Joe Burrow shares a nuanced position on an issue that often is regarded in absolutes

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At a time when the NFL remains conspicuously silent regarding whether and to what extent it does, or does not, support the many female employees of the league office and the various teams when it comes to the elimination of a 50-year privacy right that gave them the ability to make an intensely personal and difficult decision without governmental interference, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has decided to add his voice to the raging national debate.

The issues isn’t black and white; it’s immersed in thick swaths of gray. And Burrow tries to help people realize the difference.

I’m not pro-murdering babies,” he wrote in Instagram, via Ben Baby of “I’m pro-Becky who found out at her 20 week anatomy scan that the infant she had been so excited to bring into this world had developed without life sustaining organs. I’m pro-Susan who was sexually assaulted on her way home from work, only to come to the horrific realization that her assailant planted his seed in her when she got a positive pregnancy test result a month later. I’m pro-Theresa who hemorrhaged due to a placental abruption, causing her parents, spouse, and children to have to make the impossible decision on whether to save her or her unborn child. I’m pro-little Cathy who had her innocence ripped away from her by someone she should have been able to trust and her 11 year old body isn’t mature enough to bear the consequence of that betrayal.”

That’s a great explanation of the nuance that often gets overlooked when addressing this topic. The problem is that Friday’s ruling allows the various states to ignore any and all nuance, if they want.

By returning important questions like this to the states, the country will become (if it isn’t already) balkanized, with the states of two dramatically different lands interspersed within the same outer border, and with people deciding where to live not based on geographic preference or location of family or work opportunities but whether the laws of that specific state better fit the version of America to which they subscribe.

47 responses to “Joe Burrow shares a nuanced position on an issue that often is regarded in absolutes

  1. New found admiration for Burrow. Thing is republicans are all anti-choice until it happens to their daughter or mistress/sister

  2. As a Raven’s fan it pains me to admit this but Joe Burrow just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

  3. Some athletes, when given a platform, disappoint us. Joe Burrow isn’t one of those. By defining the situation with real life scenarios, it becomes more real and more relatable.

    Thanks so much Joe from this Chiefs fan!!

  4. SCOTUS didn’t ban abortion. They gave it back to the state and it’s citizens to decide, as it should be. Roe wasn’t about the mother anyway, it was about the doctor.

  5. Burrow is classy, thoughtful, smart and mature way beyond his years. He’s a great player who uses his notoriety for good, rather than exploiting it for attention and publicity.

  6. Well said Mr Burrows! I think a large portion of the population agrees with you and feel the same way about a very volatile subject. Unfortunately the narrative we hear from the “media” today only panders to the extremes on either end of the spectrum. It’s time for the majority of America’s real citizens to take back control of our own country and stop the extremists from both sides from controlling our lives! We don’t need our sports leagues or reporters telling us how to live our lives!

  7. There’s not 600,000-1,000,000 of those women getting abortions each year in this country

  8. Now a huge Joe fan … though my team isn’t the Bengals.

    Should have known I’d like this guy by how the dude dressed coming into those playoff games. Total swagger.

  9. This dude is awesome. He banged it out in his Heisman speech and hasn’t stopped. Go Joey B.

  10. If you take the time to read the laws triggered in the 13 states that are banning abortions, you will see that abortions are legal in the situations that Burrow outlined. I think most of us can agree on those terms.

  11. Seems Joey is smarter and more compassionate than 45% of Americans, according to recent polls.

  12. Most fans regardless of who they cheer for have a soft spot for Joey B and thats including the Ravens fans.
    Seriously how can you not like him!?
    This dude gets involved in conversations that affect our daily lives. He also gives his time, platform and resources towards bringing positivity to the community

  13. Minority rule isn’t good for any country. Especially not one that’s supposed to be a democratic republic.

  14. For everyone saying abortion is with the states like it should be. Why can’t it be with the states for gun control then? Why is SCOTUS over turining gun laws in NY?

    Way to go Joe! Much respect!

    -A pats fan.

  15. minime says:
    June 27, 2022 at 5:52 pm
    Abortion was never in the Constitution.

    341357Rate This

    Second Amendment wasn’t either .

  16. After Joey B. retires with 5 rings, he’s going to be a Senator from the Great State of Ohio.

  17. I agree with him and I feel like most people do. However, and as with most complicated issues, that’s not the entire story either. All of these cases he mentioned are either when the mothers life or the baby’s life is in danger or from rape. What Roe did was override the states to create their own rules, and not let the people decide whether a baby is viable at 26 weeks or is it 25.5? It doesn’t let the people decide what constitutes the mothers life in danger. It doesn’t let the people decide whether not wanting a baby is an acceptable reason. All of these are the questions that need to be hashed out pragmatically by people having conversation, not by a court that could swing this back the other way in much less than 50 years. Have a real, open and understanding conversation with someone who has a different opinion than you. You’re probably not that far apart. THAT is the message that everyone should be sending.

  18. I don’t mind this becoming, once again, an issue to be decided by individual states. But it better be on the ballot and not decided by the legislators.

  19. Taking a public stance on this kind of topic takes bravery. Kudos to this man and the family that raised him right.

  20. Reasonable people should be able to find common ground and its obvious that both sides are electing the wrong people as they can’t find common ground on ANYTHING. Abortion is a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be restrictions.

  21. It is great to hear a smart well written response. Much more intelligent than the Supreme Court

  22. Burrow, like all athletes needs to stick to football. For one, at his age he needs to stop trying like he has life experiences and maybe actually live some of them.

  23. Stop! Please stop! Stop making me like Joe Burrow.

    Now I’m going to have mixed feelings watching TJ and Cam sack him this year 😉

  24. Abortion is not a constitutional right. I appreciate him saying the quiet part out loud…that it is killing a baby. That being said, 3 months and three weeks is a long time to decide if a mother wants to absolve her pregnancy. I still think that is sad, but I get it for many of the reasons Joe stated. I know some states have outlawed it completely. I think that is dumb too even though I am a pro-lifer. Things come up where this is a quality option for someone who didn’t deserve the results of a bad man.

  25. So we’re clear, he didn’t write that himself. It is a write up that has been going around FB for about a week or so.

    Awesome of him for sharing.

  26. It will be interesting to watch him mature and grow over the years. I care mostly about his play on the field, but appreciate athletes who express themselves in a thoughtful manner (even if I don’t agree with everything they say). The Bengals seem to have knocked it out of the park by selecting Burrow.

  27. Proponents went from wanting abortion “safe, legal and rare” to demanding it be allowed straight through the third trimester, (even after birth), for any reason. Abortion facilities were profiting from selling baby parts, with no consequence. Barbaric.

    The difficult cases above, listed and supported by Joe are in the minority, but still need to be advocated for as exceptions to the state’s law. State’s politicians can be petitioned to do their jobs and pass the necessary amendments.

  28. I am a Pats fan, but I love this guy.

    Only the uneducated and ignorant think in absolutes. It’s destroying the country and it’s scary.

  29. The majority opinion ties our rights today to whatever the prevailing state was in the 1870s. Seriously, that’s what the opinion says. Get ready to lose more rights soon if you’re female, a person of color, not a heterosexual. You have no private life anymore and your personal decisions are no longer yours–they belong to the state. We need to get rid of the Republican and Democratic parties and follow a Mind Your Own Business party.

  30. football fan says:
    June 28, 2022 at 8:25 am

    So we’re clear, he didn’t write that himself. It is a write up that has been going around FB for about a week or so.

    Awesome of him for sharing.


    Yes, it has been on FB for at least 1 week, and not written by JB. However,kudos of him posting it on his own account.

  31. Joe Burrow just locked in the Gen Z fan base for the rest of his career. Clearly, he knows who will inherit the future.

  32. He said nothing, really. He should’ve said; “I think we can all agree the constitutional separation of church and state no longer exists.” Start there.

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