Miles Sanders: I need more opportunities

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Miles Sanders has not played every game in a season since his rookie season. The Eagles running back has never had even 900 yards rushing in a season and never more than six touchdowns in a season.

He had no touchdowns in 2021.

But, as Sanders points out, it’s not like the Eagles have given him tons of chances either. He has averaged 12 carries and three receptions in the 40 games he has played in three seasons.

John Clark of asked Sanders, who heads in the final year of his contract hoping for a big season, what he needs to do to rank among the best at his position.

“Being more consistent,” Sanders told Clark. “I’m going to be honest: Opportunities. I’ll just say it simple like that. I need to be more consistent, but I need opportunities.”

Sanders averaged a career-best 5.5 yards per carry last season and has a 5.1-yard career average. But he has much work to do to join the conversation as one of the best backs in the NFL worthy of a second contract from the team that drafted him in the second round.

8 responses to “Miles Sanders: I need more opportunities

  1. I must be missing something because if a guy has a 5.1 average carry in his career he should be out there a lot more.

  2. This guy is perfect for the Eagles. Always has something to say, and brags so much you’d think he was Barry Sanders.

  3. Probably shouldn’t expect more opportunities while playing on an “all-star team” there bud, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. heres a clue son. you have a lot of talent but you need to get your head in the playbook and learn how to pick up the blitz. if not, you won’t get as many chances. second thing…. you also need to learn that every play isn’t going to be a touchdown, and then follow your blocking up the field and take your five or six yards. the offense works a lot better on second and four than second and long.

  5. It was painfully obvious last season he was not used as much as he should have been. At times it seemed the Eagles ignored the run game overall.
    I think he is just trying to telegraph that to the current regime.

  6. Did I just read that the Eagles ignored the running game? The team that ran more than anyone because the QB can’t throw or read defenses. If anything it says a lot about Sanders that he did not get more chances over the running back of a QB.

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