Miles Sanders: We feel unstoppable, like an All-Star team

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout
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The Eagles’ offseason was highlighted by trading for wide receiver A.J. Brown, signing pass rusher Haason Reddick, and picking up defensive tackle Jordan Davis and linebacker Nakobe Dean in the draft after they won a championship at Georgia last season.

Many people outside the organization have applauded those moves as ones that will improve the Eagles’ chances of returning to the postseason in 2022. Running back Miles Sanders particularly likes what Brown’s addition means for the team’s offense and gushed about how the unit is feeling as they head toward training camp.

“Oh man. We all feel like we’re on an All-Star team, so we feel great,” Sanders said, via Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports. “We feel unstoppable, I’m not gonna lie. The vibes are great, always have been. Nick Sirianni is doing a great job just keeping the vibes right, the chemistry good. We compete a lot in practice. But we’ve gotta see. It’s gonna come down to camp, taking it day by day, putting everything together.”

Those with long memories will recall that former Eagles quarterback Vince Young referred to the 2011 Eagles as a “dream team” after signing with the club. They wound up going 8-8 and missing the playoffs, so the hope in Philly will be that things work out better for the current collection of star players.

68 responses to “Miles Sanders: We feel unstoppable, like an All-Star team

  1. What All-Star team? What have you done? Your QB is barely a running back who might be able to throw a ball. You are nothing.

  2. Slow your roll Junior…how about just trying to get past the Cowboys for a division title once in awhile?

  3. I’m glad you said it, so we don’t have to. Those comments have strong “dream team” vibes, and that’s nearly impossible to live up to.

  4. Lol it wasn’t that long ago when another Eagles player foolishly projected the Eagles were like an All Star team and look how they finished the season.

  5. Too much confidence for an NFL team is the kiss of death. This league is too competitive; the game is too demanding; and the schedule too long, for complacency that can come from confidence. Want some advice, Miles Sanders? Put your head down, get to work, and enjoy your victories, one at a time. If you are as good as you think you are, everything else will take care of itself.

  6. From: Vince Young
    To: Mikes Sanders
    Subject: just don’t go there
    Dude don’t say that you have NO idea how it can blow up in your face and serve no good or purpose. See if you can ask before they publish to redact it. Good luck bro.

  7. Miles has always been more mouth than producer. This will be the final year for Sanders in Philadelphia. He better hope the team runs enough for him to get the stats so he can get a second contract.

  8. They need a QB to dream of anything. This team won’t beat Dallas for the division.

  9. Oh great, another NFCE team that talks as much as the Cowboys. I can’t wait for Carson Wentz to rebound and WFT win the East!

  10. Well, I guess we’ll have to take his word for it.. I haven’t heard of anyone except for Brown and even he’s not a top 5 WR….

  11. If Miles Sanders is your lead RB, then you’re not an all star team. Ditto Jalen Hurts at QB.

  12. Don’t say stupid crap like that. It took COVID to stop people with nothing better to do to stop saying “DREAM TEAM” in every eagle post 10 years later.

  13. If their qb steps up and starts throwing accurate passes, they could be a tough team to play.

  14. Does this make any Eagles fan who remembers the Vince Young “Dream Team” cringe?

  15. Reading between the lines, is he saying Philly Defense is porous and trash?

  16. Do they have even one player that is the best at his position? I can’t think of one.

  17. I love pro football players comments during the off-season. They are best during June/July after they get back from their Vegas vacations.

  18. Yes, this immediately reminded me of the Dream Team prediction. Should definitely end well this time though…

  19. Ah,yes….the off-season, when every player on every team thinks they will win the Super Bowl.

    It reminds me of the Mike Tyson quote: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

  20. I bELIeve Vince Young said the same thing.. History will repeat itself and it will HURT once again !!!!

  21. Every team is a verified Super Bowl champion in JUNE and July. Check back in January 2023.

  22. More dreams that will be shattered by Thanksgiving.
    But considering that division, they have as good a chance as any.

  23. I guess he doesn’t remember “dream team” comments. Philly fan for over 60 years here, says SHUT UP concentrate on the things that may make this team a contender! Talk is cheap especially in this town.

  24. The raiders should sign this guy. Their fans are known to only do their talking in the off-season.

  25. Vince Young once thought as you do. You don’t know the power of the Football Gods.

  26. For those bashing the Dream Team stuff… that’s fine and true. But also remember that when alshon jeffery did it again a few years later, the Birds won the Super Bowl.

  27. I am bookmarking this thread just to call out all the ignorance in it after the season.

  28. You can’t even touch anyone in practice. You don’t know what kind of team you have

  29. This team has been doomed ever since they got rid of Foles. No way in hell they win the Division. Weve seen this before about 10 years ago with Vince Young.

  30. Oh please. Karma Schmarma.

    This is a confident, ascendant team with the best OL in the NFL according to most “experts”, an outstanding group of young receivers and a coaching staff that gets it. They’re going to be a tough out next year. Speak, Miles!

  31. It’s always better if the team feels like things are going well than vice versa, but preseason hype basically means nothing.

    So many things have to go right to have a great season. I always feel like at the start of week 7 you start to know which teams are actually good, but they can still crumble in an instant with injuries at any point in the season.

    There are a handful of proven teams, like Buffalo, Rams, etc., where it would be a bit shocking to not see them in contention at the end of the season, but for many decent teams, like Philly, finishing 5-11 or 11-5 wouldn’t surprise anyone.

  32. I like how everybody just hands this division over to Dallas every off-season…No matter how things are one thing remains true…Nobody wins the NFC east crown back to back seasons!

  33. Lot of talk from a below average Running back. As for winning the NFC East . Winning the division does not matter in reality. Half of the SB’s have been won by teams who did not win their division. But Philly is not going to win the division anyway. I see them regressing and having a losing record. AJ Brown is barely a top 15 WR, over rated as can be. Team made up of guys who are older and benefitted from the teams they were on with a QB who has never held the starting job anywhere he has ever played.

  34. Dude, next time…please be quiet, if you want attention … just leave a 20 cent tip.

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