K.J. Wright thinks the Seahawks should go with Geno Smith at quarterback

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The quarterback competition between Geno Smith and Drew Lock resumes when training camp opens. The possibility of Baker Mayfield joining the fray still looms.

Linebacker K.J. Wright, who knows a thing or two about the Seahawks, has an opinion as to the best move for Seattle.

“I’ll tell you not Baker Mayfield,” Wright told I Am Athlete Tonight on SiriusXM. “Not Drew Lock. We ain’t gonna play those games. I’m team Geno all day.”

Wright, who played for the Seahawks while Smith served as the clear backup to Russell Wilson, explained the basis for his belief.

“Geno was good,” Wright said. “He was scout team quarterback. The dude has a cannon for an arm. He’s intellectual, you know, having those two-minute drills during practice throughout the week, the man can play. Just trust him, just trust Geno. And what I said was whoever you decide to be your starting quarterback, the other guy has got to leave. You cannot have both those guys in the building throughout the season. Because what’s gonna happen? Let’s say game three or four they’re not playing as well. What are the fans gonna do? . . ‘Put the backup in.’ And so to hell with all that, whoever’s the starting quarterback, the other guy, you’ve got to trade him or cut him.”

Smith played well last year after Wilson suffered a finger injury. And it feels as if coach Pete Carroll would like nothing more than to show that he can be competitive with the former understudy to Wilson, who forced his way out after a couple of seasons of frustration.

The expectations are low, both for Smith and the Seahawks. That could be a key ingredient in what could become a surprisingly good season.

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  1. K.J. better pray Pete picks Geno. After saying what he did about Drew and Baker, he’ll be backtracking like a cornerback if they get chosen.

  2. “Geno was good” said no coach ever.

    He failed with the Jets, then went to other teams. He had a chance with the Giants and didn’t do anything. He never made a mark anywhere.
    It possible to do well in a short amount of playing time, but over a full season?
    I doubt it.

    See who wins the QB contest and go with them. If they fail go to the other guy.

    But draft a QB in 2023!

  3. Yes, sounds like an excellent plan. With next year’s QB class Geno will allow you to draft well.

  4. Anything and I mean anything besides Mayfield. He seems insufferable. Those commercials……so corny

  5. Better draft a QB in 2023!

    Let Geno and Lock have a competition.
    Realisticly, neither is the answer.
    Neither was able to hold the job.

  6. That is the difference, would a defensive player on the Patriots be telling BB who to play at QB. I think not.

  7. Why shouldn’t they go with a guy what hasn’t had significant playing time in seven years, and was terrible when he did get significant playing time? What could go wrong with that plan?

  8. I didn’t know if KJ Wright was on a team, so I learned that he last played for the Seahawks in 2020, was on the Raiders last season, and is currently a free agent. Maybe Pete Carroll and the organization plan to factor in the endorsements of former players in determining who will be QB1 in 2022. But I hope not – may the best quarterback on the roster earn the job.

  9. If you’re aiming for the first pick in the draft next year, this is an excellent plan. And with your players putting their mouth in the media like this guy, just shows the lack of self discipline on this team. Gonna be a long season for the Hawks.

  10. Every opponent on Seattle’s schedule is in favor of the plan to put Geno out there. This looks like a 4 win team on paper.

  11. The most he passed for was 209 yards last year. Unless this is the 80s that won’t get it done.

  12. If Geno is so much better than Lock why would Lock have to leave? He could be the backup, every team has them. The reality is Geno is not that good and may or may not be better than Lock which is why KJ Wright would like Lock out of there because if Lock is there and Geno is your other option YES your going to end up seeing Lock on the field at some point.

  13. “Let’s say game three or four they’re not playing as well. What are the fans gonna do? . . ‘Put the backup in.’ And so to hell with all that, whoever’s the starting quarterback, the other guy, you’ve got to trade him or cut him.”
    Horrible advice. Whoever wins has to play good to keep the job, that shouldn’t be earth shattering when your talking about 2 retread qbs but neither are guaranteed to keep the job nor should they be.

  14. I bet Geno gets first shot, and loses the job at some point in the season.

  15. Watching Drew Lock play against my team the last few years, he has ability and made a lot of plays.

  16. I’m not saying that Geno Smith is suddenly going to transform into Tom Brady or anything, but I do think that people sometimes overreact to what a guy does early in his career.

    Smith was athletic and had all the tools in the early going but was too mistake-prone. It’s not impossible or unprecedented that maybe he kept his head down and steadily improved after falling out of the spotlight. For example, Rex Grossman ended up being a solid starter with Washington late in his career after having some terrible years in Chicago.

    I’m not saying Smith is or isn’t good, but you have to be doing something right to hang around in the NFL for as long as he has.

  17. If KJ goes back to 2012 he might remember Matt Flynn was the prize FA signed to something like $17m/season. Tavaris Jackson was the previous starter, and then the rookie Russell Wilson. Every player knew going in that it was an open competition and none of them started any drama of any kind when Wilson won the job. I think we will see the same thing here.

  18. Seahawks fans get to relive the glory era of Dan McGuire & Kelly Stouffer.

  19. Everything is fine Pete Carroll says to himself as the flames engulf the franchise.

  20. pioniere says:
    June 29, 2022 at 2:35 pm
    The only thing Geno Smith is good at is being punched in the face.

    This is very solid!

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