Justin Pugh: Hopefully, Kyler Murray has a new deal done before training camp

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Throughout the offseason, the Cardinals’ brass has maintained that an extension for Kyler Murray should come during the summer. In late May, General Manager Steve Keim even said, “I feel like we’ll be able to get something done.”

Though it’s Fourth of July weekend, this is the time period Keim was talking about. So some news about Murray’s deal could be coming sooner than later.

One of Murray’s teammates, offensive lineman Justin Pugh, recently expressed his optimism that something will get done. That positivity stems from Murray’s participation in Arizona’s offseason program and mandatory minicamp.

“We were always under the impression he was going to be here,” Pugh said on The Dave Pasch Podcast, via Jess Root of USA TODAY. “Obviously, he may not be as happy as he would be if he had the contract, but he’s been here, which lets you know the two sides are getting closer. If it was further apart and they weren’t seeing eye to eye and things weren’t close, I don’t think he would be here.”

Pugh added he thinks it’s only a matter of time before Murray green to a new deal.

“Hopefully it’s done before camp, so we just have everything in the rear view and we’re going to winning games at that point,” Pugh said.

The Cardinals’ veterans report to training camp on July 26, so the Cardinals have a few weeks to finalize Murray’s deal before it becomes a potential training camp distraction.

16 responses to “Justin Pugh: Hopefully, Kyler Murray has a new deal done before training camp

  1. Kyler Murray 15-8 as a starter in September and October

    7-16 as a starter in November, December and January

  2. Can’t do much from the pocket. Always scrambling for his life. Prone to injury. Let him play out his fourth year before signing him.

  3. Can’t win with him. Baltimore’s going to get themselves into the same mess. Running back QB that’s always injured. Can’t take a hit.

  4. religionisforidiots says:
    July 1, 2022 at 3:42 pm
    Can’t win with him. Baltimore’s going to get themselves into the same mess. Running back QB that’s always injured. Can’t take a hit.
    Always injured? Lamar Jackson missed one game in 2019, because he and other starters were held out of the last game of the season before the playoffs. In 2020, Jackson missed one game due to restring positive for Covid. He missed 5 games last season due to injury. He was available for every playoff game the Ravens played since being on the team. Getting hurt last season makes him always injured? Murray just has no heart when the Cards start losing.

  5. He is good, but not excellent, and a potential problem, with his comments about wanting to be consulted on player moves.
    I can see him pouting in 2 years and demanding a trade.
    I’d structure the contract so the team has protection in case he pulls some stunt in 2 years.

  6. Never wanted this spoiled child in the NFL in the first place. What Kyler still doesn’t understand is that the Cardinal’s hesitance is the mirror image of his own: he doesn’t want to commit his little body to the NFL without a huge, long term guaranteed contract, while the Cardinals aren’t sure about committing a huge contract to his little fragile body.

  7. Do something in November and December when it counts the most, and then we can talk big money. Until then anything more than $20 million a year is wasted money for this guy

  8. This is a fireable offense IF Keim does give him a new deal. Hopefully, they will be smart and this is a prove it year for the kid to not wilt in the second half of the season AND the playoffs.

  9. He is over rated, undersized, and a diva. He wants to be involved with personnel decisions? Napes, bro, you’re the QB, He will sulk and ask for a trade. #WATSON #QUITTER

  10. Murray is a talented guy with a 10 cent head. If he’d commit to being the best and making those around him better, he’d be a stud. Sadly, he seems to choose the diva act instead.

  11. Counting the just-departed Russell Wilson, Murray is the only QB in the division who hasn’t made it to a Super Bowl, or even won a single playoff game.

    Yet presumably, he wants to be the highest-paid guy at his position in the entire league.

    The winning teams pay winners (Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, etc.). The also-ran teams pay guys who’ve won nothing in hopes they will turn into something they haven’t shown they are.

    With Wilson gone and SF in flux, this should be a perfect prove-it year for Murray. I would pay him based on this coming season’s performance.

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