House Oversight Committee: Daniel Snyder has refused to accept service of subpoena

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Last week, U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform chairperson Carolyn Maloney said that she would subpoena Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to testify at a deposition this week. That will be difficult to do if the subpoena can’t be served.

Snyder, according to a Committee spokesperson, has refused to accept service of the subpoena.

Here’s the full comment, via Ben Standig of “Mr. Snyder has so far refused to accept service of the Committee’s subpoena. While the Committee has been, and remains, willing to consider reasonable accommodations requested by witnesses, we will not tolerate attempts to evade service of a duly authorized subpoena to seek special treatment no afforded to other witnesses who testified in this matter. The Committee will not be deterred from obtaining Mr. Snyder’s testimony, and we remain committed to ensuring transparency about the toxic workplace culture at the Washington Commanders and the NFL’s inadequate response.”

Snyder just keeps making this harder for himself. He should have voluntarily testified. He should accept service. The harder he tries to dig in his heels, the more determined the Committee will become to take out his kneecaps.

And they will. He’ll be subpoenaed. He’ll have to testify. Unless he chooses to thumb his nose at the Committee, and to accept the consequences.

If he testifies, he’ll have to decide whether to answer questions truthfully, whether to not tell the truth in response to one or more questions, or to invoke the Fifth Amendment.

However it turns out, the process keeps generating more and more drama — and Snyder only has himself to blame for it.

32 responses to “House Oversight Committee: Daniel Snyder has refused to accept service of subpoena

  1. Dude needs to just go away. Every time his name is mentioned it is in reference to elitism and embarrassment. Turf this dude now and pull the anti-trust exemption no matter what happens. The NFL deserves the harshest treatment.

  2. Snyder is an absolute POS. But he’s smart to avoid appearing before Congress where he will be publicly villified for being a POS.

  3. He’s a billionaire. He doesn’t have to allow the service onto any of his properties.

  4. In this day and age we know the drill. Committee will refer to the DOJ for contempt of Congress. Garland will sit on it for a couple of months before siccing the FBI on him. He’ll post bail and his small army of attorneys will fight the subpoena in court for months on end….

  5. “I’ll just refuse the subpoena and everything will be fine. AND NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!”

  6. He’s playing the long game. So far, the NFL has not been inclined to force him to sell the team. So, avoid subpoenas and eventually he thinks this will go away.

    Sadly im not sure he is wrong.

  7. Snyder will eventually go in front of the committee and plead the 5th. Not a thing will be done. My theory. Snyder is the anonymous source of the Gruden emails. He let at least 9 other owners in on his secret. Vote to remove me and I will expose all of my emails.

  8. No matter how terrible Snyder is, he will never be worse than any politician. Ever.

  9. Any one that says this isn’t the governments responsibility, neither is paying for his stadium.

  10. Even Frank Costello and Joe Valachi appeared. Snyder is less of a man than they were, but he’s still on a level with the 31 other heads of The NFL Family.

  11. The ones wanting him to testify, actually need to be subpoena themselves to testify on how they are handling things. I don’t like Snyder myself but I agree those politicians are far more worse than that scumbag will ever be.

  12. I’m no fan of Snyder, but I am absolutely certain that they are not out for “the truth” unless it coincides with their predetermined conclusion. I wouldn’t give them the time of day. And if they drag me in, I will invoke my 5th Amendment rights with two fingers held high in their faces

  13. Congress screws up everything they touch. I’d ignore them and if that didn’t work, I’d take the 5th. Give then nothing and turn it over to his attorneys. He has zero to gain. No matter what he says he will be vilified.

  14. What is up with NFL owners? A good ole boys club that is the antithesis of transparency. You could build miles of levees with all the dirt they are hiding. They love their NDA’s.

  15. In the long run they can’t do anything but refer it to the DOJ and then nothing will happen. All these boobs are doing is wasting time and money on something that quite honestly is none of their business for political reasons.

  16. I don’t know. If you look at their comment about the toxic work environment, then it sounds like they’ve already passed judgement.

    I wouldn’t want to appear before any committee that’s made up its mind before I even testified either.

  17. Everyone complaining on here needs to stop! Snyder is an elite and as an elite the rules don’t apply.

  18. minime says:
    June 27, 2022 at 4:49 pm
    Our tax dollars at waste.

    Investigating allegations of workplace harassment. Two bills protecting American workers have already been filed as a result of this investigation. How exactly do you think that tax dollars should be spent?

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