Cam Jordan: Being able to win with different QBs has boosted our confidence

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints have gone through a good deal of change in the last couple of years, but neither Drew Brees’ retirement nor Sean Payton’s departure has left defensive end Cam Jordan feeling unsure about the team’s prospects for the 2022 season.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Jordan said that there is already “established trust” with new head coach Dennis Allen because of the time he spent as the team’s defensive coordinator. He also said that winning games while Brees was injured in his last two seasons with the team and going 9-8 with four different quarterbacks last season have left the team with faith that they can be successful again this season.

“We were still able to win at such a high clip that our confidence was boosted through that roof,” Jordan said. “We realized that defense can not only sustain games or win games because of us as well as we can win with a multitude of quarterbacks. That confidence is unreal.”

Promoting Allen allows for defensive continuity in New Orleans and the team moved to improve the offense by adding wideouts Chris Olave and Jarvis Landry to the unit. They’ll also get Michael Thomas and Jameis Winston back from injuries, which will likely leave Jordan with company when it comes to the team’s 2022 prospects.

5 responses to “Cam Jordan: Being able to win with different QBs has boosted our confidence

  1. What have you won with the QB’s you have on the roster? You are no better than the Washington Commodes.

  2. That’s why we are laughing at all of the doubters. Four starting QB’s last season, set a record for the most combined starters with 58, No. 1 WR gone for a whole season and still just barely missed the playoffs. We will still have a top 5 defense. The offense will have actual WR’s out on the field this season and IF Winston can stay healthy and keep improving his numbers like he did last season this will be a playoff team again.

  3. Cam Jordan has very quietly put together a HoF career with sustained excellence.

  4. It’s interesting how nobody has mentioned the carousel of place kickers. Nobody., especially in the media. They went through four of them as well, with possibly two losses that could be attributed to the poor kicking. Here’s to hoping Lutz comes back as good as ever.

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