Kayvon Thibodeaux hopes to average a sack a game


Azeez Ojulari led the Giants with eight sacks in 2021, the most by a Giants rookie since individual defensive sacks were first tracked in 1982. He broke the former rookie record of 5.5 sacks set by B.J. Hill in 2018.

Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor had 9.5 sacks in his rookie season of 1981, a year before sacks became an official stat.

After the Giants used the fifth overall choice on Kayvon Thibodeaux, Ojulari said he hopes to hold the record for only one season.

The Giants are counting on Thibodeaux for immediate help in improving a pass rush that ranked 22nd last season.

“I don’t want to think too big. You have to compartmentalize the season,” Thibodeaux told NFL Network. “If I could average at least one sack a game or contribute five to 10 tackles a game, then I’ll be good.

“That’s the smartest way to do it. You never want to look at the end. You always want to take it day by day. If you reach for the top, you’ll miss those steps right in front of you. So I know if I take those small steps and get that one sack or five to 10 tackles a game, by the end of the season, I’ll be where I want to be.”

Thibodeaux had seven sacks in 10 games last season at Oregon and finished his three seasons in college with 19 sacks in 30 games. He also totaled 126 tackles, including 35.5 tackles for loss.

20 responses to “Kayvon Thibodeaux hopes to average a sack a game

  1. With only 19 sacks in his 30 game college career, his NFL sack goal is totally unrealistic. If you can’t get a sack a game against patsy PAC 12 competition, you won’t have a ghost of a chance against actual professionals.

  2. For all the negative things this kid had said about him I hope he tears the league up (except for when he plays the Packers).

  3. So, 17 sacks for the regular season….add 3 or 4 more for the playoffs…Do that for 15 years or more….Yeah, he’ll be the all time sack leader just like that.
    Piece of cake.

  4. Thinking his first goal should be to actually play an entire year. Though not all his fault he’s only played 17 games the last two years combined. It’s going to be a big adjustment for him to go from playing so sparingly the last 2 seasons and get through the rigors of a lengthy NFL season. Good luck to him, he seems like a guy who has a big personality that the NFL needs.

  5. When this guy was comparing himself to Michael Strahan after the draft, the red flags were going up. Since then, a whole lot more talk from a guy who hasn’t played a down yet in the NFL. Calm down son, the media will talk for you when you start producing. How about making the roster first.

  6. @ladyjet I don’t have an issue with a guy having a loft goal.

    His goal is to average 1 sack a game. It’s highly unlikely, but it’s a good goal to have.

    What would you rather him say, when he’s asked what his goals are? You’re hoping he says “6 sacks. If I hit 6 sacks on the year, I’ve met all my goals.”

  7. Let’s see….the most devastating defensive player in the entire Giants history recorded 9.5 sacks his first year. Parcells (who was in charge of the defense at the time) said that within 15 minutes of his first camp it was obvious he was the best player on the team. It’s admirable for Thibodeaux to shoot high with ambitious goals, but in this instance he needs to show a bit of humility, at least publicly

  8. I don’t see the big deal,you get one shot in the NFL with high expectations. Shoot for the stars Son. You’re drafted 5th overall, talk your talk and aim high, just back it up.

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