Drew Lock playfully acknowledges U.S. Open’s gratuitous shot

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The U.S. Open (tennis version) and the Seahawks added some spice to a slow news weekend.

It started when the SportsCenter account tweeted a video from the Wimbledon tournament. A Seahawks fan responded with this three-word pleasantry: “not a sport.”

Enter the U.S. Open’s Twitter account: “not a sport says the person about to watch 17 games of Drew Lock at QB.”

The banter continued with the Open account posting a graphic of the Simms top-40 quarterback countdown. Lock finished dead last. Said the U.S. Open account: “aren’t there only 32 teams?

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf tried to take some of the steam out of the situation, eventually explaining “we get the point.”

Lock stayed silent until Monday, when he wished a happy Fourth of July “to all but especially to the intern at the @usopen.”

By the way, tennis is definitely a sport. If it isn’t, there are plenty of other sports that need to be exposed as not sports. (I’ll keep that list to myself, for a variety of reasons up to and including my wish to remain gainfully employed.)

Also, there’s no guarantee Lock will even play this year. Geno Smith is leading the competition, through the offseason program. Smith could be the Week One starter. Which, of course, often means in situations like this that he’ll win the privilege of being the first one benched.

21 responses to “Drew Lock playfully acknowledges U.S. Open’s gratuitous shot

  1. Fact is the absolute worst player on the absolute worse NFL team is still a FAR better player than the intern at the US Open. You could probably say the same for the worst USFL player.

  2. As a Broncos fan I have all kinds of problems with Drew Lock, but that was an unnecessary shot by the US Open Twitter account. Especially considering how the US Open social media team likely determined Drew Lock was bad because “he didn’t shoot ANY home runs last season!”

  3. >> Geno Smith is leading the competition,

    If you can’t beat out Geno Smith then you don’t deserve to be teh QB, simple as that.

  4. Some people can’t be developed. Particularly those that don’t care about the game or themselves.

  5. Tt was even a bigger diss toward Geno Smith. While the tweet mocks Lock it also presumes Geno is so irrelevant he wont even get on the field.

    For the record I think both of them will have the opportunity to start.

  6. Not only is tennis a sport, professional tennis players as a whole are better all-around athletes than football players. Professional tennis players have more stamina, better reflexes, better side to side movement, etc. Obviously a lot of football players are great athletes, but their talents are trained to their specific positions.

  7. Fans forget that Drew Lock held the record in the SEC for most TD passes in a season before Joe Burrow broke it. Lock can play, and he might bust out the season because he’ll have superior coaching.

  8. It was in poor taste for the US Open to tweet that. Funny, but inappropriate. Lock is not the best QB on the team and nobody will have to watch him for 17 games. Geno Smith is better and he will silence naysayers this year. He knows Lockett and Metcalf and he will complete a lot of passes to them. As much as you hate it, it’s true.

    See ya midseason. Then see what you have to say.

  9. If Trent Brown were to play one point of tennis he’d be in an iron lung the rest of the day.

  10. Claiming Geno Smith will play over Drew Lock isn’t much of a boost. Didn’t Geno rank 33 on that same Top 40 list that Drew ranked last?

  11. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    July 4, 2022 at 2:59 pm
    The Broncos failed to develop Drew Lock


    Drew Lock had the misfortune of being drafted in 2019. So he didn’t get a full off season that year. The next 2 yrs were COVID years so that definitely stunted growth as well. Plus the offensive coaches were poor in Denver. All of that could explain lack of development. But it doesn’t explain why he wasn’t the first in, last out kind of QB that’s determined to be the best. Or why he did little in the offseason, alone or with his receivers, to be the best. Or why he misses open receivers or holds on to the ball too long for sacks. The Broncos players are blown away by Russell Wilsons work ethic, knowledge, and holding himself and others accountable. They never saw that. You can’t coach heart. Drew is a nice guy who always said the right things. But We never saw the heart and drive to be the best. May Carroll can find it.

  12. It wasn’t so much that Denver failed to develop Lock, it’s just that Fangio hated him. Lock lied to his face when caught violating covid protocol (remember denver playing N.O. with NO QB?). It was game over for him from that point on. Weird thing, when Lock is in play action, bootleg, rollout, he has top 10 stats. Under center, last.

  13. It’s going to be a long 17 games this season just watching a team go through the motions while they try to get as high a draft pick as possible in 2023.

  14. I guess this isn’t a good time declare cornhole “not a sport”.

  15. Pro Tennis is rigged, which is why select forty year old players keep beating players twice as younger … yawn

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