Giants offense “a good combination” of things from previous Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka teams

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One recurring theme around the Giants this offseason has been how the team has not supported quarterback Daniel Jones well over his first three seasons in the league.

A strong vote in that favor is the fact that the Giants are employing their third head coach in four years, but the hope is that this one will help bring better results for Jones. Brian Daboll ran a successful offense as the coordinator in Buffalo and he hired Mike Kafka away from the Chiefs to serve as the Giants’ offensive coordinator.

Backup quarterback Davis Webb, who played for Daboll with the Bills, said on the Giants Huddle podcast that Daboll’s offense has “evolved” over the years and one of this year’s adjustments will involve Kafka incorporating things he took from his time as the quarterbacks coach in Kansas City.

“It’s a good combination of both. Obviously, the meat is probably in Buffalo, but there are some serious potatoes there in Kansas City,” Webb said. “They’ve had some great offenses, obviously led by Pat [Mahomes], Andy Reid, Mike, there’s been a lot of good offensive minds over there. It’s kind of fun to learn new concepts, new ways of doing it, and Kafka has done a really good job installing it.”

Webb added that he thinks Jones is going to have his best season and the rest of the Giants share the hope that the new offensive coaches finally unlock the potential that made Jones a first-round pick in 2019.

4 responses to “Giants offense “a good combination” of things from previous Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka teams

  1. What a crock! There were no good points from either. This is going to be fun. A QB who couldn’t hack it as a passer ends up running for his life. He wouldn’t know a passing play if you told him it was the next play.

  2. Here come the jokes from people that probably never watched a giants game. As a giants fan, it was hard for me to watch as well, but Daniel Jones was 6th in QBR before all the receivers started to go down, the OL were rotating in, and Jones started racking up injuries. He may still prove to be injury prone, but the skill is there if he could get a little help.

  3. Daboll was good in Buffalo but it was also GM Beanne that gave him the talent to work with.

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