Marcus Mariota has big lead on Desmond Ridder, for now

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The Falcons had a franchise quarterback until they didn’t. Now, they have a guy who was supposed to be a franchise quarterback, but he has not earned that distinction, yet.

Marcus Mariota nevertheless seems to be entrenched as the Week One starter. Via Michael Rothstein, Mariota “appears to be far ahead” of rookie Desmond Ridder, and Mariota “looked sharp” in offseason workouts.

It’s no surprise. Ridder is raw. He needs time to learn the game.

But he may not have that luxury. Although injuries are unpredictable, Mariota’s style puts him at risk for contact, which brings with it potential injury. Which would open the door for Ridder.

Ineffectiveness by Mariota or the team also could get Ridder on the field. The Falcons have had a hard time filling up their new stadium. A rookie who plugs in and plays well could be just what the Falcons need, in more ways that one.

That said, Mariota has had some good performances during his time in the league. While it has never happened on a consistent basis — and even though his last stint with Falcons coach Arthur Smith resulted in a Tennessee benching — Mariota appears to be firmly on track to get the first crack at running the show for the post-Matt Ryan Falcons.

10 responses to “Marcus Mariota has big lead on Desmond Ridder, for now

  1. Mariota is twice the QB Ridder will ever be. Ridder is just the new toy and we have seen Mariota fail. I am not saying Mariota solves your QB issues but he can be a bridge gap for you. Raw or not, if you can be a franchise QB you will be drafted before the 3rd round. Ridder is a project that more than likely will never be anything.

  2. Does Tom Brady (6th rd), Roger Staubach (10th round), Bart Starr (17th round), Joe Theisman (4th round), Mark Rypien (6th round), Rich Gannon (4th round) or Mark Brunell (5th round) ring a bell? Just to name a few.

  3. Mariota is on his 3rd team in 7 years. He can be good, but he gets hurt a lot. If he doesn’t stay healthy and have a good year, I’d say that he’s in “bust” territory. I watched a lot of Ridder’s college games. He will figure it out and the roles could be reversed between him and Mariota. Just my opinion…

  4. Giants would have had Mariota and he would way ahead of Daniel Jones except Jones would have taken every rep. The media has limited access to these practices, take everything with a grain of salt here in early July.

  5. How can a GM be so confident of a 3rd round QB becoming a good starter?
    He might, but lets see how he’s doing by the end of the season, unless Mariota is bad.

  6. For every Brady, Staubach, Starr, Theisman, Rypien, Gannon, or Brunell type QB drafted after the 4th round there are hundreds of QBs drafted in these rounds who never made it or or were just journeymen.

  7. Lets go Mariota get him a good pocket and watch him burst away in the open field

  8. It’s INSANE that so many people think this is an actual QB competition. Mariota will be the starter week 1 barring injury. Ridder is a 3rd round rookie who is fortunate not to be thrown in the fire right away. He isn’t a first round pick meaning he’s a project/backup player at this point. Don’t compare other rookies that have played well, the Falcons have one of the worst rosters in the league while ALL of those guys taken in the later rounds that have succeeded did so with a lot of help from their supporting casts, coaching, etc.

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