Kareem Hunt: “Definitely stressful” for Browns to wait for word on Deshaun Watson


Deshaun Watson‘s disciplinary hearing with the NFL will move into its third day on Thursday and the ongoing process leaves the Browns unsure about who will be available to play quarterback for them during the 2022 season.

Unless the team finds a way to reconcile with Baker Mayfield, the likeliest replacement for Watson on the roster is Jacoby Brissett. Running back Kareem Hunt said on Wednesday that he’s confident the team is “going to be ready to play” under any circumstances, but admitted that the uncertainty means it’s not the easiest situation for the team and the coaching staff to be in with training camp starting soon.

“Yeah, it’s definitely stressful for them,” Hunt said, via Ashley Bastock of Cleveland.com. “It’s tough because they’re trying to figure out what pieces they’ve got for the season and what plays they want to put it. You know, there’s different plays for Deshaun and Jacoby, different playbook, different things we can do at quarterback.”

Hunt served an eight-game suspension after signing with the Browns for the 2018 season, but Nick Chubb‘s presence meant the Browns were still well-stocked in the backfield. Watson’s absence would likely be a tougher obstacle for the team to deal with.

13 responses to “Kareem Hunt: “Definitely stressful” for Browns to wait for word on Deshaun Watson

  1. I think it has been established that the Browns need an adult in the front office.

  2. Heartbreaking to hear what these millionaires that work 6 months a year are going through!

  3. It’s absurd for anyone to feel sorry for Watson and the Browns. He’s a predator and the Browns knew it. Watson should be suspended a year minimum. When he takes the field again, the Browns will realize they traded the farm for a 4 win QB.

    There, no more waiting…. Just Move on…

    His actions were despicable and the only thing worse is murder!

  5. Imagine how stressful this whole thing was and is to the victims, Kareem.

  6. Too bad the NFL can’t force the Haslam’s to sell the franchise due to incompetence.

  7. I love watching the Brownies and their fans justify playing with this predator.

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