Jonnu Smith: Mac Jones has so much ability and so much dog in him

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Patriots players and other observers have had plenty of good things to say about quarterback Mac Jones this offseason and that trend continued with tight end Jonnu Smith on Monday.

Smith made an appearance on NFL Network and was asked about what’s stood out to him about Jones as the quarterback heads into his second NFL season.

“Honestly, man, just the way he can turn it on,” Smith said. “Mac is definitely one of the most goofiest guys in the locker room, to be honest, man. But when he steps on that field, he’s a different character. He’s just got so much ability and so much dog in him. Once he flips that switch, he’s a whole different character. Some guys don’t know how to cut that on and cut that off when it’s time to do it. He’s so young. He’s poised. He’s got a little swagger to him, man. I’m glad he’s throwing us passes. That’s my guy.”

Smith had an underwhelming first season in New England after joining the team as a free agent in 2021. Jones’ growth this offseason could wind up unlocking the kind of play the Patriots thought they were getting last year, but proof of any leap will have to wait a couple more months.

31 responses to “Jonnu Smith: Mac Jones has so much ability and so much dog in him

  1. When Zolak says people are saying how improved he has been si ce spring workouts, comparing his leadeeship and play to Brady, that’s pretty impressive.

  2. Jones had an underwhelming season…for a fifth-year starter. He had a great season for a rookie QB thrown into Tom Brady’s shoes. Trailed off at the end of the season like most rookies but still led the team to the playoffs. Where they were promptly demolished by a far superior Bills team, but still.

  3. I have no idea what to expect from Jones in year 2. He certainly had a good rookie season, but I always feel like any of the top 5 QB’s from that draft would have had basically the same w/ that O-line and (more importantly) that coaching.

    The only thing I’m 100% on is that I’ve never seen a QB receive so much hype in an offseason.

  4. Being a “dog” is not listed among desired traits in QBs. Means zero, unless he can do the other stuff by which QBs are evaluated.

  5. It was a genius move by Belichick to let Cam Newton go and to allow Mac Jones to develop as a leader. Hopefully he continues to grow and is able to hold everyone accountable like Brady used to do.

  6. Jonnu Smith needs to step up and show why BB paid him so much because thus far he’s looking like a bust

  7. So many mediocre overpaid and overdrafted bums on this irrelevant, talentless team.

  8. Belichick needs to prove he can win without a cheating QB. Hopefully Jones can help him do that.

  9. Mac Jones is never decimated on PFT or its main author like they do to Tua. And yet one went 2-0 against the other last year.

    Wonder who that was?

  10. DrewSports says:
    June 27, 2022 at 12:49 pm
    The Browns made a huge blunder by not drafting Jones.

    62Rate This


    So did about 5 other teams like SF, the Jets, Broncos and Bears. Stunning stupidity.

    Burrow goes #1 overall one year and somehow a similar season means Jones goes 15.

    NE creates its own luck and is reallt good at watching other teams go into a mental pretzel.

  11. “We like him so much, we won’t bother adding an offensive coordinator.” This will end well.

  12. A lot of hype around this guy. Let’s see how he does this season, now that D-Coordinators have a full season of tape on him and can study his tendencies.

  13. Let me repeat what I said last year:

    — without Brady, there would be no ‘easy’ throws and ‘easy’ plays.

    With the talents now, Mac Jones has no chance. If Mac Jones had chance, then David Carr would have chance too and McDaniel wouldn’t have signed Davante Adams.

  14. Jones definitely has the brains to get the Pats far but I’m not sure it can overcome the Bills and Fins. I see 9 and 8 this year for the Pats and a wildcard spot what they do with it is up to the defense.

  15. I read somewhere a while ago that BB said with a decent support group you could win a SB with a QB ranked 15th. I don’t know if their defense is “supportive” enough but if it is…maybe Jones can be the guy.

  16. lifetimefan,

    That is why he, those coaches and GM, were completely clueless about what was going on on offense. They thought that it was no big deal to score 24 or more in back to back playoff games with the cheap squad he gave to Brady.

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