncos to sign him immediately.

  51. If Kaepernick was good enough to be on an NFL team he would be. If The Desean Watson situation has proven anything it proves NFL teams will put up with a lot of crap if your good enough on the field to offset the what happens off it. And Kaepernick isn’t that good.

  52. Did they offer him a contract? Then is was not that good was it? Don’t go by what they say, go by what they do.

  53. When willthe media finally move on from Kaeprdick? His career was over 6+ years ago.

  54. I have no idea how Kap’s workout went with Raiders.
    What I am 100% sure I know is that I don’t care what Warren Sapp says.

  55. Apparently that was the only day the Narcissist left his film crew at home… tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

  56. “..So why isn’t he on a team yet if it was so great???..”

    Because being great isn’t good enough.
    There’s still the systemic racism in the NFL to overcome.

  57. Kaepernick’s strength was his ability to run (which he did 20% of the time) and to lay hits on the CBs, S, and LB positions trying to tackle him while gaining the extra yard. But he hasn’t played for more than 5 years now. He was never a good/great passing QB (that was never a strength). With the new HC and OC, I wonder if they are looking at last years tape and contemplating using a Kaepernick like player like the Raiders used Mariotta the last couple of years (in goal line and very short yardage situations – the differencee being the defense will key on the run this time).

  58. If his workout was even half as good as they want it to be the tape would be non stop everywhere. I’m sure Sapp has friends in and around the Raiders since he played for them and at least one is willing to talk him on a “friend to friend” basis and give him the straight dirt so he’s not going to put the guy’s name out there. Let it go people, the Kap fantasies are just that, fantasies. And they’re over.

  59. huckabucks1969 says:

    Seriously, would Jerry Jones ever bring Kap in as a backup even if he was 10x’s better than the Cowboys’ backup qb? We know the answer to that question.

    – the answer is yes. Jerry would sign him in a second if it made his team into a super bowl team. He would do so in a heartbeat, since he doesn’t have many left. (Heartbeats that is)

  60. It’s always hilarious to see the people who “cancelled” Kaepernick complain about “cancel culture”.

    The responses to this post clearly demonstrate why Kaepernick is not in the league and it has nothing to do with his physical ability.

  61. It’s like a Logic 101 class: If the workout went so great where is the contract offer/camp invite/workout with another team? And if he really wants to return he’d be blowing up social media with videos of his workouts showing off how sharp he is yet nothing. Plus there are multiple other leagues who’d sign him for his name sight unseen where he’d totally dominate if he’s anywhere close to NFL-ready yet he refuses. Wonder why that is?

  62. You have this exactly backwards. If his workout went great or even good for that matter , footage would be out there to promote the fact that he has something left to offer other than the ability to be a distraction. No way any footage of him stinking up the joint would see the light of day. The fact that nothing was released of the workout tells you there was nothing good to show.

  63. Until both real sides of stories are told on society narratives, this will never stop

  64. Let’s pretend he still has the skills. How would you get him game ready without him being willing to put in time in another league? If an NFL team signed him today they’d have just training camp and the preseason to get the rust off. Backups get very few reps so he’d then just stand around until needed. Maybe that isn’t until like Week 12 by which point he’d have been standing around for 3 full months since the preseason and still wouldn’t have played in a real game since 2016. Does that sound like a recipe for success?

  65. Kap now realizes that he screwed himself over and wasted the best football years of his life. Now he wants to get back on the gravy train; the very one he once hated due to a popular ideology…you reap what you sow, don’t be a hypocrite…

  66. Being in great shape, and having great arm strength does not mean the workout was a success though. This is about two people right now. A person seeking attention telling us about the workout, and it may or may not be true. And a person who is paid to pump his clients tires.

  67. fmartin43 says:
    June 26, 2022 at 8:24 pm
    I don’t understand Florio’s love for Kap.
    If you are perplexed now, go do a search for “Kaepernick” on the official PFT Twi tter page. His last year as a starter is comedy gold when you see how badly they dragged him then, while now pretending he’d be Tom Brady if he just got a shot. The rose colored CK glasses now are amazing in contrast to the truth back then.

  68. Huh. Pretty much what so many of us have been saying since he started his kneeling circus. He was a third string quarterback who couldn’t play in the NFL. Now add 5 years to that. Why would anyone expect anything different?

  69. Why doesn’t Kap’s agent demand the tape be released to show the world how NFL ready he is. The recent tape I have seen shows a long wind up and slow deliverly. Just my personal opinion.

  70. I wonder how much money this agent has lost with Uncle Rico as a client.

  71. I saw film of the workout (if you can call it that) the day it happened and I thought he looked terrible.

  72. Ryan Dubose says:
    June 26, 2022 at 8:05 pm
    If it wasnt true he would be signed by now. And doubt sapp cares if kapp is an nfl qb or not unless he plans to give sapp some of his money

    Dumb statement.

    He could have a good workout and still have teams decide it wasn’t good enough in light of the media circus sure to come their way.

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