Mason Rudolph among Steelers who reached out to Larry Ogunjobi

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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After defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi signed with the Steelers last month, many noted that he and Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph share some history.

Ogunjobi was suspended one game for his involvement in a fight that started between Rudolph and Ogunjobi’s former Browns teammate Myles Garrett during a 2019 game between the two AFC North teams. Ogunjobi knocked Rudolph down after Garrett hit the quarterback in the head with a helmet and later said that Garrett told him Rudolph used a racial slur, which Rudolph has denied. Given the history, it seemed reasonable to wonder how the two players would get along with Ogunjobi now in Pittsburgh.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Ogunjobi suggested that won’t be a problem. He said Rudolph was among a number of his new teammates who have gotten in touch to welcome Ogunjobi to the club.

“I know a bunch of guys from just playing against them, you know, just being in the league now going on my sixth year. So, the love’s already there,” Ogunjobi said, via “You know, obviously, I’ve been in the division for six years now. Seeing guys like Cam [Heyward], T.J. [Watt], [Alex] Highsmith, those guys all reached out. Karl Joseph, Genard Avery, just a bunch of guys have reached out. Mason Rudolph. You know, the guys just reaching out, happy to have me. So . . . just excited to get to work. I understand the business of the game, I understand how things happen and, once again, I’m just blessed for the opportunity. I’m excited to get to work.”

With Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett on the depth chart at quarterback, Rudolph may not be guaranteed a roster spot in the fall and that leaves him with bigger things to focus on than rehashing what happened three years ago.

6 responses to “Mason Rudolph among Steelers who reached out to Larry Ogunjobi

  1. Ogunjobi is a great story. Decent player. When he was in high school he was a pop tart eating fat gamer who played no sports so his mom and dad made him get involved in football for some exercise. He discovered he liked it and made something out of it. Nice success story.

  2. Really won’t matter if Mediocre Mason talked to Larry. He has one yr, max, on the Steelers roster. They have to test the waters w/ Pickett at some pt, maybe later this yr if the Steelers fall out of the playoff hunt. I would love to see a Pickett-Corral gm on Dec 18, when the Panthers play them.

  3. Steelers are getting pretty desperate to find players who are willing to play for them.

  4. jm91rs says:
    July 1, 2022 at 9:21 am
    I still can’t believe the Bengals didn’t get him back.
    I’m just glad the Browns didn’t resign him and he’s still in the Division. That will give Bitonio a break when Cam Heyward takes a play or two off 😂

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