Here’s a proposed deal to resolve the Deshaun Watson case

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As the third day of the Deshaun Watson hearing begins, with no information regarding the evidence or the arguments making their way to the media, the process continues toward a decision from Judge Sue L. Robinson. Now or at any time before that happens, the two sides could reach a deal on an agreed punishment.

Efforts previously occurred. They failed, reportedly because the league wanted nothing less than a one-year suspension.

It can still happen. An idea for getting it done appears below.

While recently perusing Article 46 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, I noticed Section 5. Here’s what it says: “Players who are placed by the Commissioner on the Exempt list prior to the determination of discipline and any appeal therefrom under the Personal Conduct Policy will be paid while on the Commissioner Exempt list and credited for the regular and postseason games missed against any suspension ultimately imposed. Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, if such a suspension is ultimately imposed, the player must promptly return and shall have no further right to any salary for the games for which he was paid while on the Commissioner Exempt list that were credited to the suspension (i.e., for a number of games no greater than the length of the suspension).”

In English, this means that a player placed on paid leave who is eventually suspended gets credit for the games missed while on paid leave. He simply has to surrender the money he made while on paid leave.

Technically, Watson wasn’t on paid leave in 2021. The league never had to decide whether to invoke the Commissioner Exempt list, because he was on de facto paid leave; he didn’t want to play for the Texans and the Texans didn’t want him playing. He received $10 million from the Texans to not play.

Now for the idea. The NFL and the NFL Players Association, acting on Watson’s behalf, could agree that 2021 will be treated as a suspension, with Watson losing the $10 million he was paid. Also, he’ll miss eight games to start the 2022 season.

He missed all of 2021. That should count for something. Moreover, this approach would give the league a way to create the impression that it imposed significant punishment on Watson: 25 total games, without pay.

Collecting the $10 million he received in 2021 also would help counter the impression that the Browns structured a deal to minimize the financial consequences of a suspension in 2022, since his base salary is only $1.035 million. Instead, he’d lose a total of $10.46 million in salary. (He also could be required to surrender 8/18ths of his $9 million signing-bonus allocation for 2022; that’s another $4 million gone for good.)

Some would say this makes too much sense to ever happen. It definitely makes sense for the two sides to be trying to come up with ideas for an agreed solution that works for everyone.

Barring a deal, there’s nothing in the CBA that would prevent Judge Robinson from basing a decision on the notion that 2021 should be treated as a suspension after the fact, with Watson losing $10 million and getting credit for 17 games missed.

Although Watson’s absence in 2021 didn’t technically relate to the off-field issues, he surely would have been traded but for the allegations made against him. If he’s willing to give up the $10 million he made in 2021, why shouldn’t 2021 be treated as part of the final punishment?

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  1. No way. He gets suspended for a minimum of one year and should not get credit for any time; at best he should have his contract points moved back one year. He also should not get paid. This is simply not a “he said, she said”. This is 26 times (minimum) worse.

  2. Makes total sense. The problem is parties typically don’t want to pay out $10 million of what they’ve already spent on other things, so they’ll fight it.

  3. No Deal! he shouldn’t get off that easy. 2021 wasn’t suspension his not paying was because of non related factors like wanting out of Houston. Texans could have told him he was playing they chose not to

  4. No way. He CHOSE to not play in 2021. That is not a suspension and should not count for one. It would be worse then him being injured and the NFL saying that counted as a suspension. Absolutely not, this is a cop out.

  5. Too much of a win for Watson. Time served, which was at least partially served voluntarily (he didn’t want to play for Houston) shouldn’t benefit the guy. This deal could’ve made sense had it been struck a year ago. As the lawyers say, past consideration is no consideration at all. The League has a PR nightmare on its hands. Imposing a sentence that is comprised 2/3 of “time served” comes off as rewriting history and lenient on a guy who might not be out of the woods on new lawsuits filed. Sorry, Mike. I usually agree with your takes, but an agreement like that is going to outrage the fanbase (which is realistically what the personal conduct policy is intended to appease).

  6. Its pretty simple. If the judge believes he likely committed one or more of these crimes then she should ban Watson for life.

  7. No! Watson should NOT get credit for ‘time served’! Watson CHOSE not to play for the Texans, not the other way around. The NFL should hit Watson with the harshest punishment possible, make an example of Watson and show the NFLPA and their clients what will happen when you cause a PR nightmare for the NFL and its franchises.
    Florio, in your idea, maybe the Texans should get a $10 million cap credit in this deal, since they were forced to deal with this PR nightmare longer than everyone else. Why should Watson be the sole beneficiary of VIP treatment? The NFL, the Texans, and the Browns are all victims in this too. Maybe as part of Florio’s deal, Watson should be forced to reimburse the NFL, the Texans, and the Browns $20 million each for PR and brand damages that were caused by Watson.

  8. You are correct – this makes too much sense, so it will never happen.

    A very smart man once told me “common sense is not so common”

  9. The upcoming suspension and previous player sit out are unrelated and should be treated as such. He voluntarily decided not to play last year. If he needs to be suspended, just do it (or not), and leave out the marketing gymnastics.

  10. No. Just suspend him at least a full season moving forward. The guy is not innocent. Things have happened. He deserves the punishment. If he wants to fight it, let it drag on in court with him not playing. No special deals. Pay for your mistakes. Accountability.

  11. Not a bad idea but only IF he is willing to give up all his 2021 salary so he takes a large financial hit. I’d like to see 10 games added in 2022 as well under this scenario. I still think the best course of action for NFL is full season suspension with a reevaluation of the situation in the spring. In the mean time tell him to get EVERYTHING 100% resolved. If NFL rules and then more comes out they look stupid.

  12. How about a full one year suspension for the 2027 season, suspended subject to his not getting into further trouble.

  13. I think it would look weak if they gave him credit for his suspension. This guy is a serial predator. If he gets off with very little consequence you better believe he will be back at it.

  14. I know this may seem odd but why not just look at all the evidence. Interview some of the witnesses and decide if what Watson did was wrong or not, not taking into account any previous investigations.

    And then decide based on how what was learned just how bad was what Watson did and give a punishment proportional to the acts.

    This way when anyone was to look at the punishment it would actually proportionate to the acts and we wouldn’t have to worry about how it “looked”.

  15. Because he wasn’t on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, the league can’t force this approach on Watson. That’s his $10M. So he’d have to agree to it as a settlement. The question is: why would he? He can sacrifice $10M from 2021 to get a shorter suspension in 2022, when he’s only due $1M. So give up $10M to save about $500k? He’d pass on that and take the full year’s suspension in 2022 instead (keeping $9M in the process).

  16. Until his court cases are done, he can’t be on the field period. Imagine he gets the 8 games you propose and his first week back another bombshell accusation surfaces. The league looks weak and the investigation is proven to be a version of a “kangaroo court”. Sponsors inevitably run for the hills. Unfortunately for Watson and the Browns, he can’t play.

  17. Florio’s proposal makes a lot of sense. Substantial financial pain for Watson and sitting for a significant number of games this year. And probably something that could be agreed to in negotiations.

  18. Wait.I thought he was part of the team in 2021 and the Texans just refused to play him?

  19. “He missed all of 2021. That should count for something.”
    Ummmm NOOOOOO. He signed a contract and then decided he wanted to be traded while the Texans held firm in their asking price. Watson never wanted to play and the Texans were being smart(although you claimed they weren’t at the time) waiting for their price. To now say that should be called a suspension is RIDICULOUS. Why dont they just wipe out DeAndre Hopkins suspension then too? Afterall he missed 7 games last year, by the logic here “that should count for something” 🤡

  20. Whatever punishment he gets needs to really hurt. If he is not suspended for at least the 2023 season the the NFL just doesn’t care about his behavior.

  21. Watson doesn’t concede that he did anything wrong. He won’t part with his 10 million.

  22. The Browns would certainly like this arrangement! However what happens with the 4 cases not settled?

  23. Whatever one thinks of this, it is a reasonable solution. However, it will not be adopted because one of the principle parties did not come up with it.

  24. I do not want to see him play another game. He attacked 24 human beings and destroyed much of their lives in acts they will never forget.

  25. This is nonsense. Why is the league even entertaining a hearing with Watson? The NFLPA signed over their power to allow the Commissioner the ability to punish players as he sees fit. Watson got 10 million for nothing last year after he signed a 100+ million dollar deal with the Texans that he refused to honor. Then he gets 46 million this year with only 1 million being punishable by any sort of suspension. Now you want to give this guy time served from last year so it looks like he has been punished already? That makes no sense. The continuous enabling seems to have no bounds. Why should the league be bending over for this guy when they should be dropping the hammer for embarrassing them? This is an unprecidented situation where there are dozens of accusers and there are most likely still more to come! The only punishable option would be indefinite until all of this plays out with at least a one year minimum suspension in 2022.

  26. How about they give Watson the option of:

    a) Go on the Commissioner Exempt list indefinitely with it being strongly implied that he will remain until every last detail has been investigated and played out in the courts.

    b) A punishment that he agrees not to appeal that is harsh enough that if other abuse were to come out, it still would be considered appropriate.

  27. Wasn’t he at the facilities and using their trainers and weight room?
    That isn’t suspended or missed a year.

  28. Wait, you want to treat his voluntarily NOT playing for the Texans as part of his punishment?

    No. No. And no.

    That is NOT what a suspension is.

  29. None of this will happen. The NFL from last March through the regular season had a chance to either suspend Watson,or put him on the Commisioners list,they’ve also had the last 5 or 6 months to do it. They interviewed witnesses, and did investigations.Im in Houston,the Texans wanted Watson on the field,so they wouldn’t have to eat that 10m salary,Watson also had a no trade clause in his contract,meaning he could void any trade the Texans made.I think he gets suspended to make all the haters happy,but not for too many games. Watson has the best lawyer money can buy,the NFL is not going to mess with Hardin they know his reputation.

  30. Absolutely not! Not playing last year amounted to nothing less than a paid hold out. No way should he be rewarded for that.

  31. If they are going to give him credit for 2021, then I think that since he has pending and potentially unfiled cases, they should suspend him for the full 2023 season, when he is due $46 million. He can play this season for $1 million – then sit out next season.

    How’s that for a compromise?

  32. Watson chose to sit out, and got paid for it. Why should he get credit for it?

  33. Suspend him for all of 2022. Spin 2021 as a de facto suspension and call it two years total.

    Two years is a long suspension. Anything more you might as well start talking lifetime ban, and that seems excessive. But 8 games in 2022 seems light, especially to the people who are not buying the 2021 charade, which will be pretty much all non-Browns fans.

  34. I have no issues with last season being taken into consideration… But he still should get a full year suspension or “indefinitely” where he can apply for reinstatement in a year.

  35. Any deal that allows Watson to come back mid season – is the worst deal for the league.

    From the leagues perspective this is primarily public relations. If Watson goes away for a year and is reinstated next spring that the PR equivalent of a news from on Friday night.

  36. Should be no deal. If the NFL wants to clean the league up, then be strong and take hard action. About time you show enough is enough. hard to believe NFLPA and it members would stand behind Watson which makes them all look bad.

  37. This guy is a serial offender – with more cases to come.

    I don’t know why the league would do anything helpful to Watson

  38. He should get what Trevor Bauer got – 2 years. Won’t happen because NFL loves it’s stars.
    This guy did so much bad that browns fans should boycott games. Again, it won’t happen either since fans love their teams when they win.

  39. How does collecting the $10 million Watson received in 2021 counter the impression that the Browns structured the deal to minimize the financial consequences of a suspension in 2022? The Browns did not pay that $10 million bucks and the Browns DID structure the deal to help minimize the financial consequences of a suspension in ’22. What a load of hogwash. The Browns signed an alleged serial sex offender to their team and gave him a lower base salary to start the contract off because they knew Watson is an alleged serial sex offender. Collecting his Texans money from last year doesn’t change what the Browns did nor anyone’s impression of it.

  40. Just suspend him for the life of his contract and get it over with.
    There is no reason that we should hear about him ever again, he’s not worth it.

  41. Hell no. He sat out last for selfish reasons. He was pouting and didn’t want to honor his contract. That’s on him and Houston for letting the player dictate terms.
    If he did what he’s accused of, he should get a full suspension.

  42. Watson should not have 2021 count as time served. He did not want to play for the Texans, so he sat out. That’s on him. Any deal that lets him back on the field is too lenient for what he’s been accused of. He’s no doubt scarred who knows how many women for life. That calls for severe consequences, not arranging a deal that will satisfy him. The punishment should be unprecedented, like the accusations against him. That means YEARS, along with a significant loss of money.

  43. Two words: Josh Gordon. Josh Gordon has had MUCH more severe punishment for his failed pee tests. The devil’s lettuce has kept Gordon out of more games than Watson will miss and that is the reality of this league.

  44. The mob in here is hilarious. “1 year”, “ban for life”. NEVER. HAPPENING.

    Wait until YOUR team has an unsavory player (which it already does) fighting a suspension. Your silence will be deafening.

  45. Let’s have fun with this. I propose that the NFL suspend Watson for the final 9 games for 2022, 2023, and 2024, PLUS he cannot play in the playoffs or Super Bowl in any of those seasons.
    This way he gets a taste of playing but then hurts his his the most in the 2nd half of the season (and postseason) when they would need him the most.

  46. What he allegedly did or did not do may be distasteful but the fact that a grand jury (2) chose not to indict him makes this purely a civil case and not a criminal case. I wish folks would stop treating it as such. He won’t be banned for life and probably not a year…understand that he is probably going to play before the 2022 season ends. Not sure if that is 6 games or up to 10 games but he’ll play. Either cheer for him or don’t but stop all the crazy comments that he’s going to be suspended for life or that he is going to be locked up. Not happening people. There is no precedent on suspending a player for 17 full games for a civil incident regardless of the details.

  47. I don’t hate the idea of having him pay back the $10 million from last year. My only problem with it is that I believe he didn’t play because he wanted to be traded and refused to play. I don’t think the Texans benched because he is (allegedly) a sexual predator. If he wanted to play for them, the Texans would have trotted him out there every single week while until he was officially suspended regardless of the allegations. I don’t think Watson should be credited for sitting out a year and now calling it a suspension. Sit him down for the next two seasons, just like Trevor Bauer.

  48. Didn’t Watson voluntarily sit out 2021? With pay? This is an egregious case, deserving a hard penalty. That said, his attorney and the NFLPA make a valid point about owners getting relative slaps on the wrists if anything, though with the exception of Snyder none of the owners have transgressions even close to Watson’s level.

  49. All of these encounters were consensual acts by two adults. As such, he did nothing wrong. Maybe these women didn’t feel they were appropriately compensated and are now seeking a big payday. None of them have claimed brute force, if that were the case, he’d be looking at R. Kelly time.

  50. Go for indefinite, let the NFLPA appeal it down to 2 years, count last year as one, this year as two, he forfeits all money for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Add in a clause that the indefinite suspension is reinstated if all cases are not resolved without new ones emerging prior to the 2023 season. The circus packs up it’s tents and moves out of town until the next case pops up. Once that is done, Deshaun is done.

  51. “He missed all of 2021. That should count for something.”

    No it shouldn’t! He didn’t “miss” 2021, he chose to sit rather than play for his team, and it was about his unhappiness with team management, not about his serial abuse.

    It’s ludicrous to suggest this situation requires any “deal” at all. He abused a couple dozen women. That’s a couple dozen separate incidents of wrongdoing, each of which would be a multi-game punishment if there were only one of them. He should receive 24 times the punishment for one incident, otherwise he’s being rewarded for abusing more women.

    This isn’t one wrongdoing. It’s a ton of them. To think that 6 or 8 or even 17 games is reasonable for 24 victims and counting is bizarre and irrational. No bulk discount for abuse!

  52. Counter offer: Watson surrenders his 10 million dollar salary from last season, thus making it a one year suspension and he plays this season.

  53. downeyrf says:
    June 30, 2022 at 10:43 am
    Its pretty simple. If the judge believes he likely committed one or more of these crimes then she should ban Watson for life.
    Two Grand Jurys found no “Crimes.” These are civil suits that require some penalties, but no criminal chargers.

  54. Dan Snyder bought his way out of over 40 cases. Not one day suspended and got to investigate himself. That is the precedent and should apply to Deshaun Watson as well.

  55. I have a solution: The League (have no idea what that really means) versus the NFL Org. can just say we are in charge and you made the bed your sleeping in ego, we get to say how long. Dont like it, sit the season out.
    Why they even have an arbitor says they are weak sisters and cave to the union who must back Watson to the grave. This should have been a cut and dry suspension and you make the union appeal. What a mess

  56. Seriously if he gets more then six weeks I will be shocked. The NFL needs flash and he is flash, to have him come in mid season really bolsters the ratings war. SItting out all year is ho hum cant get anything out of that.

  57. Needs money for settlements and lawyers, so he is probably not in a position to give anything back. Probably why resisting (all the way to the bank).

  58. I hear the narrative of banned for life for crimes committed. Let’s not misappropriate creepy and inappropriate with criminal behavior. He deserves a big punishment, but I’m not ready to put him in the same bucket with criminal sex offenders.

  59. Seems to me like the NFL will demand the one year suspension to not only show people Watson got punished but also to punish the Browns for giving him that ridiculous contract which hurt the league’s salary structure.

  60. dryzzt23 says:
    June 30, 2022 at 10:45 am
    The NFL, the Texans, and the Browns are all victims in this too.

    The Texans are most certainly not victims. The team knew about Watson’s conduct and enabled him by providing him with non-disclosure agreements.

  61. “why shouldn’t 2021 be treated as part of the final punishment”

    Because he voluntarily sat out and that had absolutely nothing to do with why he’s facing suspension. This would be like having a guy getting into trouble while holding out and deciding time missed due to the holdout should count as part of his suspension. By this logic Kaepernick could get into major trouble tomorrow and they could just say he’s already served a 7 year suspension because he hasn’t played since 2016.

  62. I said a month ago that I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2021 be treated as “time served” and the only additional punishment would be in the form of lost game checks. It just make too much sense.

    Frankly if he misses another entire year there is tremendous risk that he may not ever get back to playing at an extremely high level.

    Think abut it…TWO years straight never playing a snap. The NFL is the absolute best of the best. You toss in NFL talent, NFL game speed, and the ever evolving game that it is, and there is simply no guarantee Watson will be the same player he was.

    Heck even missing a single entire year is risky. Sure, guys sometimes get season ending injuries in week one and have to sit out. But there is a big difference. Injured guys go to team meetings, go to team practice, rehab at the team facility, talk to the coaches, hang out with their friends on the team, and the list goes on and on. Watson missed ALL of that last year. His head was never in any games. So he lost not only the playing time, he lost EVERY intangible and mental aspect of the game. If he loses all of that for a second straight season there is a lot of risk that he may never get “it” all back.

  63. You need a Kenesaw Mountain Landis scenario. Have this Judge do what neither Watson or the NFL want and ban for life.

  64. cardsgreat says:
    June 30, 2022 at 1:42 pm

    Seems to me like the NFL will demand the one year suspension to not only show people Watson got punished but also to punish the Browns for giving him that ridiculous contract which hurt the league’s salary structure.


    Hurt the salary structure? Are you serious?? First of all, the salary cap is INCREASING. Secondly, it’s a matter of time before contracts not only match this but EXCEED this.

  65. Banishment from the league sounds like a better plan. Pete Rose, Mark Mcguire, Barry Bonds etc. Wack’ins gets a better deal than them?

  66. ghostdog413 says:
    There is no precedent on suspending a player for 17 full games for a civil incident regardless of the details.


    This IS the precedent, beginning with Watson, whether it’s a civil case or not. He grossly violated the personal conduct policy that governs the NFL. Now they need to come up with a punishment that fits what he did, which is pretty bad. 17 games is not enough.

  67. How can you consider games Watson willingly chose not to play as a suspension? How about this – suspend him for a year and he has to reapply next year. He should probably see a therapist as well.

  68. Secondly, it’s a matter of time before contracts not only match this but EXCEED this.

    You are starting to catch on.

  69. texans and watson BOTH agreed he would not play in 2021. he didn’t want to play for them anymore and the team decided not to enforce it. the scenario posed makes a lot of sense and can work but the nfl would essentially be leveraging the blowback from many fans against the Pandora’s box that may pop open if the nflpa decides to press for the owners to face the heat for their transgressions.

  70. When is the NFLPA going to criticize or condemn Watson’s actions? This is why people hate teacher and police unions. There is rarely an admission of guilt, just a circling of wagons.

  71. Any punishment that is “agreed to” is not punishment. Watson’s pattern of behavior is what is making the NFL look bad in this instance, and that is what the NFL need to make an example of.

  72. Josh Morgan says:
    June 30, 2022 at 11:36 am
    This is nonsense. Why is the league even entertaining a hearing with Watson?

    Try to keep up the hearing is required in the CBA. The commissioner can only step in once punishment is assigned on appeal.

  73. As a Browns fan, these allegations are far too similar. The only reason this isn’t a criminal case is because he was smart enough to ensure that there were only two people in the room for each act. Regardless of what this does to the team, I would say an indefinite suspension lasting a minimum of two years(not counting last year) with the ability to apply for reinstatement after two years.

  74. letmdi says:

    June 30, 2022 at 2:59 pm

    When is the NFLPA going to criticize or condemn Watson’s actions? This is why people hate teacher and police unions. There is rarely an admission of guilt, just a circling of wagons
    That’s like saying “This is why people hate defense attorneys, they never admit guilt just a circling if wagons” 🤦‍♂️🤡🤦‍♂️ Whether or not they approve it condemn his actions it’s their job to defend Watson to the best of their ability, criticizing him would do the opposite. If you want to hate something then hate it for the right reason not because you dont understand their job

  75. EXCEPT 2021 was not even close to being a suspension. He didn’t want to play for the Texans and wasn’t forced to sit out.

  76. letmdi says:
    June 30, 2022 at 2:59 pm
    When is the NFLPA going to criticize or condemn Watson’s actions? This is why people hate teacher and police unions. There is rarely an admission of guilt, just a circling of wagons.

    Please at least try to understand how things work. Unions are legally required to represent their members. If the NFLPA criticized or condemned Watson it would be breaking it’s fiduciary obligation to the other members.

  77. Counter offer: Watson surrenders his 10 million dollar salary from last season, thus making it a one year suspension and he plays this season.

    Counter back: Watson surrenders his 10 mil from last year AND he’s suspended the entire upcoming season. He gets on paper the same as baseball dude, but one year already ‘served’. Provided nothing new comes in and blows this thing on its head yet again, he’s eligible to come back in 2023.

  78. What about fairness? Zeke 1/2 year. Kraft a pat on the back and he waltzs.! Snyder, oh well he skates.

  79. The word “suspension” was never mentioned last year at any point when describing Watson’s situation (his refusal to play). Neither the league nor the Texans suspended him. To retroactively call it that is total nonsense.

  80. Quit giving this guy a slap on the hand…… ONE YEAR SUSPENSION….. no pay, no credit in years of service ……..NO EXCEPTIONS

  81. Kraft there is video = Watson no video why is he getting suspended at all?

  82. Florio – thats a crazy idea. Watson chose not to play last year. He shouldn’t get “credited for being suspended” last year for it.

    Suspend him for a full year for 2023 – where it hits him in the pocketbook the most.

  83. That would be a dumb move for Watson to accept, take the year suspension and only lose $1 million instead of paying $10 million to be able to play this year and make $1 million

  84. Why do people keep bringing up Robert Kraft? Surely you understand that there is a difference between consensual activity and non-consensual activity. I am not excusing his behavior, but these two situations are nothing alike.

  85. Why should Watson be ‘rewarded’ for his actions? While not officially proven in court, his actions speak of a person who knowingly did what has been alleged.
    Lets say 28 times a person not in the NFL tried to aggressively fondle a professional while on the job. What would have happened? This is a repeated pattern of behavior.

    It isn’t the Browns fault what happened, though they were stupid to give him the contract. The Texans correctly detected a problem.

    The ENTIRE problem was caused by Watson. He should pay the price. Quite honestly he should be up on 20+ counts of sexual assault.

  86. I really like this solution. Like you said, makes too much sense and won’t happen.

  87. It is possible that Houston did not know that Watson would cause this controversy and harm women. There may not have been indications of that behavior in his past. We don’t know, although that should now be public record. Cleveland, however, knew about his despicable behavior. The Cleveland Browns chose to accept partial ownership of Watson’s behavior. They deserve sanction also.

  88. Twenty-five game suspension, starting this season. No less. No pay. Cleveland screwed themselves and deserves no relief. The Browns knew this could and probably would happen yet gave him all that guaranteed money. They deserve to be punished too.

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