Fox will bring USFL back for a second season

USFL Playoffs - Philadelphia Stars v New Jersey Generals
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The USFL concludes its first season on Sunday. It will have a second season.

Fox Sports CEO Eric Shanks tells John Ourand of Sports Business Journal that the USFL will return in 2023. It’s the first official confirmation that the four-letter league will be back for a second year.

Shanks also said that the eight teams will play in two or four markets in 2023. That will introduce travel costs to the equation, something that was avoided completely in 2022 — with the exception of taking the four playoff teams from Birmingham to Canton.

The league will remain at eight teams, with the expectation that more will be added by 2024. And the league will operate on the same schedule in 2023, with Week One in late April and a championship game on July 4 weekend.

The dynamics change next year with the return of the XFL, especially since the XFL will get started in February. And since it will be broadcast by ABC and ESPN, which ignored the USFL in 2022 and surely will do so again in 2023.

24 responses to “Fox will bring USFL back for a second season

  1. More mediocrity for tv. Perhaps things will develop where DeeShawn Watson will be playing for a loser in the USFL next year?

  2. Honestly, why bother? I “watched” it for ten while searching for something else to watch, and it was abysmal. And most of that time, one team was in the redzone, and the cameras were almost exclusively focused on the headcoach.

  3. If a team would sign Trump for QB, they would get ratings higher than the SuperBowl each week. All Trump does is win. Trump would lead the league in wins.

  4. I did not follow it the way I follow the NFL but there were some good games and when I watched I was entertained.

  5. did the USFL comment publicly about the American Taliban’s latest assault on our Freedom of Choice?

  6. I enjoyed watching USFL football games. I am Glad to see it coming back for another season.

  7. 8 teams with the name of other cities playing in 2 markets – makes sense to me

  8. a pimple on the rear end of the history of professional football in america….

  9. I liked the actual play calling communications. Pretty cool perspective!
    I liked the major foul review, roughing the passer.

  10. Honestly, why bother? I “watched” it for ten while searching for something else to watch, and it was abysmal
    Well at least you gave it a fair shot.

  11. I actually enjoyed having football this time of year to watch, just glad it is coming back. I believe they took major small steps this year and there is going to be growth down the road. Thanks to all who played and good luck moving forward.

  12. We already know that Disney has no integrity. Sad that they bought ESPN, who now also has no integrity.

  13. Hard to believe but with no fans in the stadium it felt like a 3 hour scrimmage. You gotta get fans in… maybe 5 dollar tickets

  14. If it weren’t for all of you degenerate gamblers we wouldn’t this mediocrity on TV. Thank you!

  15. Sorry that those that EARNED a chance will never get the chance! Too little chance of recovery, healing before NFL camps start!

  16. You can blame ESPN for lack of viewership but it isn’t like they are showing minor league baseball games. You want a show devoted to this league? No one is showing up in the stands so why should any TV network show it any attention? I don’t remember any other sports show talking about it at all.

  17. I enjoyed watching it. I always love seeing players who take every opportunity to play the game because they love it. We will see several of these players on NFL rosters this season.

  18. Not enough football. Too much football. Enough of whatever that is that’s being played.

  19. Fox Sports will bring back the USFL and the Philadelphia Stars will be in the USFL Championship Game in 2023. It’s been this way for just about 40 years. You don’t have to like it. The Invaders didn’t like it and neither did the Wranglers. The Stars put both franchises out of business.

    The Stars ⭐️ are always in the Championship game. It’s been this way for nearly 40 years. It’s an unprecedented championship run.

    Year Champion Score Runner‑Up
    2022 Philadelphia Stars ___ Birmingham Stallions ___
    1985 Baltimore Stars 28 ‑ 24 Oakland Invaders
    1984 Philadelphia Stars 23 ‑ 3 Arizona Wranglers
    1983 Michigan Panthers 24 ‑ 22 Philadelphia Stars

  20. Michigans getting a team? And Jeff Fischer is the coach?!!! And we have the first pick in the draft! USFL Michigan football is about to be lit!

  21. Two leagues probably don’t have the players to go around and compete directly with each other. Maybe year 3 if it happens there will be some sort merger. The games were better than expected. It would be good if it becomes secure and consistent.

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