Ryan Tannehill: Treylon Burks missing practice hurts, but still have to be ready

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Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks‘ first months as an NFL player didn’t go quite as the team planned because he didn’t spend much time on the field during the team’s offseason program.

Burks was dealing with asthma during OTAs and he remained unavailable during the team’s mandatory minicamp earlier this month. That cost him time in the offense and it cost him a chance to develop a working relationship with quarterback Ryan Tannehill ahead of his rookie season.

Tannehill noted that “the best thing” is for everyone to be on the field, but that “you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got” and that’s meant working on the mental side of things in order to ensure Burks can move quickly once he’s able to work with the team this summer.

“It definitely hurts, right, not to be out there,” Tannehill said, via John Glennon of SI.com. “But I think everyone in the building is trying to do their best to prepare, even the guys that aren’t out there — mentally, making sure they’re staying up on their scripts, and the walk-throughs and the jog-throughs and learning from the full-speed reps on tape. That’s all you can do at this point is to try to learn each and every way you can, and then when the time comes, you’re able to step on the grass and it’s time to go.”

Trading A.J. Brown and taking Burks with the pick acquired from the Eagles made a big change to the top of the receiver depth chart in Tennessee. The sooner Burks can get on the field and show the skills that made him a first-round pick the better for the Titans.

8 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: Treylon Burks missing practice hurts, but still have to be ready

  1. Is this when a rookie has a few speed bumps at the very beginning of the year and everybody commenting says he’s a bust like they did with chase last year?

  2. He has asthma so bad he can’t do walk throughs? And it only now is a problem? He was able to make it through college football or he “developed” it just recently? And/or the Titans were unaware of the problem? Seems either he is just out of shape or the Titans have a terrible scouting dept. Not like he is a 7th round pick and they are just taking a flyer on him. Bet his career follows the path of the fat WR that Carolina drafted in round 1 about 10 years ago. His name escapes me.

  3. It sounds more and more like the Titans should have just paid A.J. Brown.

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