Marquette King suggests discrimination has ended his NFL punting career

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Former Raiders punter Marquette King says his NFL career has ended, and he believes discrimination has something to do with it.

King tweeted that he is “done fighting,” said there have been very few Black punters in the NFL, and then in a series of tweets suggested that Black punters and kickers face discrimination.

“Not calling it a career just settling with the fact that I haven’t been able to get another fair opportunity,” King wrote. “I haven’t officially retired I’m just not fighting to get in a league that ignores the resume I’ve created that’s better that over half of the punters in the NFL.”

King said he attempted to pave the way for Black punters and kickers but doesn’t see much progress in the NFL.

“I tried but it’s a lot of brothers still not getting fair opportunity as well in the League as punters n kickers. Some of the ones that got a shot I’n preseason would hit me but me but what could I say? I was cut with a successful resume,” King wrote.

King said he has felt this way for some time but decided not to remain quiet about it.

“It’s only been 6 African American punters 2 play in the NFL since 1920 n earn at least 1 credited season. Over the last 3 seasons I havent been able to get a job but still have a top 5 punting average,” King wrote. “Being quiet allowed people to create bullshyt narratives about me n I thought being quiet would get me another job in the NFL but none of that worked so I’m taking matters into my own hands. Now the info is officially coming from the actual source.”

King signed a three-year contract with the Broncos in 2018 but played in only four games for them before he was released with an injury settlement. After three full seasons out of the league, it’s safe to say King won’t be getting another chance, no matter how deserving he thinks he is.

56 responses to “Marquette King suggests discrimination has ended his NFL punting career

  1. I never paid much attention to the Raiders but I remember him always being talked about as one of the best to do it.

  2. Great punter with a ton of attitude. If anyone returned his kick, he would run over and commit a personal foul. Gruden wasn’t having it.

  3. Gruden cut Marquette because he was sick of his over-the-top celebrations after EVERY punt, and his 24/7 social media barking. He was a very good player and led the league in punt yardage two straight seasons, but his act got old to the point even his own teammates were tired of him. You know your days are numbered when that happens. He was smart to button his lip the past few years, but I can guarantee mouthing-off again AND playing the race card is not going to endear him to any NFL team. I’m guessing he’ll finally get another chance next year when the XFL relaunches. Too bad “He Hate Me” has already been used.

  4. Not sure how many black punters there are in the league but the Steelers have one and his name is Pressley Harvin III and he did quite well last season. Having trouble seeing the raiders of all teams not giving him a fair shake. They have quite a good record with minorities. Other issues maybe?

  5. I can’t speak for his experience so maybe he’s completely right but it seems pretty farfetched to say the NFL discriminates against black punters. There are plenty of black players at every other position, but coaches and GMs don’t trust a black guy to punt? I know there haven’t been a lot of black punters but there haven’t been a lot of white cornerbacks either, you know?

  6. This is a League that has employed the scum of the earth in the name of winning.

    You think they care what color your skin is?

  7. The league is definitely biased against punters with a propensity for picking up dumb 15 yard penalties.

  8. Unless he’s implying that being black means you have to do over the top celebrations after punts, of all things, and commit personal fouls, then i disagree. The league doesn’t have low tolerance for these things by black players, they have low tolerance for those things by punters. Sorry bud, that’s the gig.

  9. The Least Interesting Man Alive says:
    July 1, 2022 at 5:26 pm
    This is a League that has employed the scum of the earth in the name of winning.

    You think they care what color your skin is?

    Best comment on anything I’ve heard or read in the past three months. Couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks.

  10. Interesting that the guy he beat out with the Raiders, Chris Klewe, also claimed his career ended due to discrimination. He claimed collusion by the NFL in refusing to sign him, due to his liberal political views.

  11. I wondered what happened to that guy. I do remember he always (for a punter) got a lot of dumb penalties and it didnt seem to bother him.

  12. Go see Brian Flores maybe he can get the Steelers to give you a job you two have a lot in common

  13. As a Dolphins fan, I loved Reggie Roby and then eventually whoever else came along as long as they kicked the ball efficiently.

    Color of the player never seems to matter when a game can be determined by inches.

  14. He was a good punter but couldn’t keep his mouth shut and was a huge locker disturbance. When he got to the Broncos he kept getting into fights with the media, threatening to fight one member. Anytime a kicker becomes a distraction. They will be cut and their career very short. Doesn’t matter what color they are.

  15. Yes – because NFL teams and fans really care what the players look like

  16. Yeah Ok.. claiming racism when the league is 70% black and the broader American population is only 13% black is ridiculous.

    Where are the white cornerbacks? C’mon man

  17. His claim of discrimination is verified by the fact that there are hardly any Black players at any positions in the NFL. Oh wait…

  18. He should have kneeled and crapped on America. He’d get a post for every open punting job for at least another 3 years

  19. I feel the same way about white guys in the nba not being fairly represented in the dunk contest.

  20. Looking around at the NFL landscape and seeing most of the players per team look like me and him, I would think he would blame anything BUT this.

  21. And there it is….so tired of this. Always whip this out for any reason. Oh the oppression

  22. I used to LOVE this kid when he was with my Raiders but he really was celebrating too much. We can’t have a kicker getting a 15 yard penalty no way ,His next team cut him for being a total clownshow as well. Great kicker with a 10cent brain.

  23. Under penalty of death, I couldn’t pick this guy out of a line up. I’m not confident I’ve ever heard his name before.

    So speaking as an aging white guy, there is no white conspiracy to keep him from punting a football.

  24. Is he as upset to the obvious discrimination against white cornerbacks? Quick!!! Name three.

  25. There’s no question that racial discrimination exists, always has, always will, but to suggest that any black player in the NFL is experiencing it in whether they get signed seems pretty ludicrous.

    Teams are so desperate for talent, and there seems to a shortage of high-end talent at almost every position, and teams recognize the value of a great punter so clearly, that it seems effectively impossible that a team would fail to sign him only because of his ethnicity.

    So, he’s talented enough to play, ethnicity is ruled out, that leaves other things that seem easier for fans to identify than for King himself.

  26. If you act like a clown, you get treated like a clown. He had skills, but no brains.

  27. There should be no lower profile player than a punter on a team. When a punter gets 15-yard penalties, he becomes expendable.

    Simply put: the dude’s a liability.

    Imagine if he could just do his job and not feel obligated to be in the spotlight.

  28. I think blaming it on discrimination is the easy way out for him. Obviously his antics as a punter weren’t well regarded. It’s a position that is predicated on field position and he’s cost his team yards in that aspect with things that were easily avoidable. Punters used to be with teams forever! But it’s changed, just like RBs. Teams will always try and find a cheaper alternative. Maybe if he would’ve kept his head down and worked harder he could’ve stuck in the league awhile longer. NO team wants distractions (unless your the Browns) especially not from a position like punter.

  29. Honestly fans don’t want to hear a kicker or punter talk or be a distraction. It’s just the way it is. Make your field goals or pin the opponents deep in their own end of the field. Otherwise be humble and silent.

  30. I remember when the Raiders played Buffalo a few years ago the Bills were called for roughing the punter. This guy picked up the flag- danced- and threw the flag on the ground getting the Raiders a penalty too.

  31. I was glad when Denver signed him. He was supper standoffish with the media right from the start in Denver. I’ve never seen someone dig themselves a hole so soon after moving to a new team.

  32. He certainly liked to celebrate his punts. Definitely in the top half of punters for that.

  33. What I think did him in was his pro bowl pic with Talib doing the chain snatch. Raiders hated it and he was already irritating enough.

  34. There are tons of “name” players who seemingly were still solid performers when they last played, who then suddenly no longer get an opportunity. Tons. Most of them seem to accept that teams lose interest for one reason or another and move on. It’s only a tiny handful who will play a “card”, be it a race one, protest one, etc. With them, there is no such thing as pondering responsibility for their own actions – it has to be discrimination. Which, frankly, hints at personality issues that maybe were what got teams to lose interest in the first place.

  35. He wanted to be a celebrity, in a position that is normally not noticed unless it’s a bad play. Celebrity punter…NO.

  36. To discriminate on race, you have to be human and have a soul, the NFL is neither, it is a machine, my guess is he did not fit the logarithm.

  37. All of us covered the heck out of this one – giving this confused fellow his LAST moment in the media spotlight. Knowing himself as he obviously does, this final noticing may have been all he was after all along. Anyway. May he find peace of mind some way, some where some how.

  38. Didn’t Vanderjadt get cut pretty quickly after he became a distraction with the Colts? Kickers can’t be outspoken and stay in the league long.

  39. A career average of 46.7 over six seasons. Can we consider the possibility he might have a point?

  40. A team would sign the devil incarnate if they believed he would give them a better chance of winning. What ownership,management and coaching doesn’t like are distractions. This young man has a history of drawing negative attention to himself. His above average skill set doesn’t override the drama he brings. That is why he remains unsigned.

  41. “A career average of 46.7 over six seasons. Can we consider the possibility he might have a point?” Unfortunately ‘football pat’ I personally feel the answer is a firm NO. Years ago this WAS a definite situation with the QB position – that we lacked a particular something or another. That stigma was erased years, and just glance now at the makeup of the NFL current day. From my 83 year old perspective, his professed situation brings to mind an old saying: “That dog won’t hunt.”

  42. So let’s see if this gets as much play as Kap…….. I mean there is usually something every week or so. Let’s just see.

  43. The tale of the oppressed punter. It’s not the race being discriminated against, it’s the position. Punters of the world unite and show this crazy league that you matter, show this crazy league they’re wasting their time with all these other fancy-shmancy positions when all they really need to do is bolster their punter ranks.

  44. Yes, it’s the great conspiracy against punters of color…or your position is largely fungible and your mouth and attitude was getting tiresome.

    Is he taking up the cause of white DBs out there too who seem painfully underrepresented? I thought not.

  45. Raheem Morris had a great line: “I’ll tolerate you til I can replace you.”

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