Tremaine Edmunds: I think about contract “a little bit,” but focus is on the work

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The Bills picked up their option on linebacker Tremaine Edmunds‘ contract for this season, but there has not been any sign that a longer deal is in the works before the team hits the field in September.

Edmunds has been a starter in Buffalo since arriving as the 16th overall pick in the 2018 draft and he’s gone to a pair of Pro Bowls, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if there’s interest in keeping him in town for a while. Edmunds admitted to giving some thought to his contract situation before the team’s offseason program wrapped up, but said that his main focus is on performing well rather than whether he’ll land an extension.

“Obviously, you think about it a little bit, but I can’t control that,” Edmunds said, via Katherine Fitzgerald of the Buffalo News. “All I can control is how I come out each and every day, and just work. All that kind of stuff, you kind of just put it on the top shelf and do the stuff that you’ve been doing this whole time.”

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said that Edmunds “leads our defense” and that the team is looking for “more splash plays” from him during the 2022 season. If he comes up with them, it should be a good sign for his chances of landing a second contract in Buffalo.

14 responses to “Tremaine Edmunds: I think about contract “a little bit,” but focus is on the work

  1. Terrel Bernard is going to be starting in his spot come 2023. Tremaine seems like a nice guy but his instincts are terrible for a MLB. He didn’t play the position in College and is flying around like a kite in a windstorm every time we play the Chiefs. They claim his stature closes up windows all over the field; that’s great but the play goes wherever he isn’t.

    He gets looked off the play and over pursues angles all the time. He is not instinctual, Terrel Bernard is the future of MLB’s.

  2. Terrell Bernard is an instinctual playmaking machine who has never allowed a touchdown in 983 pass coverage snaps.

    Tremaine Edmunds is 6’5, runs fast and “is still only 24 years old!”

  3. Young kid
    Great talent
    Just doesn’t have the killer instinct you’re looking for in a middle linebacker, especially a guy who’s 6’6 and 250.
    You would think he would be dominating everybody.
    Everything is there, except for any game changing plays.

  4. Solid not spectacular – not a game changer – would not be shocked to see him traded. Will be shocked if he’s given a boatload of money considering other needs. Lacks killer instinct and game defining plays. Maybe he needs to be used differently or schemed differently but whatever he does now isn’t maximizing his apparent potential. At a certain cost, just not worth it.

  5. the problem is he’s going to be looking for a raise to resign. Because he’s a first round pick with a healthy 5th year salary, he’s unfortunately not really worth it. He’s an average player. If you can get him at a nice, low salary, he’s an asset. But market rate for a 1st round LB, he’s a bit of a liability. Unless he lives up to all expectations this year, I can’t see the Bills resigning him. And even if he has a great year, can you really trust giving him a huge contract on a cap strapped team where you have to pick and choose where you spend going forward?

  6. He has no contract for 2 reasons and one of those reasons is why Tyreek Hill was dealt to Miami in his prime:

    cap hell

    The other reason is he isn’t deserving of a new deal because he is mediocre.

    Buffalo doesn’t have a lot of homegrown players who are eite. Allen and White are about it. You expect more out of a mid 1st rd pick

  7. The ultimate square peg in a round hole. Doesn’t fit at all or maybe he’s not good.

  8. Please don’t repeat the Matt Milano mistake. I’d be sorry to lose Edmunds, but even sorrier to give him a huge long-term deal.

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