Deshaun Watson hearing concludes, after three days

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The Deshaun Watson hearing is over.

Three days of testimony and argument have concluded. Per a source with knowledge of the proceedings, some relevant information appears below.

First, the NFL interviewed 12 women who are making allegations against the Browns quarterback. Five cases became the focal point of the league’s presentation.

Second, the NFL’s case included no evidence that Watson engaged in violence, made threats, applied coercion, or used force.

Third, the NFL admitted that the punishment it seeks (an indefinite suspension of at least one year) is unprecedented.

Fourth, as to the argument that any punishment imposed on Watson must be proportional to punishment imposed on owners who may have violated the Personal Conduct Policy, the NFL admitted that its director of security investigated the allegations of solicitation made against Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and that no punishment was imposed.

Based on those points, the NFL Players Association will push for no discipline of Watson. Judge Robinson will issue a decision, eventually.

If the decision is criticized as being too lenient, the league will try to take cover in the notion that it attempted to secure a significant punishment. If any discipline is imposed at all, the league will have the right to appeal the decision to the Commissioner.

12 responses to “Deshaun Watson hearing concludes, after three days

  1. No punishment at all would be a grave mistake. That’s why I think it’ll be the most likely scenario.

  2. Should be indefinite and if found guilty permanently banned. Settling 20 cases in my eyes is an admission of guilt, and with 20+ allegations it’s hard to push the crazy lady with a grudge argument.

  3. As previous cases have proved, nothing matters in the court of law, only what Goodell is told or decides to do. Nothing to see here yet

  4. This judge is a known hardass — it will be interesting to see what happens.

  5. Maybe the league needs to get out of “investigations”. This is all a bunch of ridiculous, moronic, self-serving righteousness to be honest. Let the COURT SYSTEM decide. If you actually committed a crime, you’re out. If you DIDN’T, then you’re in.


    There are way too many unsavory players/owners/execs in the league that have made “protecting the shield” the farce it truly is.

    The biggest farce is being a fan of any team who thinks you’re “in the clear”. Your team has scumbags on it, too.

  6. Instead of judging this guy, some of you need to read the complaints and what a joke it is. None of it makes sense. He is not getting suspended. There is a reason the grand jury couldn’t even find 1 little charge to indict him on.

  7. This is a mind boggling mess that has no chance of having a satisfactory conclusion. Period

  8. No violence, no threats, no coercion, no use of force. Grand Jury finds nothing to go on. Did anything happen at all? There sure were alot of complaints though. Did Buzbee just promisr large payouts and round up enough ladies to make it happen. The NFL needs to do what is right for once. If guilty, then discipline accordingly. If innocent with no evidence to go on, then let him play.

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