Deshaun Watson ruling may be weeks away

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The three-day hearing in the matter of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has ended. So when will Judge Sue L. Robinson issue a decision?

Per multiple reports, she has asked the two sides to submit written briefs in support of their respective positions by Monday, July 11. At that point, she’ll have everything she needs to make a ruling.

When she does, she’ll generate a written document, possibly 20 pages in length or longer. It will make findings of fact that will be binding on the appeals process. She will then apply the Personal Conduct Policy and any other relevant considerations to those facts in order to make a decision.

Our guess (and it’s just a guess) is that a decision will come by Monday, July 25. Then, the appeals process potentially will unfold — unless she decides to impose no discipline at all.

Again, her factual findings will be binding on the appeals process. Those findings also will go a long way toward helping media and fans understand the reasoning for the ultimate decision.

We fully expect the written decision from Judge Robinson to be published. When it comes to players, there’s always transparency. If Watson will be punished not very harshly or not at all, the league needs to hope that Judge Robinson makes a clear and persuasive explanation for the outcome. The league also will need to publish her decision for all to see, not sweep it under the rug like it did with the Commanders situation.

27 responses to “Deshaun Watson ruling may be weeks away

  1. what a joke this has become. The NFL apparently loves what Watson has done since they are letting this circus run unabated. They couldnt even be bothered to interview all of his accusers…..

  2. It will always be a skid mark on the Browns.. No one will ever look at this team the same until a new owner comes in and wipes this nasty spot away.. What a wreck of a franchise (again).

  3. Probably know by Friday via “leak”. Fans react over the weekend. Nfl assesses the reaction. Then either says it was true or false….pending fan reaction.

  4. My Twitter timeline is full of morons saying there’s ZERO evidence but there was a THREE day hearing….hhmmm.

  5. cast out of the NFL and everything he has done erased from history like with Gruden…

  6. I’m sure Buzbee will respect the process and not stir up any more news during this time period.

  7. “When it comes to players, there’s always transparency”. Just thought it needed repeating..

  8. Second, the NFL’s case included no evidence that Watson engaged in violence, made threats, applied coercion, or used force.

    I’ll just leave that there.

  9. Can you imagine the Browns organization handling Mayfield while having this uncertainty for weeks more. Imagine how much fun it would be to be on the other side of a legit trade negotiation with the Browns right now. They just wait and the Browns will keep upping the offer. The Browns will be covering half the salary if the Seahawks offensive line before long. Omg

  10. If this ruling is independent from Rogel Goodell’s ruling, why is Goodell waiting? He makes way too much money to “copy” what a real judge has to say.

  11. One year suspension or the whole NFL policy is a sham. Shame on the Browns for giving this predator a $230m guaranteed contract.

  12. If the league stays true it’ll be released the Friday before the 4th of July in a 5 pm news dump…

  13. Once again, I will get pushback but the suspension will be 6-8 games max. As I said…he sat out 17 games last year. No way he gets a season. The issue with him, is how do you market this guy? America loves a redemption story, but their can not be redemption here. The allegations are horrible. I do not want to see a network former NFL player, doing a exclusive one on one interview with Watson, on how he overcame all the adversity and leading the Browns to the playoffs.

  14. 11:59 tonight on the long holiday weekend. No way they are dragging this out

  15. darthobama says:
    June 30, 2022 at 11:10 pm
    My Twitter timeline is full of morons saying there’s ZERO evidence but there was a THREE day hearing….hhmmm.
    I guess all these “morons” missed the evidence during the criminal case. You remember, where there wasn’t even enough to indict.

  16. So Watson gets no time for 26 incidents and Kamara will get 6 games for a one time incident.

  17. what a joke, no women should watch another nfl game if he isnt suspended at least 1 yr and it should be more baseball like and be 2 yrs so on appeal it gets knocked down to 1.5 yrs

  18. I don’t care what the penalty is, the man has never shown even the slightest bit of remorse, the most remote acknowledgement of his actions or even a sliver of self-awareness that he has a problem. I don’t see he has a chance in hell of getting a change in public opinion no matter what the outcome of this hearing. I’ll be amazed if he isn’t booed off the field.

  19. bordercollie says:
    July 1, 2022 at 9:55 am
    So Watson gets no time for 26 incidents and Kamara will get 6 games for a one time incident


    Apples and oranges. Kamara physically assaulted a woman

  20. If no appeal it all go away for Roger and the owners Roger can say I wanted a yr suspension but I will abide by Judges rulings by week 1 everybody forgets Browns fans will say he did nothing wrong other 3 North teams say he’s a pedifile nfl keeps rolling in the money

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