Terry McLaurin: This new contract motivates me to work even harder

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Earlier this week, Washington and receiver Terry McLaurin agreed to terms on a three-year contract extension.

While the Commanders haven’t officially announced the new deal, McLaurin himself took to social media on Thursday morning to issue a lengthy thank you message to many folks for helping him land a lucrative second contract.

“From the day I was drafted, I’ve had the singular goal to win a Super Bowl with this franchise,” McLaurin’s statement reads in part. This is on my mind every day when I walk into the building. While I am both humbled and ecstatic about this contract, it motivates me to work even harder. I understand and embrace the responsibility that comes with signing this extension. To whom much is given, much is required. There is no other place I would rather be or fan base I would want to represent.”

McLaurin went on to thank members of his family, members of Washington’s organization — specifically naming the Snyder family, Dan and Tanya Snyder, and head coach Ron Rivera — his teammates and coaches, and Washington fans.

Entering his fourth season, McLaurin has recorded 222 catches for 3,090 yards with16 touchdowns since Washington took him in the third round of the 2019 draft. In 2021, he caught 77 passes for 1,053 yards with five TDs.

25 responses to “Terry McLaurin: This new contract motivates me to work even harder

  1. Terry McLaurin: This new contract motivates me to work even harder

    Yah whatever pal.

  2. If you’re going to be paid as a top 5 WR guess you better work to become a top 20 one at least.

  3. We’ve heard this before. He’ll get hurt and never be the same -by week three.

  4. Wait, Terry used “Washington” and “Super Bowl” in the same sentence? Time for you drug test, buddy!

  5. So Terry, what you’re saying is that you could’ve been working harder previously?

  6. Yeah, he wasn’t giving it his all for the lousy million bucks last year. But now he’ll go 100%. No more dogging it. Promise.

  7. Hes a good kid and definitely worth the extension. I do feel ultimately his talent will get wasted by this highly toxic and dysfunctional organization that is the Commandos.

  8. “Oh man…we got you Terry! You could have been working harder before! We got you!”

    Give me a break. This is not some court room where you can parse language like this and catch someone in a Perry Mason moment. Anyone watching TM previously know this dude ALWAYS worked hard and always put his body on the line for the team. All he’s really saying here is: “I’m not gonna coast now that I am paid. If anything, I’m gonna raise it ever further now that I know my team has my back!”

    Using these statements to imply that McLaurin was some kind of low character guy or that this is some huge red flag for the team is ridiculous IMO.

  9. Pretty much every comment on PFT says what a good guy he is, so there is that. Not sure how people really know that. But based on the stats quoted at the end of the post he is the definition of mediocre even with the subpar QB’s he has played with. Season averages after 3 years: 74 catches/1030/5.That’s 4.6/64.3/.3 for a 16 game season. He must be a REALLY good person.

  10. Does that mean if they would’ve paid more, he would’ve worked even harder than he is now?

  11. Remember when Jordan played for the…………wait that was Washington too……………..poor kid, his intentions are well though. A Cowboys fan here but this kid is so much fun to watch!

  12. As an Eagles fan, I hate when I like a player on another NFC East team. But McLaurin is one of those guys. I think that kid is special. Definitely worth the extension. Don’t forget who this guy had throwing to him the past 3 years…Taylor Heinickie, Garret Gilbert, Kyle Allen, Dwayne Haskins, a hobbled Alex Smith. And the guy still put together 2 (almost 3) 1,000 yard receiving seasons!

  13. Guessing all of the negativity here is coming from clowns who hoped he’d be signing with the Colts, lol

  14. lots of hate for a guy that plays his butt off!!!….If Cee Dee Lamb said this everybody would be good with it!

  15. Doesn’t everyone work harder after they get paid? Stop talking Terry. Rivera should fine him $100k for being a distraction.

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