Allen Robinson: Unpredictability of partnership with Cooper Kupp gives Rams “tremendous advantage”

Super Bowl Champion Rams begin 2022 Season
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Rams offensive coordinator Liam Coen said at the end of the team’s offseason program that wide receiver Allen Robinson will run an “extremely expanded” route tree with the team this year and noted that he can do a lot of the same things that Cooper Kupp has done so successfully for the NFC West club.

The ability to run a variety of routes is something that Robinson is looking forward to doing in his first season with the Rams. During an appearance on The Jim Rome Show, Robinson said that he thinks the Rams offense will really benefit from having a pair of receivers who can keep defenses from figuring out their intentions before the snap.

“We’ve been able to feed off each other off the get go,” Robinson said, via Cameron DaSilva of “Being able to just sit down, talk football as we’re watching and going over different routes, seeing different angles. I think that’s the biggest thing is the two of us are guys that are very versatile across the board. We both can do a lot of different things and I think that gives us a tremendous advantage because it’s not predictable at all to what either of us will be doing when it comes to a particular concept.”

Robinson’s numbers were down with the Bears last season, but this offseason’s change of address, change of quarterbacks, and change in offensive approach look like a good combination for a serious rebound.

7 responses to “Allen Robinson: Unpredictability of partnership with Cooper Kupp gives Rams “tremendous advantage”

  1. If Robinson stays healthy all of 2022, Kupp’s numbers will not be as good, but Rams O will be better.

    If OBJ is healthy and added late in the year, the Rams WRs may be comparable to all time best 3 wideouts.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, The LA Ring chasers featuring the additions of injury prone Allen Robinson and washed Bobby Wagner! Excited to see them lose to Brady this year!!!!

  3. Love how this pick up has been flying under the radar all off-season. He’s going to come alive in the Rams offense. Next to Kupp, with Stafford slinging him the ball and McVay calling the shots, he’s going to be a monster.

  4. Cooper does not need you and you are not helping him. You will be benefitting from playing the other side of him.

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