North Carolina fails to pass sports betting legislation

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Plenty of states have embraced legalized sports betting in the four-plus years since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates. Plenty have not.

North Carolina remains in the “not” category, for now. As explained by Bill King of Sports Business Journal, an effort to make sports betting a reality in Raleigh collapsed this week.

It looked to be on track to succeed; however, it fell apart on Wednesday night, after what King describes as an “unexpectedly contentious debate.” And so a safe margin of votes in the North Carolina House of Representatives (per King, five or six) became zero. He writes that there’s a chance the bill will be resurrected, if North Carolina holds a special legislative session later this year.

Opponents cited, via King, the potential unconstitutionality of the bill as written, whether it would provide as much revenue as promised for the state’s HBCUs, the risks of wagering on college sports, and the “onslaught” of advertising that other states have experienced. (Here’s a proposed deal: No sportsbook ads in return for no political ads.)

States that fail to get with the times will be missing out on a major revenue opportunity, especially since residents in bordering communities will slide to where they can bet legally. But the internal dynamics of several states — states that house one or more NFL teams — have made it difficult if not to date impossible to convert years of illegal gambling that escapes the reach of the politicians and corporations into a very large, legal pie from which many mouths are handsomely fed.

And so the illegal gambling will continue in those states, with the money going not to the government but to the local equivalent of the Gambinos.

17 responses to “North Carolina fails to pass sports betting legislation

  1. I live in NC and had my eye on this hoping it would be all systems go for this football season. Pretty bummed.

  2. NC is turning blue thankfully, but this one comes off like the red part of the state, like with with wasting revenue with marijuana. got their hands on blocking the bill.

    Asheville and Durham lead the way in progressive thinking, but much of the state (Charlotte/Raleigh) is red and going backwards to the pre Civil War era with agent orange.

  3. Pay attention to the ones playing hard ball and vote them out. These kind of things happen all the time in North Carolina, just like it did for the lotto. For years people who lived in North Carolina just crossed the line to buy tickets. Look how much money the state lost out on that. Bottom line people need to let these politicians know, listen you work for us and we want this to happen.

  4. Dumpster state
    Yeah cause who needs the smoky mountains, the blue ridge parkway, and the outer banks all in one state? Not to mention awesome cities like Charlotte and Asheville. Pure crap it is.

    How about do everyone a favor and leave.

  5. The headline should read, “N.C. succeeds in not passing sports betting legislation.”

    Good for them.

  6. Do the North Carolina legislators think they have stopped anything? I guess they never heard of a VPN.

  7. Don;t even need to place illegal bets… many NC residents can simply take a short drive across the VA state line and bet legally with the online sports books.

    VA is raking in $$$ from NC residents… $$$ that could be funding NC is instead funding VA.

  8. So you think any illegal activity should be made legal so the government can take even more money.

  9. You still can’t even bet on a horse race. Baby steps first? Many trips to the in-laws have ruined the Belmont Stakes for me.

  10. “the risks of wagering on college sports“


    Why can’t you bet on a sporting event that features legal adults?

  11. touchback6 says:
    July 2, 2022 at 2:20 pm
    NC is turning blue thankfully


    Yeah because the Liberals have done such a great job since Biden took over. Inflation up, crime up, Afghanistan withdrawal botched, stock market tanking, border is an open sieve, woke agendas ruining our schools…. I can’t think of a single thing they have improved.

  12. Can’t necessarily say that’s a mistake. Sending your state down the path of the Roman Empire isn’t exactly good thing.

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