Mark Murphy confirms retirement plan for 2025

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Mark Murphy has served as the Packers president/CEO for 14 years. He will remain in that position for three more years, but the team already is putting together a plan to find his successor.

Murphy confirmed in his monthly Q&A that he will retire July 13, 2025, when he turns 70.

Team board members are put under emeritus status at 70 years old, requiring them to retire or resign though they can continue to hold their title as an honor.

“The organization’s executive committee has started to make plans for the process and timeline to find my successor,” Murphy wrote. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Packers president. I plan on making the last three years as successful as possible, with multiple Super Bowl championships!”

Murphy assumed the position in January 2008. The Packers won Super Bowl XLV in his third season, making him the first to win a Super Bowl as a player and as a team’s chief executive.

He was a defensive back on Washington’s Super Bowl XVII championship team in 1982.

17 responses to “Mark Murphy confirms retirement plan for 2025

  1. He answered one my questions in his column this month. Try to get another NFL owner/CEO to answer one of your questions directly.

  2. And he’ll be walking away with millions upon millions of fake stock cash.

  3. The criticism of Murphy is laughable. Professional sports smallest community has fielded one of the highest winning percentages in the league. The team has a sizeable reserve fund, capable or running the team for one year with no revenue. Under his guidance they’ve developed a business district around Lambeau Field. The field also has had many modern renovations.

    And they have the highest paid QB in the league and other highest paid players.

    I always laugh at pseudo Packers fans who carp about Murphy and of course we can look at the many other league franchises whose fans can suck buttermilk.

  4. “I plan on making the last three years as successful as possible, with multiple Super Bowl championships!”


    Better get his replacement in there now. He’s already starting to lose his mind!

  5. stellarperformance says:

    Term limits. What a novel idea


    Technically it’s an age limit, not a term limit.

  6. The Packers have won under Murphy because of Rodgers. They spent just enough $ to always be in the playoffs and talked about, but Murphy’s priority has always been bottom line profits, not titles. Good riddance.

  7. Could we get a president, or GM, or coach, or owner in Minnesota who could bring home a championship??!!?? Just once, please.

  8. i hope murphy is forced to resign before next season. 18-year term limits for a de facto President-Owner is more than enough time

  9. For those that think Murphy has been great…the lambeau area development plan started before him. Any college real estate major could’ve executed that plan in that market with that fan base. Failing was almost impossible. How many pro bowlers have they produced with all their draft and develop planning? How many conf champ games did he win with a HOF QB? How many national analysts have pointed out that GBs roster is weak and they leave it to the qb to make magic and should’ve won more. How much did Murph benefit from the NFC North absolutely sucking for his tenure? Come on folks. His ego is far bigger than his resume warrants. Good riddance Murph.

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