NFL, NBA, NHL championship parlay pays out huge money

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six
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Legalized sports betting creates an unlimited universe of potential wagers. One bettor made an unlimited (not really) pile of money by pulling off a trifecta that George Costanza would envy.

Via David Purdum of, a BetMGM bettor placed a free $500 promotional wager on the Rams to win the Super Bowl, the Warriors to win the NBA Finals, and the Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup.

The parlay hit when Colorado beat Tampa Bay on Sunday night to end the Lightning’s two-year hammerlock on the NHL.

The odds were +53,800. The payout was $269,000.

It’s an intriguing potential wager to consider for the future, if you pay enough attention to other sports to have a good feeling as to how their postseasons will play out. For me, it’s hard enough to not know what the hell is going to happen in football.

5 responses to “NFL, NBA, NHL championship parlay pays out huge money

  1. Geez, and to think I literally picked all three of those myself but never bet on it. No reason to ever bet now lol. I’m actually a hockey over football over basketball guy. And in all honesty, all 3 were solid favorites in their respective sport. Sounds like people need to get back into the NHL. Way less politics, way more respect for the sport, and a great fan base!

  2. Then he had to claim the winnings on his tax returns, and if he’s not tax savvy he found himself in another tax bracket which cost him dearly the following tax year

  3. Does anyone watch NHL? I can’t even see the puck. So unsightly to see hockey arenas in places like Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, California. I mean it’s important in places like Toronto, New York, Boston, Detroit, Montreal and Chicago, but no one else cares. I don’t even know the faces of their best players.

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