Birmingham Stallions win USFL championship, 33-30

USFL Championship - Birmingham Stallions v Philadelphia Stars
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With 10 minutes to play, the Philadelphia Stars led the USFL title game by three points. Fueled by a touchdown drive led by backup quarterback Alex McGough and a pick six from linebacker Scooby Wright, the Birmingham Stallions turned the tables and emerged with the victory, 33-30.

Both teams lost their starting quarterbacks to injury during. Stallions quarterback J’Mar Smith exited with cramps. Stars starter Case Cookus suffered a broken fibula on a third-down play while Philly was clinging to a 23-20 lead.

A pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns put Birmingham up by 10. The Stars answered with a touchdown. They opted for a fourth-and-12 play in an attempt to keep possession. The effort just failed, with the pass landing incomplete.

Birmingham still had to run out the clock. Facing fourth down in Philly territory with under a minute to play, coach Skip Holtz opted to punt. The Stallions barely missed a chance to down the ball near the goal line, giving the Stars a first down on the 20. Two plays later, however, another interception sealed the win for the Stallions.

Birmingham finished the year 11-1. The Stars went 7-5, including the postseason.

Victor Bolden, with six catches for 64 yards and the go-ahead touchdown, was named the MVP of the championship game.

The game was played before a noticeably large crowd in Canton. Fox has announced that the USFL will return next April for a second season, with the same eight teams that competed in 2022.

24 responses to “Birmingham Stallions win USFL championship, 33-30

  1. USFL had a nice reboot this season. Big crowd and well played championship game bodes well for the leagues future.

  2. A suggestion for Season 2? Get a Drone that doesn’t sound like a small rodent being lowered into a Cuisinart.

  3. Any chance we do t play them all in Birmingham? I may attend a Panthers game here if they had home Games!

  4. Not the NFL or even the old USFL. However it was fun. Looking forward to next year.

  5. The Stars ⭐️ will be in the 2023 Championship game. The Stars ⭐️ are always in the Championship game. It’s been this way for nearly 40 years. It’s an unprecedented championship run.

    Year Champion Score Runner‑Up
    2023 Philadelphia Stars ⭐️ vs ____?______
    2022 Birmingham Stallions 33 Philadelphia Stars ⭐️30
    1985 Baltimore Stars ⭐️28 ‑ 24 Oakland Invaders
    1984 Philadelphia Stars ⭐️23 ‑ 3 Arizona Wranglers
    1983 Michigan Panthers 24 ‑ 22 Philadelphia Stars ⭐️

  6. So the only team in USFL Part Deux history who has ever played a home game won the championship. Not that there was ever actually a home-field advantage – I dropped in on part of one or two games every weekend, and never saw a crowd that exceeded what we had in high school. But kudos to the league for actually completing the season – these days, for alternative leagues, that’s a significant accomplishment. Plus the league confirmed something most NFL fans have suspected for years: Jeff Fisher can’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

  7. That was a great game and thanks to all who played, looking forward to the next season.

  8. If Scooby Wright doesn’t get an NFL look there must be something seriously off with him. He had a heck of a season!

  9. I wouldn’t call it great football, but it was fun to watch. Couldn’t have asked for a more exciting fourth quarter. It doesn’t hurt that the only other sport on right now is the unwatchable MLB.

  10. Nay sayers will poo poo the whole thing (and have some valid points) but all in all it was a good experience. I wish the NFL would do a few things it did (e.g. return kickoffs to the game). Time will tell. Will be in Canton in a few weeks to the Pro football museum for the 1st time (had a scheduled trip to Cleveland so what the heck I’ve got the weekend). Will be kind of neat experience too….

  11. So .. with the season concluded, has any USFL player been signed to an NFL roster?

  12. This is a much more fitting league for the Lions and Raiders to compete in.

  13. MEIRDA4brains says:
    July 4, 2022 at 4:04 pm
    This is a much more fitting league for the Lions and Raiders to compete in.
    The Raiders? Really? How many SBs have the Bengals won in 51 seasons? I’ll help you out, zero. Need I mention the Texans, Panthers, Bills, Falcons, Chargers, Cardinals, Titans and Browns? Zero. Some of these teams haven’t even been to a SB. The Raiders have. Not recently? True. Yet three trophies is more than zero.

  14. What a great inaugural season with a thrilling championship game. Being a Philly area resident, I was pulling for the Stars. It was a shame that Cookus got hurt. Congrats to the USFL on a great first season. Enjoyed every minute of it!! Let’s get these teams to play in their home cities next year!!!

  15. In 2023, the Stars should play their home games at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. You will see 69,000 people wearing red and yellow!!!

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