Adrian Peterson, Le’Veon Bell to box on July 30

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
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Their NFL careers are apparently over. Their boxing careers are apparently beginning.

Via, Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell will meet in an exhibition boxing match on July 30.

The fight will occur as part of the undercard of something called Social Gloves 2. The main event features someone named Austin McBroom and someone named AnEsonGib.

Either Peterson or Bell could head to NFL training camp after the fight. It’s currently unclear whether anyone will be interested. Neither received a sniff during the offseason program, which featured 90 players per team.

17 responses to “Adrian Peterson, Le’Veon Bell to box on July 30

  1. Bell blew his chance for HOF. Had it going on at Pittsburgh and wanted more money. And the dream came crashing down, just like Mike Wallace.

  2. Both these guys are probably just trying to stay relevant…but I hope alot of people tune in and that charity genuinely benefits

  3. Anyone who pays to see that farce will prove once again that a fool and their money are soon departed.

  4. You can always tell the guys who are broke when their playing time comes to an end, they turn to boxing each other.

  5. I think they have both had too many shots to the head WITH a helmet on. What is it with OTH Running backs and the desire to be Apollo Creed!?!

  6. I wonder if it’s possible that they could both knock each other senseless.

  7. Going from one sport that took way too long to acknowledge the long term damage from concussions to a sport where giving concussions is the goal. I’d say they’re going to knock each other’s brains out but that boat done sailed.

  8. =kicks just keep getting harder to find=

    Thumbs-up for quoting a 1966 hit by Paul Revere and the Raiders, #4 on your Hit Parade!

  9. Not sure why people are insulting these guys. Why not just watch the event and enjoy it; hopefully it will be entertaining.

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