Buzz builds for Eno Benjamin

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury recently described second-year running back Eno Benjamin as a potential starter. Starting Cardinals offensive lineman Justin Pugh agrees.

Appearing on Dave Pasch’s podcast, Pugh put the football-following world on notice that Benjamin could be on the verge of becoming much better known than he currently is.

I think a guy to look for is Eno Benjamin,” Pugh said, via USA Today. “He looked great in minicamp. He’s probably been our best outside zone running back that we’ve had on the roster, even last year.”

As a seventh-round rookie from Arizona State, Benjamin appeared in nine games. He had 34 carries for 118 yards and a touchdown, along with six catches for 42 yards. Benjamin’s path to more playing time, as Pugh explained it, comes from his ability to pick up blitzers.

“He had to learn how to pass protect,” Pugh said. “And that was really the only thing. You can’t trust a guy to be in the game if you can’t trust him to pick up pass protection and he’s gone night and day from last year to this year, so I think he’s going to have a big jump.”

Every year, college football produces dozens of tailbacks who can move the chains at the next level. The three keys are: (1) competent blocking; (2) ball security; and (3) blitz pickup. Now that Benjamin has gotten the third category under control, maybe he’ll becoming the perfect complement for James Conner. Maybe, in time, Benjamin will become the top option on the depth chart.

7 responses to “Buzz builds for Eno Benjamin

  1. Can he run between the tackles? Kinda hard to be the starter if you’re only the teams best outside runner.

  2. Brothaman says:
    July 2, 2022 at 2:44 pm
    Can he run between the tackles? Kinda hard to be the starter if you’re only the teams best outside runner.

    You’ve obviously never seen Eno Benjamin play before. Benjamin is built like a tree stump coming into the league at 5”9/207 n he’s filled out since then adding more muscle mass n is right around 220. He’s a powerful back with a lower center of gravity.

  3. Eno Benjamin has improved greatly in both pass pro n as a receiver in the pass game but he has his work CUT OUT for him given just how loaded AZ at the RB position.
    Arizona put an emphasis on size this off-season giving them the ability to rotate guys in/out n west down opposing defenses with an excellent pro bowl #1 back in James Connor who also excels in the passing game but they also brought in another powerful big dual threat back in 6ft/220pd Darrell Williams who excels in the pass game and they drafted a extremely talented young back in 6”2/220pd Keontay Ingram who also excels in the pass game n is a stud in the power run game as he is a very powerful back n is a excellent route runner. He is a clone of Browns back Kareem Hunt both having identical skill sets. And of course defenses always have to worry about Murray pulling it down n ripping off a chunk run. With those backs on the roster Arizona should easily have a top 3-5 rushing offense again n 2022 only better as AZs RB corps isimproved over what they had last year which was one of the top rushing iffrdd

  4. Eno is a bowling ball that is hard to take down, and is better at spinning out of tackles than almost anyone I’ve seen. Love watching his ASU tape.

  5. He didn’t even average 4 yards a carry but he’s the next Emmitt Smith? Okayyyyy.

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